Brit/pol/ #2287: Raasclart Edition

'Irreplaceable': Football world reacts to Arsene Wenger's departure

The Latest: Commonwealth chooses Prince Charles as next head

Two years' detention for UK teenager who 'cyberterrorised' US officials

British post-Brexit border proposals 'rejected by Brussels'

Resham Khan and cousin speak out after acid attacker John Tomlin is jailed for 16 years: 'He should be on death row'

UK weather: Put away your sunglasses as SNOW is coming back and temperatures set to tumble

National Trust to target city dwellers in 'radical' change of approach

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First for 22st

1st for him

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american public school literally destroys your sense of self and makes you into a goyim, if you fall through the cracks then you will always be outside looking in at american society, no matter how much you try you will always be the kid in detention. the patterned conformity and horizontalized repetition rituals. its just too bad you cannot run off to the frontier anymore and are now trapped next to all the insect goyim


mods are bullies


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clever gay guy explains why hitler was right


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That's disappointing, I still hope for memi reasons that India would try to seize control of the Commonwealth and reform in it into an empire.

funnily enough this guy is strongly anti-Hitler and won't be charitable with what he said or believed at all. He's also extremely pan-European.

He's a h'white nationalist.


Yeah, which includes mongoloids and arabs and 56%ers and any minorities living in the space they carve out for themselves.

rap quoting thot found guilty

Na he's very specific about it being North Western European in origin.

when is the next happening?

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What I've heard he's including every "white" race. I'd be fine with North Western European. He went on about the white race being different levels of shade of white and some of them being darker than the Japanese.

ey up lads
shaved me noggin and I look proper hard

She was given an eight-week community order, placed on an eight-week curfew and told to pay costs of £500 and an £85 victim surcharge.

Ahh the black pill cometh.

What's the lyric?

I look like a twat but I might do it anyway

Makes me look better imo, my receding hairline just made me look like a young AC Grayling
also growing my beard and it looks good tbqh

He's also done a video pointing out how all innovation has come from North Western Europe.

Terrorist attack.

Nth for the schizo not posting his DNA results after weeks of bravado

sure, but it seems like his state will be a safe space for all whites, he keeps talking about it as a place for all whites to go if they need protection and he believes whites are all Europeans.

Butterlord will be out before then


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Maybe we should put him with some Romanians for a few days to change his mind.

its good, it will be red pill for the people who listen to that crap

tbf the Hungarians and Bulgarians get to be h'white, why not Tartars or Turks?

>tfw my brother is one of those people

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Yeah, maybe I'm confusing what he defines as white and what his actual idealistic society is. who knows. I feel he's still a good lad though and might have un-gay'd himself

yeah, that's why you can't say "europeans"

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yeah who knows. You'd think it'd be easy for a white nationalist to reason himself into having children

I think the pan-Europeanism is only for his yank ethnostate tbf, he's the only person on youtube who actually makes videos worth watching

Hungarians being descended from steppe nomads is a memi, they have

ah fuck it i might go out in a mo


Funny how she switches from silly reporter voice to qt feminine voice

Yeah I like his videos, but the stats and stuff can get heavy smh

the latest intro was autistic keek


thats the sound of the manipulative amerithot

come to the pub with me lad

lads, what's wrong with this car, why is the suspension so low?

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bedtime, then work then weekend ahh. Night lads

Probably because I'm sitting in it, right? *punches you*

thats quite the trip lad, maybe someday

night lad


one day chum :}

wewlad. talk about oversensitive

It'd be grinding wheel arch if you were in it.

The holiday village run by spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

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Sure, and now you're left with "ethnicity is a spook".

Honestly don't know what you mean by this

These are the most "offensive" of the lyrics that I looked up. I not sure whether I should be happy that we effectively have obscenity laws.

What are Hungarians? Who is a Hungarian?

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What are you on about, lad?

does the person who was offended have to go to court too? If it's an anonymous source then it's ripe for trolling.

So when are we charging Snoop for writing this despicable filth?

I don't get what this tart is on about tbh

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i've been banned!!!

okay ban must have expired now


Avicii found dead at 28 btw

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Ironically that content is banned in the UK

thats the best part, only free men can listen to it

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couldn't name a single one of his songs

VPNs will set me free…

I'll give it a listen later

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btw, you deserve a bunch of 56%er memmies for this comment

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I want the swedish memmies to be false but they just do it time and time again

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that webm, oh my fucking god!

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genuinely surprised the krokodil scream wasn't in there

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wew, that's an esoteric flag, lad

Reminder if you aren't from the eastern side of the Pennines you're basically not human.

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east coast best coast
North Sea > Atlantshit



god bless the south

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It's just a castle tho…

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*plants bomb under your trench*

this one was worse according to him

It's amazing what people can do with a bit of free time in their basement now. Bush Poster basically built a bomb delivery robot.

Far Cry 5 is fun

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