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Thousands of Windrush Generation landing cards found in National Archives

North Korea halts all missile tests and shuts down nuclear site ahead of Trump summit

Scots urged to ask these 5 questions to GPs

The Latest: Commonwealth chooses Prince Charles as next head

Two years' detention for UK teenager who 'cyberterrorised' US officials

British post-Brexit border proposals 'rejected by Brussels'

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suck your mum


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Might post anyway tbh

Pinot grigo lad? A few bottles is a lot

Thank you goodlad

pls fix formatting in OP okthankyou

Righto lad.

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the arts

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Oh God

this is getting more than the petition to reverse bexit btw


That's not contradictory though, lad

I wont disagree with that.

the Lords isn't exactly democratic, and I dont think fascism is anti-democratic

I'll rephrase

yeh. What of it?

Bit hypocritical, isn't it?

not really
>Ideas in a void have never appealed to me; action must follow thought or political life is meaningless.

May as well try to make what we're presented with work for us.

No, losing by not using any means necessary is not principled, lad. It is the current system so we have to use it, whatever we'd want in our idealistic society isn't possible until we get there. smh

Sounds like an argument for letting BASED brown guys advocate for British nationalism tbh

Better that than advocating against it.

Not sure if I agree, lad

No, because I think that's a losing strategy. Are you just against trying to get anything done in the current democratic system and just waiting for some kind of collapse, lad?

i think a lot of posters OTB have succumbed to the accelerationistblackpill tbh

I respect the House of Lords as an undemocratic instiution, and am against the comeplete erasure of it just because it currently stands against us. Same could be said for much of the authoritarian instruments that currently exist tbh.
Besides, we're past the point of being able to vote our way out of the situation.

It's a comfy pill to swallow

I won't write off anything tbh

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but the whole idead is to create a NEW PARLIAMENTARY MACHINE tho. Once you start picking it apart the general public sees that things can affect change and become more susceptible to further change.
i'd rather accelerate with reform than collapse tbh

Fair play tbh. I wouldn't hold my breath for an ethno-nationalist party to arise and get anywhere in the next five or so years.

Sorry lad I'm not sure I understand what you mean.

I kind of wish the daftie spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) in the pan-scandinavian nordfront could just do regular local politics instead smh. I still haven't checked out one of their events.


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In the second case we're pro-nationalism not anti-democracy. Its just a compromise that is just as "hypocritical" as UKIP using the MEP elections to force policies that enabled our exit.

Have the video, lad?

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Fair point tbh.

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Can't find it on youtube, smh.



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irl bloodsports

Sargon DESTROYS lefty snowflake protester


Imagine seeing Sargon confidently walk towards you.

What policies can MEPs force? As far as I know they can't do shit. Does give them a platform/publicity and money though, I believe UKIP pioneered using EU funds against the EU.

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Is he a (((long nose lad)))?

Look at all those people following him and filming him. Sargon will rise in the coming five years and probably become PM

Keek. it's a tengu, but maybe

I could put him in a headlock and force him to smell my pits so easily.

As far as I recall from the brexit debates MEPs review EU law and that's about it.

Hot, but you underestimate him

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yeah, review it, they dont create it - its a fucking joke

The European Commission proposes legislation, then the EP debates it and amends it within their power.

May risks trade deal with Australia if the UK stays in the Customs Union

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Don't know about you lads but I have completely swallowed the daftie pill. Real politics is too soul destroying.

You can keep saying "Australian points based system" if you want, but I've accepted now that I'm much happier if I can call a spade a spade, or simply bash his skull in for stepping on British soil.

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I sometimes feel like I am undeservingly lucky and that I'll have a huge debt to pay one day smh

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Oh I meant indirectly by using the platform to push the referendum policy into the Conservative manifesto.


Precisely you invasive little goblin.

Yeah I thought as much, fair point. Got to use the system against itself.

£300 a day

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remove all life peers and reinstate hereditary peers tbh

Last night I dreamed I was in a room in some stately home or something with classical art on the wall. Possibly King Henry the 8th portrait, things like that.

Oswald Mosley was giving a speech. Felt like he'd risen from the grave.

Just thought I'd share. I dont think anywhere else would appreciate such a vision.

are they dead or what? looks like a Weekend a Bernie spectacular.

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A very British poll

Awful bigot. Doesn't he know that she has descended from immigrants who arrived one or two generations ago? What gives someone with a family that lived in Britain for many centuries the right to deny the identity bestowed to me by BBC Teach.

I take it this is from leddit or something

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"umm the monarch is german xdddddd"

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Someone should point out so are the English to a degree.

I've had enough they've even drifted into how colonialism justifies our replacement with Pakis in parts of the comments.

WE IZ ALL IMMIGRANTS :))))))))))))

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And our replacement justifies the day of the spoon.

Kek. Even if he was suddenly 100% purestock German he would still objectively look more British than her, unless you're too blind to see that she's a different race.

She should go ask Asian country to accept that she looks Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc before she tries to make us the delusional nation of the world.

'appy birthday, are maj'

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It's more that colonialism isn't a justification and there isn't some grand moral scales that have to be balanced. Our colonial legacy being ours is not something that foreigners get to beat us over the head with, especially when every day our forefathers are being proven ever more right about how fucking inferior they actually are. Plus when has one group of people ever done anything that expressly helps and outgroup apart from now in the fucking topsyturvy land that is modernity? We did what was good for ourselves historically and anyone pointing that out should be responded to with "yeah, so what?".

You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who actually agrees with this bollocks offline. Some will get pressured into it, but really no-one looks at a wog and goes "he's from Birmingham, he's just like me!"

Oh I know lad, but if they want to play silly buggers then we'll play silly buggers.

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the queen who sat with a thumb jammed up her arse while Britain went to shit

you'd probably say "he looks like he's from a rape gang".

With a gov't that sat around aiding and abetting our country go to shit.
They are all to blame, she's still are maj

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they're all liars, cowards and psychopaths. Hopefully are charles will have the balls to stand up for his ancient rights and ABSOLUTE MONARCHY the shit out of the political class

Italians are whi-

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On an even more depressing note it won't be long until we get to hear things such as :

We can only hope.

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Just gonna start sharpenedspooning people at that point tbqhnglwyl

st georges day monday

A twatter memi picture can tell 1000 lies. Tbf, they could all just be stretching, blinking or pulling a face that makes it look like some are asleep in that snap.

I can already hear it….

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I've said it before, I'll say it again: I believe the """Establishment""" saw a scenario like this coming, and so created the Fixed-Term Parliament Act.

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they fixed our parliament
we fixed our bayonets

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Only in the places she lived probably. She might as well advocate abandoning self defence because she's found life without violence better for those who drifted through elite schools spaces, to elite university spaces, to meeting writing newspaper columns for The Guardian about meeting royalty.

No one keeps these delusions if they live in the real world and are stuck living in poorer areas of the UK regardless of how they are transformed.