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Also, the Supreme Court declined to hear the DACA case, so the "Dreamers" are already protected until next year.

So Trump is basically offering the Dems a promise he won't do something he already can't do.

Good goy. A shekel for you.

For only $5 billion which is nowhere near what the wall would ultimately cost. 2 years of republican power and no wall. Dems take the house so time for a bit of political theatre so that ultimately he can pass DACA and the trumptards still cheer. Fucking naive dumb fools.

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Is English your second language?

*Lays your mouth over his asshole*

Next stop declaration of emergency. Then the Happening begins.

You're gonna regret that supreme court delay when Ginsburg dies.
Soon, very soon.

Blame the GOP, they had 2 years to implement Trump's plan but they willfully did not do it.

The GOP and DEMs are the same party. Trump is a 3rd party candidate that actually won the presidency.

If by "Happenening" you mean "rotting to death in the courts if it isn't rolled back by the House first", then yes, the Happening would begin.

That's because Trump's plan was stupid.

He is another front man to win elections, just like Bush, etc, bullshit puppet for bullshit "democracy" show. He can nothing, and presidents position is just a PR job.

I come out of retirement Just to Spell reallity, Fuck You I am Spelling bad at all times.

The reason more Illigals are caught at the boarder is because Trump has Alocated reasoures to catch them.
For Starters.
The Big Important thing that Trump Must do is to end Racemixing at its 49IQ Ubunga Level.. He Must end Ubunga racemixing agenda. at its Core. This is how He can carry on long term.]
UBUMGA is a Nigger treat the Monkey as such with No Remourse.

He made this same offer about a year ago and Democrats got mad and denied it. Stop pretending this is some bombshell shit, schlomo

Didn't he say building the wall would cost 10 billion? Now he's saying he wants almost 6 billion to do 230 miles. The border is almost 2000 miles long. That means it would cost almost 50 billion. And that's assuming that the cost is not underestimated, although many are saying that it might cost two or three times as much. So now instead of 10 billion dollars, it's going to cost 50-150 billion. Meanwhile most of the illegal immigrants don't come through the border, but through airports and sea ports. It's all a big push to spend time building this big vanity project so he can slap a golden "TRUMP" logo on it and have a legacy he can point to and say "look Baron, I made that!"
Oh, and is mexico going to pay for this 150 billion dollar wall?
Oh and will it be foiled by a tunnel, an extra long ladder or a grappling hook?

You're right, like. Let's just have open borders like we do now. It's hopeless isn't it, faggot?

No, invest money in things that will actually WORK and reduce the problem! A wall costs a huge amount of money and doesn't solve where the biggest problem lies, which is drugs, illegals, criminals and terrorists flying and boating into ports. MOST of those come through air ports and sea ports, so why isn't he accepting the Dem's proposals to boost those securities? Does he really care about America? No, he just wants a wall, because he boasted about it throughout his campaign and can't admit he's wrong.

throughout his campaign he kept changing how much the wall would me. 5 billion, 10 billion, 25 billion. he just tries to find what sound byte resonates the most with the idiots who vote for him and then keeps repeating it

Yawn. Imagine my shock.

Anyone that still defends this wafflehouse hack is a paid shill.

you spoiled christmas for me, cunt

Trump has offered a last minute deal to the Dems, a deal they cannot refuse but KNOWING that they are numbskulls bent on a one track mind WILL refuse.
He is Toying with the dems and making big News.

Nothing else to say.

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Zig Forums is dead… There is a better place to go to now.


Probobly a dating website.
Africans Love aids and being around white people.

Not accepted? Leave.

I don't understand what exactly is so wrong with this site now that demands constant whining in threads

Can you explain?

It’s the start of his 2020 campaign. That’s all it is. Behind the scenes he might be getting a lot done. I don’t know, but how would we hear about it?

Proposals such as? I have yet to see anything proposed by a Democrat that boosted the security of anything but their own positions.

where's the link faggot


days late and dollars short
pessimist says this isn't enough, he is correct
optimist says at there is SOME progress, he is also correct
in mein kampf hitler said that doing things the bureaucratic way in the congress/parliment is inefficient and nothing gets done, trump is trying to maintain peace (as is expected of the leader of a world power) so in light of that he is doing OK, a violent option would yield immediate results, but again, the world is a powder keg and the US holds the match

an offer they can't refues? excuse me, all he "offered" was to undo the DACA stuff he screwed up in the first place. So he basically offered NOTHING and said "give me my hilariously expensive, innefficient wall that doesn't tackle where the greatest security problems I'm talking about lie"

there, actually addressing ports of entry where the biggest problems with drugs, criminals and illegals lie.

so even more than the 1.3 billion PREVIOUSLY offered to trump to boost the border security that the dept. of homeland security asked for.
I guess it's hard to realize that it's not about trump wants wall vs. dems don't so much as trump wants inneffective vanity project, vs dems want something that will address where the REAL problems are and ACTUALLY HAVE AN EFFECT on border security, dumbass.

Yes an Offer they cannot refuse.
If the dems would have agreed they would get something for themselves but since they are all Shitskin subhumans they failed to see that if they Refuse they Look like SHIT in fronthole of the world.
Trump expected them to refuse Thus Shitting on top of their heads and is now sitting back watching the whole world Laughing at the Shitskin run Demacrats.

What "SECURITY" problem? Our borders are manned by Patriots, Patriots and Patriots.
I hope the Shutdown goes on forever so that Trump can keep on Making fun of the Dems.
When We go one we go All

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I'm excited about better border protection, honestly, just like most smart people.

hes offerd the twice turned down by Dems twice
fuck he even offered a path to citizenship
dem do not care they say fuck daca

they are falling face 1st
if they keep fucking around

he will get his wall
and they will get jack shit
just egg on their face
and another 6 years of trump

He just threatened to deport 11 million illegals. And Pelosi is just a pathetic creep. I’m betting on trump.

no, trump said the shutdown was his and he's getting the blame for it. most americans blame trump, and that includes a good chunk of his republican supporters, which have shifted a majority of the blame to trump. how can you even argue this? he said himself he would be proud to shut down government and own the blame, so why are you trying to pin the blame on someone else? and yes, the dems can refuse an offer, because it wasn't an offer. trump "offered" to give back DACA protections, that he himself removed, that the courts overturned anyway. so he offered to take back something that the courts already told trump he can't have. which means he offered nothing.
meanwhile, dems offered billions in support to strengthen border security WHERE IT MATTERS, where the dept. of Homeland Security says they NEED it, and where MOST of the problems are coming through (hint, it's not at the US-mexico border) and trump said NO! because he doesn't actually care about american security.

The longer the shutdown lasts the better. Even if he gets nothing. Which he won’t.

I hope he keeps it shutdown for all of 2019 just to teach section ape landlords a lesson.

People renting to section ape don't want to in the first place. They're required by law to do so and the niggers destroy the places leaving the.homeowners to sue the government (who tells them "oh it was like this before the niggers moved in, I hAvE nO IdeA WHat yoU'Re TaLKinG aBoUt!" While rubbing their palms together).

This is CNN.

Why is Pelosi being such a cunt?

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4 day old thread this time eh schlomo? You better sic your disinfo army on 8 chan again. You clearly can't cut it yourself lawl.

I'm not going to lie, I think Jim Watkins has been compromised and is complicit in the Jewish/Leftist agenda on this site. It is all too convenient, when I am shattering their shitters, all of a sudden Torfriends can't post to the site.
Also, WHITE NATIONALISM IS THE ANSWER TO WHITE UNITY, find your local chapter and sign up today!

Leftists really hate that wall, if they accept his offer then they accept wall funding. It is unacceptable.

HEY! You would hate it too if half of your donors were from the Mexican cartels.

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You seem really smart.

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I think I am the last person fighting for sanity on the newsboards. It is quite sad really.

Fuck off until you can come up with a better argument than "Muh Trumpo"

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They'll never have arguments though, in their circles there aren't fervent debates on idea or principles or bettering themselves, to them its about popularity and right now you can't be popular if you have a sane point of view about Trump or his supporters. Even fucking communists do this, they're the first to talk about having no hierarchies but they have them just based on popularity (until a Stalin walks in and shows everyone that fear>popularity ).

He’s a real republican now. He capitulates to their every whim.

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WOW! real news is back!

Look again it's just 15 day old thread over the failed negotiations during the shutdown. Now it's Trump getting his address to the union on the 5th of the 15th being a "we'll see" thing.


Capitalists always want more immigrants. It's called 'the reserve army of labour'.
No capitalist can resist anything that divides the working class, or drives down wages, or makes working people more replaceable.

I am pure 100% White Nationalist, let me get that out there before I continue.
What Trump is doing is setting up the Liberals like he always does.
He is GIVING THE ILLIGALS currently in the US a chance, He is giving the working and Those willing to become Americanized a Chance to APPLY for H1b h2b etc a CHANCE TO BECOME LEGAL.
The Smart ones will figure it out and currently residing in America illegally a 2nd chance effectively.
This is trumps DACA deal and the DEMS HAVE ACCEPTED HIS TERMS.
This is what his speach meant regarding immigration.
Streight up Dope TRUTH

You LITERALLY have no idea what you are talking about, so STFU.

Trump went on Howard Stern and proudly proclaimed he didn't care if his kike daughter got blacked on the reg by whatever random nog she could find, so I doubt he really cares much about race mixing. ( at least when it comes to the Jewish members of his family)

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Nigger this is old news, check the fucking date of OP. Last month. Everyone is waiting for the 15th to see what happens next.

whats 15th? GOV oficcial startup?

He should keep it shut down and keep his nose clean, end of Match if You know what im saying.
Brexit default America Takes control.

that is because those cucks Paul Ryan and McCain

yup, like 4x they said no to what it really is long winding path to citizen ship for them

they say no because the CARTELS and human traffickers do not pay them to let the boarder get secured

his ex gf was black

REAL News is still happening:

It's just being censored.

The majority of individuals who are illegal immigrants are those whose work visas run out and they just stay in the country. If you're looking for a permanent solution to them you'll have to fund agencies that remove those people from your country once their work visas run out.

Stabilize the government of Mexico. As a boarder state, Mexico contributes to most of the aforementioned problems you brought up. The cartel runs the police and has its hands in the military and government. Without stabilizing the government and wiping out the cartel you'll never see a decrease in these issues given the size of our border and Mexico's population. This would most likely need military intervention and the Mexican government's cooperation.

You could destroy much of the cartel's influence by legalizing drugs in Mexico and the US, selling safer drug alternatives (marijuana) via government outlets, while setting up appropriate mental health and addiction treatment centers for harder drug addictions. Without drug revenue the cartel would have to rely on human trafficking, while a problem, would earn them less influence due to having less money they could supply the local area, corrupt cops, and corrupt government with.
I agree, a wall wouldn't really do much as opposed to a consistent boarder policy combined with an appropriately funded boarder patrol. As stated before, the majority of illegals are here on work visas and are simply unaccounted for once they run out; we should address that via deportation or having them become citizens and paying taxes.

When we cannot even use our state resources to satisfy the basic needs of our native population, we shouldn't be looking to bring over others who will also be unsatisfied. We should strengthen the boarder via the methods addressed above while also using state resources to ensure our population is addressed first while also stabilizing our immediate neighbors to ensure a boarder crisis doesn't ensue any longer.

This is an orange nigger kike.

Protection can be rescinded, a wall (once built) cannot.

Keep in mind that the northern red indians kept the central and southern cannibals at bay for tens of thousands of years, and you've let them in within the last hundred.

Reminder that you died just before the 2012 GOP primaries which Ron Paul dominated in and united the party, throwing out the anti-constitutionalists and securing the presidency leading the United States into an era of peace and prosperity. You died before any of this happened and all that you've known for the past 7 years has been frabicated for your souls personal hell. There is no escape, you will never see the American dream realized.

Um, is the wall going to be indestructible? Is that what you're implying? Because I'm pretty sure a wall that's up can also be taken down.

So we are finally getting the wall funding?

youre one of the faggots that ruined this place.

just like you stayed on cuckchan after it was pozzed and the userbase left and went to Zig Forums, so will you remain on here until the "next" site becomes famous enough for you to infest that and ruin it like you did Zig Forums.

You forgot to say..

Im not a big fan of Trump but you know just as good as I do that saying no would have been suicide for his businesses.
Trump has always had a feud with CNN and they'd have parotted that shit 24/7.

It makes imageboard life much easier when the shills nullify each other.

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Bumping old news.
Fuck you Zig Forums