Rent-a-sister: Coaxing Japan’s young men out of their rooms

At least half a million young men in Japan are thought to have withdrawn from society, and refuse to leave their bedrooms. They’re known as hikikomori.

Their families often don’t know what to do, but one organisation is offering “sisters for hire” to help coax these young men out of their isolation.

At least half a million young men in Japan are thought to have withdrawn from society, and refuse to leave their bedrooms. They’re known as hikikomori.

Their families often don’t know what to do, but one organisation is offering “sisters for hire” to help coax these young men out of their isolation.

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webum and arshiv plizz



Those three sentences are literally the entire extent of the article. The main work is in the vid, there's a few other minor news companies running the story (hidden among the porn links you get for searching 'Japanese sister for hire') that repeat the text but lack the video.

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Who cares? Let them be at peace instead of forcing them out with this kind of shit.

They are not at peace. It is merely a coping mechanism.

fuck off roastie

Coping means suffering.
And they are not suffering at all, it is just what is outside is not worthy.
In other words, the deal offered to them is bad and they have not reasons to bite any hook.

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Yes they are suffering. Watch the video. They will tell you in their own words. You are in denial.

HikkiNEETs are so as a coping mechanism. user is right. It's just a coping mechanism to deal with shitty reality and lack of self fulfillment, not because of some notion related to 3DPD.

One has to do with the other though.

Young men who lock them selves in bed rooms, sometimes for decades are no longer young men.

They are me

Correct. It's a retreat from life, not a chosen "lifestyle"

There are plenty of miserable married people and other people who are in shitty relationships with 3DPD. On the other hand, there are some well adjusted MGTOW men who aren't hikki. I think it's more about self-image and perceived social status, not only with 3DPD, but with society as a whole.

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Unless the goal here is to annoy the hikkis so much that they leave the house voluntarily, I don't see the point.

these guys live in a time warp

My rent a mom sister let me touch her, so I come out of room

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This is not a Japanese phenomenon, it's spreading like wildfire all across the globe. This is a direct response from the nature within to withdraw from the parasite that is destroying this planet. The jews took everything worth participating in from humanity.

It' s only natural for people to panic when they notice that their country's population is on the decline but I don't think there's really a need for it.

In Japan, the population is tapering off because it's adjusting to a more efficient and automated urban environment. In the long term, I see this Hikkikomori thing as a good thing; Japan doesn't need an excuse for more urban sprawl or cramped living spaces to cope with an exponentially rising population and a lot of unskilled labor is already being automated anyway so, if they didn't have a population decline to worry about, there would be a job shortage and a sharp decline in rural areas.

At least it's not as bad as how the United States has it. But even with the trend of the population of blacks and other minorities outpacing that of whites, white people still have the advantage of quality over quantity (as well as better discipline in the use of firearms).

This is just youth counseling.

This psychological crap goes nowhere, talking and talking to an usually woman counselor is a waste.
Better is the gym, outdoor sports with men, stoicism, nofap, and Mein Kampf Bible.

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This, it is a global withdrawal. They are actually suffering.

You haven't tried

Things have a way of self-correcting. The reason blacks and other minorities are outbreeding whites is because whites created a society rich enough to support them with gibs. Once that balance gets thrown off they'll simply have more abortions and less kids because the state won't be able to support them anymore because there isn't enough white people anymore to start successful businesses and generate wealth.
Like rats breeding like crazy in a landfill, they are insuring their own doom once the resources are all devoured and they are forced to cannibalize each other. There won't even need to be a DOTR because they will be forced to turn on each other. This already happens in the inner city ghettos.

muh blackpill, youre a kike, etc

Do yourself a favor and watch Welcome to the NHK. You'll know what to do to solve this problem.


Implying that participating, aka functioning, it is a worthy endeavor.
Better to burn everything to the ground.

DOTR soon.

Wait until no money and when starving comes you'll be forced out?

I'm sure some would rather die anyways at that point.

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The joos made you not clean up your room

Say it out loud kike.
It is JEWS.

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it's 2 sentences actually, 4 if you count the double-posted ones

I meant 2 lines, also "they're known as hikkikomori" should have had ; before it instead of . but I forgot that BBC writers and their audiences are illiterate

No vidya, no internet

Mrs Sister, Ester Goldberg say:"Cean up your fucking room!!!"

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so basically it is the equivalent of parents hooking up kids with hookers??!

Some men pay hookers to just sit on the bed and talk to them, so if that's what you mean, then yeah.

We have actual problems, why would any of you idiots even entertain this?

What are you talking about? NEETS are parasites.

Yes but without sex.

Not a bad idea. A girl in their lives would do them some good, maybe they'll get laid too. That will man any boy up.

you forgot the gay bath house

Of course weebcucks would be retarded enough to pay for some cunt that won't even have sex with them, they are so deluded with their "pure love" bullshit that they go to extends such as paying someone to PRETEND to be their sister, let me guess, these bitches don't behave like sisters at all but emulate the distorted "onichaan~ uguuuu~" cuckime bullshit they like so much don't they?

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It's the easiest way out for many, just withdrawing from responsibilities and ignoring life to escape the unknown dread that makes participation a daily struggle.

Earning your daily shekels, huh?

It's properly with good intentions but entirely pointless since the system itself is still toxic to their state of mind. They will go right back to what they were doing, because their is no positive incentive in living under jewish oppression.

The are "leeching" off a toxic system, which is less dangerous than blindly working inside that system to finance the powers that want to destroy you.


*le forgot le end le quote le

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Gas the Jews. it's all a global conspiracy that makes young men become like this. NHK = The Jews

the absolute state of the alt right

I don't have a horse in this race, but jesus you're pathetic.

You go tell that to the feminist occupied Japanese government. I'm sure they listen to you.

I wrote (in one sentence btw)…
Somehow you twisted that into…
You sure are a fucking asshole, dude.
I never said that either. Like at all.
And I mentioned politics where?

And just to clarify…hikkikomori are self destructive, but acting as a response to the even more destructive state of life this civilization was forced into. This is simply a ugly byproduct of jewish oppression, just as much as children shooting each other in schools. It's a reaction to an oppression.

Not everything is sexual, faggot. There are non-sexual things called friendship and fellowship.

Breaking news: Rent a sister says she was sexually harassed because NEET told her to get lost.

I've done both, for considerable time.
Was hiki for over a decade. Escaped it.
Outside is better, I hated every moment of being locked inside - and I was in there so long that I forgot why I closed the door in the first place. Japanese do it because they can't face the pressure of their society, they don't fit in or they have such a fear of failure academically or in terms of work, that they don't want to try.
If they were shown the possibility of a different kind of life, they wouldn't lock themselves in. It often starts at a young age when all you've ever seen of the world is school, a form of prison in itself.
Outside is better only because there are other possibilities beyond that which you have experienced. In a different town, a different region - different sorts of people there, different kind of life.
It took a massive amount of effort and work over several years for me to leave the prison I had made for myself, and it is also easy to slip back into it.
When I first escaped it, for almost a year, and then found myself back in it suddenly, I realised I had wasted a decade of my life, and all the opportunities that would have come with it. It was incredibly saddening.
Being outside of it, elsewhere, is another world. The problem I think, is that either you haven't met the right people, or right kind of work or activity, or perhaps more importantly, you aren't in the right kind of place or you aren't making the most of the place you are in.
If you want a shortcut out, I recommend using some savings, or making some savings to start off with, then taking a month or two month break to a different kind of climate. Go to the south of your country for more sun and more outdoor lifestyles, try a new kind of work or activity.
All of that might seem impossible at first, but move towards it step by step, a little at a time, even if it takes months or a year before you are ready. It is worth it, even if just to see the other side of the coin for one of the years that you live.
If you find after a year that you prefer to be hiki, you can always go back inside. Treat it as an experiment.
This sister thing is a good idea, regular social contact is essential for escaping, no matter what it is.

Honestly, if you want to escape the great majority of juden influence and disease in western societies, turn off the television, don't go on the internet, don't watch films or series, and don't live in a city or any large town, or near one if you can help it.
Also, don't read or look for or listen to news. The news is a gross exagerration and magnification of all the worst the world has to offer. It really is poison.
It might seem like shutting your eyes/ears, but you can be aware of it without it letting it affect your mood or day to day mind. Incessant stress weakens and kills you, without affecting the ones poisoning you. Don't let it happen.

They depend on media to control the populace, if you turn it off, you are out of their control - they are powerless.

don't use the word 'toxic' unless it is followed by 'waste'. fucking cancer.
next you'll be saying something is 'problematic'.

That's right.
Japan is overpopulated, there are 120 million of them there, and it isn't a very large country. Tokyo has 20 million alone, in a single city, four times the population of Denmark.
Birth rates stabilise when a country reaches a certain level of safety, health and stability in itself. It is at that point that families don't have to have a dozen children, because 10 of them aren't dying during infancy.
If a population grows beyond a comfortable level, as in over population, then birth rates naturally decline so as not to expend all available resources.
This is basic stuff, but most people currently are repeating whatever they hear on the news - about 'low fertility', which really means 'reduced birth rates'.
If you base success on birth rates, then africa is fucking booming, because they breed like mindless bacteria on dogshit.
Large families equivalates with high infant mortality rates.

Don't waste your time on me, I'm good. BUT tell me how would you package your message to the hundreds of millions out there, hopelessly enslaved under a system of oppression? How do you convince the masses that their life is killing them, and the only mild chance to make it better is giving up their lifestyles?

Do you have a better word for the state of being poisoned by a parasite, that slowly wants to see you suffer to death? That is explicitly anti-natural and attacks from all directions? I'm all ears, meanwhile I stick to toxic.

Society treats men like second class citizen but men are the backbone of civilization. Men are the ones that build, maintain, defend and invent. If the number of men withdrawing reaches critical mass things will collapse and rebuilt anew and hopefully the the jews, feminists and their male allies exterminated.

"toxic" has only come into common use in the last couple of years from the sjws, and it's use has therefore become attached with "toxic masculinity" "toxic white racism" and so on. Before that, it was only ever used in chemical senses, toxic waste being the most common assosciation.
You can just call it a 'parasitical system', or that the system is a parasite. Have a look through a thesaurus and find a more suitable word, if it fits then it will catch on. Just start using it a lot on here to start with. Don't be influenced by the buzzwords they use in the media, because that's where you've heard it from, directly or indirectly. A lot of them stem from psychology types, and further misused thereafter.

As for packaging the message for hundreds of millions out there, the truth is that a massive but unknowable proportion of people are simply followers. It could be 95-99% or maybe even more. They do what others do, they do what they are told, they do what they are told is the popular thing to do. They aren't aware of it, they just follow. It is built in at a biological level, similar to ant drones. This has been my theory for around 25 years, and I have since read similar ideas from various sources.
The more important thing is to do it yourself, and communicate it to the people who matter, then just spread it by example. Live well, make it known that you are living well and that it is possible, and others will copy what you have done. It is the way it has always been.
The difference in the last 70 years is that the media has been the loudest voice in the room, stating that smoking makes you live better, that drinking or buying things makes you live better. That by virtue signalling it makes you more popular or your life better. All those false signals.
The truth still has more impact, especially from a direct impact.
Lead and others will follow.

not really, it creates a power vacuum and foreign elements take over - whether the society is ten times shitter than it was before, or not.
that kind of thing sticks.
A country or civilisation is only as good as the quality of its people. What instead needs to happen is that these million or so hikikomoris in Japan form together as a movement, and that they change society as a consequence, in a constructive and positive way. Then the country will shift, even slightly, and become impenetrable to outside influences.
They have to do it for themselves though, and their memories of their feelings and what is wrong with the world will persist after they have recovered and left their cocoon state. It is better that they recover and rebuild their society. A million is not an insignificant number, they have power if they take it. They just have to realise that and move on it.

You have to have a problem to isolate yourself and force your family to take care of you.

This is why cartoons and video games are so dangerous. They keep men in a permanent state of adolescence. The severe anxiety stems from not being equal to your peers. They cant go outside because it forces them to confront the reality of their situation. They invent words for people who dont live like them as a coping mechanism. Its straight men who have convinced themselves they are worth nothing and so will never have or achieve anything. I was hikki for 5 years.

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I believe it. What we call people who are like that in my neck of the woods are "video game maggots." Someone who sits inside their home all day long doing nothing but playing video games. We also used to call them "couch potatoes" back in the day when video games were not that popular or first being marketed to children.

I don't know if you care for anecdotes but the first time i heard toxic used to refer to human behavior is from Riot Games. That should tell you all you need to know about how cucked that usage is.

what do you call people who spend 12 hours a day on the internet/this site
i call them hypocrites

Id call them losers. It should only take 5 minutes at most to browse this place. Ruin the day of some faggot who is in love with anime and return to working

I call people who react like you do, losers.

you sound like a faggot who was told by his facebook faggot friends the name of this site, and that you come here because you think it makes you hardcore.
note that you are spending time on a site that only became famous for hosting pizza.
you're on a list somewhere

Not seeing an ill society (that was infected by the jews and feminists) as the source of the problem. There is a lot of parallels with what we are observing today in modern human societies and what happened in the mouse utopia experiments.

What do you do when an extended hikki lifestyle leads you to nihilism and an even broader rejection of life itself and the general nature of things, not just human society? Things aren't just shitty for humans. Buddhists realize this. All living things suffer in their own way. There is no escape, only temporary, unsatisfying distractions, before returning to the baseline of meaningless suffering. Watching Buddist lectures on YouTube helps a little, but just barely.
I do agree that travel and getting some fresh air and sunshine can do you some good though. But ultimately, most people are NPCs and hard to connect with if you're not already one of them or can at least emulate one, which is exhausting in itself. Sometimes, it's just not worth it, but it's sort of a hobby to try to invent a meaning for one's personal existence, even if you believe there is no ultimate meaning from a universal perspective.

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Its you, not them. You are the reason you arent able to make connections. You dont see a stranger as a stranger and then try to get to know them. You assume you already know the person and treat them according what you believe about them. Try meeting a person without all the preconceived notions. Jesus.

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True. Everything aimed at a mass audience is propaganda, especially in current year politics, but alienating yourself from it creates a pervasive stress of its own, which is basically what going hikki does. Completely unplugging from the mass media mind fucking machine is extremely rare and puts you at odds with society and most people. Suddenly, you have nothing to talk about or relate to with 99.99% of other humans who will think you're weird and untrustworthy if it becomes obvious you an unplugged outsider who is not virtue signalling and parroting all the enforced talking points.

Honestly, you are fucked whether you participate or opt out. Either way, you are going to suffer. Even NPCs aren't happy, they just can't accept that it's because of their programming, so they'll loop back to Orange Man Bad or some other programmed rationale why they feel so dead and empty inside.

No wonder you gave up. You convinced yourself you never even need to try. I bet its secretly so you never have an opportunity to fail since to fail would surely force you to face your cognitive dissonance. Suddenly you woild realize you didnt walk away because you dont like society, you walked away because you couldn't fit in to it. Nobody will call you names if they dont even know you exist. Lol.

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I get your point and sort of agree with you, but you don't even recognize the irony of your own comment, because you don't really know me or the extent of my life experience.

I played the game most of my life. I know what it takes to "fit in" and mingle with people and society. It's exhausting and ultimately unsatisfying. It's also why a lot of former Chads eventually go MGTOW. Once you've fucked a string of random whores, you realize the amount of time an energy necessary for the "reward" just isn't worth it anymore.

You're right that it's stupid and self-defeating to just judge strangers right away without giving them a chance, but when you have a lifetime of giving people a chance and they disappoint and/or betray you every fucking time so that you're brain and memories are stuffed with a database of shitty examples of humans, you can't just pretend it's all a statistical anomaly and NAPALT (not all people are like that).

I stand by what I said that most people are NPCs. It takes a lot of time and energy to sift through that mess to find the unicorns, but some of us just don't care enough to try anymore.


Denial hurts user.

Fucking a string of whores is not society. Sluts dont make up the majority. Im talking about the real life, not the fake life of parties and sex. Im talking relationships, meeting family, having children, embedding yourself in a community. That kind of thing.

The irony is I'm 100% sure that I've experienced more of life and "success" than you ever have or will. I'm guessing you're pretty young. Just wait for reality and the accumulation of life experience takes its toll on you. Suddenly your smile and optimism will be gone.

What's that? Did you come here in a time machine? Community doesn't exist anymore unless you count Facebook groups or Discord as "communities"

Im 29 and own a house. I only have my ged. I was homeless and using crack in skid row at 16, at 18 I quit using and got a job, got off the street, had a place of my own and got into a trade. Now im a plumber. Fuck off with your reasons for giving up.

But only one of us is evangelizing his lifestyle. I'm not encouraging anyone to give up or drop out of society. If you're happy with your life, then good for you. I'm just saying some of us have a lifetime of experience which drives our retreat from society and it's not always because people were "afraid to try" or had no previous "success" in life.

Honestly, I'd rather be dead then live your shitty lifestyle, but if it works for you, then great.

Right outside my front door the white neighbor kids play in the court with their dogs. A block away at the elementary school, I only see white parents dropping off kids and mingling. On sundays the whole city goes to church. There are three in the area and we often have festivals on the main street. Society exists and believe it or not. This is in California. Just imagine what its like in the heartlands. Im not a religious man myself but can appreciate the morality that comes with christianity. This is why ive started attending sunday mass. I want to start a family.

How old are you?

The issue is that most first world societies today were built on the idea of an expanding population feeding into the system to keep it going. Low birthrates are fine from the standpoint of a healthy economy, but from the standpoint of a cancerous tumor built on the assumption of infinite growth in either numbers or wealth, low birth rates are synonymous with the collapse of society (or rather those in power) since it means that they will either stagnate or go into debt due to their parents/grandparents buying infrastructure on credit instead of allowing for slow but stable growth. For once it isn't the Jews (well not exactly), it's your government and your elders who are responsible for low birthrates leading to societal collapse.

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If you can make it work, then good on you. Personally, I don't think trying to live a 1950s style suburban lifestyle is going to lead to lasting satisfaction in life, but you are welcome to prove me wrong. Just keep in mind that behind the facade of what the TV families were like in the 1950s, in real post-war homes, the dads were frequently wife-beating alcoholics and the moms were pill popping neurotics who fucked the milkman as soon as the husband left for work.

There's no ideal society, user. Just people pretending that everything is great while they try to fit in and keep up with their neighbors. Honestly, what you are aiming for is about as NPC as it gets, but by all means, go for it. Live and learn.

Older than you.

Neither of us can know that. It comes down to faith. You have faith in what you have learned so believe the 50s was an abusive hellscape. Ive put my faith elsewhere and believe it was a good time. Im making the choice to try living the way I feel will make me happy.

How old?

Damn, thats a sad veiwpoint to have.

Well they aren't really wrong. Just as in the west females simply can not fall as low as men. They will always cruise through life. Are there female hikkis? I guess but the number is probably in the double or triple digits at most, literally nothing compared to the overwhelmingly male problem.

This user gets it. I was a functioning member of society for some seven years before realizing it just wasn't worth it. I can't take the NEETpill because I get depressed/angry with everything when I draw away like that, but I've gotten to a state where I just want to go to work to sustain myself, go to the gym because there's literally no room in my tiny-ass house for a home gym, and go home to watch anime/maybe play a game occasionally. I get actively upset with the normalfags in their 30s who have jokes of a life yet they try to act high and mighty. Just let me do my job (since my boss has even said I do a better job than 95% of the normalfaggots so it's not like I'm complacent) and go home.

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The only good 50s were the 1850s.

I would like to agree with you, but not so many people have that much below the surface. I admit, it's really good to make a connection nowadays, but only because it is becoming increasingly rare.

Most groups now are pozzed from the start due to the great divide(2016), relations were already mildly poisoned before, it just reached critical mass now that ideology from political groups, seeping through from TV and internet, finally consolidated their necessary tension to become the norm.
The only way to have true meaningful connections today is preserving the ones who come from childhood, a few from high school, and one to three after. If you had bad luck, forget about it. Only worse if you made some bad choices. It is really difficult to restore and if you do, there is really great chances the differences have become abismal because you lost your way to share and influence each other out and shape your characters together.

I'm not even going about who is NPC or not. The fact that it is becoming one in a million chances to discuss anything beyond the last netflix series, sportsball game or capeshit movie, unless you are entrenched in to political ingroups/sphere. If you are, it only gets worse, because you cannot disagree with them in the smallest micro level without being accused of wrongthink or being beat into submission. Some groups will even catfish you for awhile to dox and ruin your life just out of spite. This is the norm at urban landscape. OFC, this is all meaningless in a rural or nature landscape, which everyday hassle, takes most of your time and the only ideology present is getting out of there or coming from urban to live there. Have in mind that connecting there might stem out from a better sense of community that is not possible anymore in urban landscapes, because it'll only fell out of place. Having money is a major part and if you fell for the college meme instead of family trade, you are in debt even before starting your life. Imagine how much debt you have to contract to keep it up with that lifestyle and maintain those connections.
Sorry I could not make it any shorter.

TL;DR: Connections are rare, making new ones even rarer. Political ideology infected other spheres to a point that you can't scape it, unless you are inawoods. Money plays and if you don't have it, isolation happens naturally.

Good luck, brother.

He's not entirely wrong. I think everyone wants a wife and kids, but when you're old enough to realize the only way you'll get a pure wife is to groom her like some Sandnigger would while she's still in the early stages of puberty (otherwise she's already corrupted 99% of the time by the time it's legal to fuck her), it's VERY NPC-like to expect you can have that reality after age 22, maybe 23. Once you get in the real world for a few years (whether that's after college, vocational training, military, etc.) you realize how fucked up life is. I'm 26 and struggling to get the fuck out of manufacturing for the last 6 months since I'm a tradesman in a dead-end field that will see me making the same as retail workers if this "fight for $15" shit keeps up, and no matter how much I change my resume, cover letters, how I describe my experiences, etc. It's become clear to me that nothing short of a miracle of god is going to get me out of this shit heap I put myself into out if desperation to get "work experience" by any means necessary like so many IRL boomers and "trades anons" tricked me into believing.

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