Brit/pol/ #2284: It's too hot tbh lads Edition

Rivers in Bradford are turning YELLOW because the 'Curry Capital of Britain' is polluting them with food waste from its 200 Asian restaurants

Members of Oxford child sex gang who indecently assaulted three teenage girls and sexually humiliated another are jailed for total of 20 years

Nearly 140 years jail for multi-million pound drug smuggling gang

Labour MPs give harrowing accounts of anti-Semitism

Thot 'who tried to live without human contact for 40 days' on a remote Scottish island is rescued by coastguard after injuring herself in a fall 12 days into her experiment

Sweden’s violent reality is undoing a peaceful self-image

Brexit: House of Lords defeat Government on EU withdrawal bill

Top Ukip councillor denies he has Nazi tattoo… insisting it’s a ‘Norse rune tribute to his dad’

Armed gang pick on the wrong gran as she fires CROSSBOW at masked men who kicked down her door

THIS is the first picture of an A star student stabbed to death as he made his way home from a football match

Thames Valley Police Seek ‘Asian’ Man After Teen Beaten, Sexually Assaulted

Israel threatens to blitz Iranian bases in Syria as arch enemies stand on brink of war over Assad and Russia

Berlin: unknown hits Jews with belt

Switzerland curbs Bulgarian and Romanian citizens' access to its labor market

A SUSPECTED fraudster allegedly claimed his dad died in the Grenfell Tower inferno to get cash and a free hotel stay

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Good lad

im going to beat you up

Good lad. Bit of a mad one on the links though.

This tbh, he didn't even add a link to your blogpost smh

reckon I could go at least a couple of months tbh, doesnt seem to phase me as much as other people sadly smh i am insane

tbf she took a fall, pretty hard to deal with that if you've no experience.

maybe I wouldn't fall over


Maybe the ground won't give out under you making you fall either.

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Can't wait for autonomous vehicles. So many brown people out of jobs.

Is 8ch down?

memi magic really has gone too far


How far we've come. I don't even own a TV now, although i do remember watching supermarket sweep. Think it was on after gladiators lol, not sure though. It was all shit.

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I hate how this board is dead this time of day, some of you lads need to go nocturnal

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Can I ask what country you're posting from?

I'm here for you lad.

is it yummy mummy time?

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broke nofap to the 3 nips dancing

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That was hours ago lad, they weren't even naked. smh, smh.

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Was he /ourhomo/?

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he can be /yourhomo/ lad

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link lad


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thats a spooky mummy

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2 burgers 1 wop

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2 burgs 1 wop, sounds better

Very aesthetic pepe

how do you wank to this?

Sexy tbf lad

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rly thinking about this one

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My thoughts exactly, I need to do nofap again, I haven't seriously tried it in a long time… I've gone months before, but that was a long time ago. Must be pretty powerful to beat it to that, I couldn't watch the whole thing but the only lewd aspect was legs

consider pic related, I made it recently.. I need to redo the text with a better font though because the one I picked is a real eyesore. I picked it 'cause it had "Rockwell" in the name, sounded based

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I'll only do it in retaliation to gook posting from now on, they're legitimately whiter than piss-skin rice farmers that eat cats and dogs and need plastic surgery to look human


The fact they look like lasses out of Dead Or Alive makes it better tbh

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Stopping with that shit now tbh

I don't get why you have to bring your sexual degenerate shit here, there's plenty of places on the internet for people like you

Blame it on the lad that posted the first vid last thread

but why though

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Bit like this

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anikino isn't degenerate though

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fookin' wankers in't thread

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why am I saging wtf I didn't type sage it did it by itself I think

4d chess lad

4D golf lad

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Based (((Monsanto)))

john wayne poster > spic spamming wop

lad thats cuckafornia

Thought you only hated thots lad

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big dogs hate thots

point still stands

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Such a waste.

the disdain is palpable
would trade a thot for a loyal dog any day tbh

this guys a freekin' geenius HOLEY MOLEY

grows copious amounts of literal soy that turns the whole country into faggots

why can't they just grow wheat or something, fucking bastards



are you stupid? crops are high risk and everything is corporate or subsidized corporate now. the 80s killed the american farmer, thats why the order emerged and other groups. there is a huge demand for the various synthesized elements of soy, its also has high export value. go be a dumb fucking wop somewhere else fonzerelli


Know anything esoteric about him?

fuck off nigger I live around cornfields. The chinks have invested here to grow the soy, so it became a decent cash crop for the farmers at the cost of feminizing faggots like you to worship spics cause your a cuck.

he is also a wop

no, he knew what the jews were up to though

Which one's steiner?

*stops chewing on sandal and looks at you*

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plastic is worse
your body can excrete phyto-oestrogens
soy only feminizes you if you're exposed routinely

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death to the zionist jews

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Soy wouldn't be so bad if we would ferment it like civilized countries do.
Reminds me of when maize was shipped back to the old world and people started suffering and even dying of malnutrition from eating it. Turns out nobody was nixtamalizing it.

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Lad, have you got a basset yet?

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quadroon wheat field goblita is trolling starbucks rn

Lets be honest, does anyone know whether eating soy in any of its forms reduces T or increases E? Or is it just all anecdotal bullshit off Zig Forums?

You'd go insane if you were to take anything you read regarding diet here seriously.

no smdh, I wish I had one though

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Plastic really is a problem though. Especially the types that contain BoiPussi-A.


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BDS is close enough tbh.
this comment was meant as satire I do not condone boycotting Israeli goods as outlined in the Combating Antisemitism Bill of 2017