Brit/pol/ #2289: Go To Church Edition

Brexit News for Saturday 21 April
No 10 ‘doesn’t recognise’ reports on rejected Irish border

BREAKING: Incident unfolding at Blackfriars underpass in #London - station & bridge have been evacuated and closed, large police presence. Roads around it have been closed

Real ale drinkers asked to embrace change

May risks trade deal with Australia if the UK stays in the Customs Union

'Schoolgirls younger than 12 getting contraceptive implants on NHS

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(((Amnesty International)))

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what did he mean by this?



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deano battalion prepare to attack

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lmao even shitskins are memiing sam

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evenin fudgepackers

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I miss him.

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smdh this




Just got my new tattoo lads

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more like


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Best goy of all time

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absolutely sickening to see what america has become
watching old films and music videos of yanks and most have british names and are p much indistinguishable
fast forward 50 years and theres hardly an anglo to be found
its all spicwopwogtaig mixes yuck just burn it all

Too slow for my liking

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my friend tells me there are still some good mountain lads still around but a lot of spics too smh
you should marry her lad

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Taken a stand against what (racism, Trump, faggot-bashing, tranny-bashing)?

That wasn't even his car.

All of the above. He's the wog who would "take a knee" during the national anthem before every NFL game.

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she is too much of a richfag southern girl for me tbh, she is a nice girl but she is falling for the big coastal city mene like midwestern girls do as well. the midwestern girl from the big lebowski is a good example of how all "flyover" girls go away to the big coastal cities to be whores for coke, etc.

save her and buy some land with her dosh
ahhhhhh lad

NEED a brazilian gf with a nice round arse

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Has the yank still not posted his DNA results yet?

How is taking a knee a sign of protest rather than deference?

She probably finds that ginger pop singer dreamy. You're well in lad.



Right you are lad

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is that supposed to be arousing?

They have great bodies, look at the state of british women

gay tbh

Because you're meant to stand to attention so he knees in protest. I'm sure a burger here can explain what a disgusting, traitorous act it is.

Ronald Flump

british women have nice symmetry unlike wog mongrel amazonian shitskin cannibal savages

I suppose a circle is symmetrical

This is as dark as I would go

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yeah they're clapped all over

Nyt, sweet dreams

I'm 24,an English rose and i'm just looking to explore and find myself not looking for anything serious i am curvy so if you don't like that fine leave it to a REAL MAN if you can't handle me at my worst you don't deserve me at my best my interests include clubbing,stormzy and hairdressing xx

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that description is uncanny


everything women say is just repeating a memi they heard tbh, imagine what it's like when it's just two of them talking to each other


That was quite possibly the worst thing I've ever seen.

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why do goblins come here to talk about their lust for cannibal-monkey hybrids?

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fat fuck

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why is there a tinder ad on the bottom of the screen?
god I am so sick of this gay society tbh
for the past month I have unironically been at church praying that god delivers his wrath on the united states and all the fat people and immoral scum, jews and entitled wogs feel his judgement

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who /bored/ by the lack of happenings here?

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I wish ww3 had happened tbh

die-in protests are cringeworthy

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keep your chin up sport

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fucks sake, whats going on now?

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Oh fuck off with your "I'm better than everybody" eceleb shite

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this they should all just post pictures of basset hounds in other countries politics forums and talk about philosophy and intellectually masterbate, either that, or they should all just take pictures of themselves holding illegal guns while signing written documents that say I am planning violence against the state and then hand them over to the local spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

Didn't they used to vote low IQ optics disasters that advocated forming militias and had nazi flags behind them?

Why does this post still exist? Pusy and anus are on full display

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Nobody's posted for a few seconds. Hopefully Russia nuked England.

I hate this style of dancing, it's like some animalistic mating ritual, they look like fucking baboons

depends who was on tbh, half the time yeah


Talked to a family member about racemixing and how it had ruined the family. Hopefully will continue the conversation soon. Fucking criminal niggers making their way into the family

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Same feet.

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99.3% and proud.

how did that conversation go?

who started it, and where did it end up?

post it or its fakenews

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christ, what percentage is that guy?

I started it I think, but he brought up much about how the recent black addition is not good for the lass in the family he has latched onto. Just a criminal piece of shit. I'll report him to the police if I find enough info to report him for. He agreed we should carry on the discussion we . The nigger is a rude piece of shit who doesn't even say hullo. Clearly there for the white pussy and nothing else, never turns up for important family gatherings
Want to kill a nigger

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smdh, so glad my cousins hate niggers tbh. I miss when we could just have local justice

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hullo, Godwinson.

I love him lads

Holy shit, the start of Her hits so hard

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