Brit/pol/ #2285: ''Heritage'' Edition


Brexit News for Thursday 19 April

Lords vote to keep UK shackled to Europe through customs union

Michael Gove's pledge to Brexit voters: Lords rejection won't stop Brexit 17.4m deserve


Nerve agent used against Skripals is ‘out in the wild,’ ex-MI5 officer tells RT

Theresa May was aware and not opposed to 'Go Home' immigration vans, suggests Home Office statement

Govt stopped raid on company suspected of money laundering because it is ‘biggest Tory donor’

Antisemitism: Two-thirds of Britons think Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour has problem with prejudice, poll reveals

Labour MP claims antisemitic trolls are Tories in disguise

Revealed: Boys as young as 12 prosecuted for rapes in London as police warn social media is fuelling youth sexual violence

Radical feminist warned to refer to transgender defendant as a 'she' during assault case

Rotherham council told to apologise to abuse whistleblower Jayne Senior - it has been investigating her for 20 months

Rivers in Bradford are turning YELLOW because the 'Curry Capital of Britain' is polluting them with food waste from its 200 Asian restaurants


Western version of Syria ‘chemical attack’ events may be all wrong, ex-UK envoy tells RT

Boy in Douma ‘chem attack’ video says he was lured with cookies, then sprayed with water

Emails reveal White Helmets tried to lobby ex-Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters


Sweden has been told to ban parties calling for tighter immigration controls following a Council of Europe report urging the nation to criminalise support for “racist” groups

Nigerians react to President Buhari wey say youths too like awoof

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amen lad

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fucking hell

didn't someone memi this after that Enoch show on radio 4 saturday?

shame no fucker will ever read it

The Skripal """"poisoning"""" was fabricated by jews to end russia's credibility in the eyes of the UK public so that they wouldn't believe the russian claims that the chemical attack was false, preventing mass public outcry and keeping the UK in the middle east for years to come

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Good feel tbh

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Actually makes sense tbh

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goodlad. What kind of job?

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that's what the baddie in Matrix wanted to do, lad… smh

They have the acceptance/rejection emails set up so that it only takes a second, it leads to cock-ups.

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One with a small local business

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you going for proper acting yet, lad?

Reminded me of this tbh

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I unironically love her

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you have to understand that commies only understand total control

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Nice, lad.

>find this decade-old forum post

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Is that Lauren Southern?

why are they so much more feminine than western thots?

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They don't look like aged hags.

That guy has got to be a jew, right?

It is hot

That Lauren thread is bants


the windrush 'controversy' has been artificially created and it seems to me to be to disrupt the commonwealth conference, undermine the government and just standard order pozzing

dafties or jiahdis

don't know

it's ogre apparently


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Fucking hell, they're not even trying…lel

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>>>Zig Forums11505365
My fucking sides they're quick to jump at shadows.

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Is this where the government pays them to make it look like they're doing something?

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Fucking lel
>>>Zig Forums11505365


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Shame about the accent

I enjoy studying the bugs in a vain attempt to understand their behaviour. This video is particularly nauseating, a soy infected 'male' looking through army surplus goods purely for an aesthetic, and would be incapable of fighting in any sort of conflict. This isn't even larping for airsoft or paintball, but purely the degradation and debasement of military symbolism. I struggle to understand the mindset.

Too rough for you,William?

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I would never have sex with a woman with a regional accent, tbh lad


Keep it LOCAL

Northern's a bit rought for me tbh

Bad opinion tbh



t. probably larps in milsurp
tbh I am wearing gorka mountain pants rn

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You can't win with these cunts.

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But that is being local for me

I suppose I once had a gf from North Wales but both her parents were English so she barely had an accent

what if I buy it for innawoods photography and other innawoods stuff

I need high quality shitposting uniform lad

What is it that makes construction so satisfying

Looking for something authentic, same reason he probably likes rap and 'street food'

Is this a /v/ edit?

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Well that has a functional use

The innate desire to create.

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it's not

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No fucking way

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I just can't deal with Northern on a woman tbh lad, it was bad enough on family


So lads what have you done to self improve yourselves today?

I turned the heating up and closed all the windows while weight lifting to toughen both my body and my will power. I soaked the floor in a pool of sweat it was brutal and i felt great

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its the opposite of destruction

enjoy cleaning the floor



I know but people tend to fetishize most foreign accents tbh,even your Chael Sonnen accent(do you really sound like that or are you just meming?) would probably be fawned over if you went abroad.

I've always been fascinated by construction tbh and part of me wants to go into development so I can push for well designed, artistically valuable architecture. We have to embody the push against entropy tbh and as children of the sun always push against the force of decay and destruction

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really lad?

Good luck trying to get that through modern academia.

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Like I said, push for it. These days if I got one large good building built I would chalk it up as a win

Lad it's more to do with pakis being lecherous fucking monsters.

That first picture is sad

wow racist much #notallpakis

architects design additions to contrast so that 300 years later archeologists don't have to work hard to figure out which part of the building is historic lad. its just that AUTOCAD and other design software has made those super contrasting eclectic buildings a mene rn. just like when they invented portland cement and made everything from cement

Look into Traditional Architecture Group and the likes, there are movements trying to go back to traditional styles in the UK and across the globe.

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Well now that i've actually heard it i am having second thoughts

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architectural revivalism is not something new lad

saged tbh