Brit/pol/ #2286: "She Will Save Us All" Edition


Brexit News for Thursday 19 April

Lords vote to keep UK shackled to Europe through customs union

Michael Gove's pledge to Brexit voters: Lords rejection won't stop Brexit 17.4m deserve


Nerve agent used against Skripals is ‘out in the wild,’ ex-MI5 officer tells RT

Theresa May was aware and not opposed to 'Go Home' immigration vans, suggests Home Office statement

Govt stopped raid on company suspected of money laundering because it is ‘biggest Tory donor’

Antisemitism: Two-thirds of Britons think Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour has problem with prejudice, poll reveals

Labour MP claims antisemitic trolls are Tories in disguise

Revealed: Boys as young as 12 prosecuted for rapes in London as police warn social media is fuelling youth sexual violence

Radical feminist warned to refer to transgender defendant as a 'she' during assault case

Rotherham council told to apologise to abuse whistleblower Jayne Senior - it has been investigating her for 20 months

Rivers in Bradford are turning YELLOW because the 'Curry Capital of Britain' is polluting them with food waste from its 200 Asian restaurants

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smh, fucking 8ch

1st for Hitch

What was the point in this post?

I made this thread fucking ages ago, it only just appeared ffs

8ch was being retarded, threads were posting but weren't appearing in the catalog


Hitch jocked by turbo goy Andrew Neil

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I posted one too

Andrew Neil has shown himself to be a real fucking kosher shit recently

which one was y ours?

bit late now but

We don't shit in the street,Priti.

I fucking h8 Neil. What a cunt. Trying to tell one of the most articulate people on this sceptred isle he can't into English


Post QT Rage Edition

I saw that too, he kept interrupting Hitch so he could't get a word out on how insane it is to be attacking Syria over such flimsy evidence

I thought they edited Hitchens' short video on his stance really badly too, and set it to completely inappropriate techno music that didn't suit what he was saying, him, or the background setting at all


see filename

I h8 this cunt as well. Now she's pontificating on the Windrush as if she's an ethnic Brit herself. Absolute streetshitting cunt

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also, those two wogs in the background, kek

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Oh I liked that one, it had a doggo on it

shiti shatel

We deliberately bombed Douma before it could be investigated, in fact as the OPCW were preparing to visit Douma. As Hitch said, there is no reliable chain of custody. An absolute shitshow

I didn't notice them

Do you think they edited it badly to undermine what he was saying? Or was it just a normal shit job?

Patel met with the Netanyahu off the record and was caught out after and resigned from her cabinet position


Are the kikes going to continue to get away with this shit?

This one seems super rushed, as if they knew the public wouldn't buy it; that's why there was no commons vote

I like the bit where that Poo in the loo rolled her eyes when Hitch mentioned Iraq and the Gulf of Tonkin.

Tried to make him look as autistic and awkward as possible. Establishment have really ramped their propaganda up against the naysayers. We need to excise that cancer of an establishment for good and their backers the jews have to go to

i think they were just trying to make it like some techno-thriller bullshit tbh, with the jump cuts and all

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It didn't work for me, it seemed amateur and awkward



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"we're in danger of losing our sense of right and wrong"

save me

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Jews feel persecuted and endangered by the existence of non Jews. They are deeply paranoid but fail to see their behaviour worsens this.
Jews say the Talmud instructs them to kill those who would want them dead first, so if you take it to it's logical extreme, they want us all dead and those who cuck to them are the biggest idiots. They need to be reigned in. Mossad freely travels the world and - by their own documented admissions - have assassinated thousands of people and the reality is it's probably far more than this

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Fug, forgot spoiler

Dale winton died, did anyone else on this board feel sad?

and i think we….uh

so yeah like so

yeah it's just i think uh


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who is this?


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"are celebrities doing enough to be good role models?"

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The lass talking on This Week right now

I know everyone else will say no since he was a gay jew but yes i felt a little bit sad. Some people get a pass like pic related

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yeah i know but who is she? what's her name?

Did she call Are Nige "Boaty McBoat Face"?

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Ashley james,DJ

She's a coalburner, I'd rather fuck Patel for the curry curiosity at this point

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she's a DJ?


Niggers like this should be killed and thots like her forced to eat their corpse, shit it out and eat the shit
Fucking whores

Ah right, she calls "DJ"ing taking selfies while someone else plays CDs at parties

Based scousers
Fuck sake, really need one tbh

She fucked a nigger DJ and now she is a DJ as it's the best way to meet other nigger DJs

she's trash

How do they keep getting away with it?

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They have to be enslaved and bred on farms. I'm beginning to understand Hitler's Lebensborn program TBH

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She gets away with it because she's pretty, that's all

Apart from that she seems an amoral vacuous idiot. Having her on to discuss morality must have been some kind of inside joke amongst the liberal elite. Who is less qualified than her?

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Fuck that shit

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Ale is so silky smooth to just drink quickly tbh

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She will end up in the dustbin of history. I'm ok with this

Minnie is 2qt tbh

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She's not even that pretty tbh. She's got nice colour eyes - which could be contacts but the rest is a bit pointy and rough looking including her bleached hair. She doesn't look natural

Yeah, makes sense.

A member of Abba was descended from the Lebensborn programme as i recall

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pretty much

when she hits the wall she will be a train wreck, will probably resort to loads of plastic surgery, try to have a "come back" or two that will fail, then die of an overdose a few years later

If that is true, that must be Agnetha, she is hot as fuck

lads we should rethink immigration enforcement because of the breezeblitz tbh. If someone has made it as far as dover then they are a brit tbh and should be able to rent a flat and vote to be tbh.

I think it was actually the other one

Terrible shooting posture.

Are Mark trashes Sharia May

>and it's beautiful

Isnt he a spy?

Fuck off, couldn't have been Frida

Have wanked to this video before tbh

Maybe. I think it's safe to watch his videos though isn't it?

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They all are.

Typical tricks MI6.



We Abba hours now

we had Knowing me Knowing you played on the Organ at my dads funeral tbh


THE PAW WAR Irish Guards’ squaddies muttiny at regiment mascot Domnhall ‘being worked to death’

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Teeth weren't great tbh


Better quality tbh
2Shaymcn has the best quality Abba video stbh

smdh lads all thots one day turn into yummy mummies

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Doubt that.

No most of them will become bitter old cat ladies. I've seen it first hand.

oh hey it's Hitlers birthday

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*bluff charges you*

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