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They are a very old brand that I have over a decade of experience with (just a few fans, mind you, I'm not running a store here)

Sleeve is actually more quiet than ball bearing but also lasts less long and is more vulnerable to dust. FDB is supposed to be the holy grail but looking at EKWB's website they give both their ball and FDB fans a lifetime of 50.000 hours. I got me some Fractal Venturis a little over a year ago because I could get them for cheap, that's about my only experience with FDB and the clock is still ticking. A major factor is the quality, low quality FDB is shittier than good quality ball.

Silverstone SST-FHP141 has low dB's compared to the Delta fans that are 140x140x38mm. But it's not 120mm and is specifically advertised as a CPU fan, not a case fan. No experience with it. Should I get it? (Personally considering the EK-Vardar EVO 140ER because it actually stands still when it's not needed)

Be careful with "FDB" type bearings. "Real" FDB bearings are based on the "Fluid Dynamic Bearing" patent owned by Panasonic, effectively a sleeve bearing with rifled internal grooves to keep it lubricated consistently. This is what you'll find in high end brands like Be Quiet and Noctua. Outside the patent, there are all matter of knockoffs ("hydro bearing, etc.) and there's no way to tell how good of a knockoff they are.

Oftentimes these knockoffs can perform great out of the box, as sleeve bearings should, but I don't trust them to maintain those figures over the years. Sometimes it's literally just a sleeve bearing with a new name:

Here is a review of your Silverstone fan:

Personally, if you're shopping for 38mm thick fans I would go for Panaflo as they have the FDB pedigree for silence backing them. I don't think they have anything in 140mm however, so the Silverstone may be your only choice for 38mm. You're kind of in the same dilemma as me, 38mm thick or go with the proven, reviewed gamer fans. I'd take a chance on the Silverstone, myself.

I've never really liked passive modes myself. It's easier to ignore a constant drone than something that starts and stops.

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Cooling technique made me a fan autist.

The Silenx IXP-76-18 is a 120x38mm case fan but I've read a lot of negative reviews. The tacky silver color doesn't help. You'd be better off getting the 60dB industrial ones and running them at minimum speed with a fan controller.

what are the best studio monitor headphones for under ~300?

open or closed? what kind of output source?

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All the more reason to get the data off these drives ASAP.

is there a reason 2242 form factor NVME drives haven't really been made?
I saw toshiba is going to release some line soon(tm) but it seems odd that there's NONE out right now considering the space premium on modern laptops.

QEMU + Wine will do it, I think it has GPU passthrough now too.

Been without a computer for a minute, all I'm needing is something on the netbook or Chromebook scale. Specifically no PowerPC or ARM processing. Greater than 2G ram would be a treat, but 2 is sufficient. What can I grab for around than $300 with that in mind?

Assuming I come out with a Chromebook, how easy is it these days to figure out Crouton so I can dual-boot a lite linux distro? Will I get a free t-shirt for being part of the botnet?

Looking for a walkie talkie that has some sort of secondary device like a necklace or a bracelet that acts as like a lifealert system in conjunction with the radio. Basically depressing the button would cause your radio to ping the other radios. 3 mile range or more would be preferred. Other options would work, I just need something I can give to my neighbors in case someone runs low on wood, or someone falls and can't get up, or someone's snowed in, etc. Willing to put in 600 dollars for 5-6 radios. again, any close alternatives will work, I just wanna make sure it can also be used to communicate, and small enough to wear in home without people taking it off because "it's uncomfortable"

from my short research it seems it's rather straight forward and easy to use. there are guides and a lot of details on the github

after digging around a bit there's quite a few botnetbooks that fit the bill for you, but the x86 ones are a bit pricier but seem to have options for 1080p panels and 4GB or more of ram.

What is the most Zig Forums way to use this, or is there one?
Im talking about things like;
+Getting root
+Cutting all communication with samsung servers for things like health app (including telemetry)
+Purging google services (or replacing it with microg)

While still enjoying the (actually surprisingly decent) stock os design.

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this is either extreme newfaggotry or advanced level bait. either way, tread carefully, anons

How so, my dear friend.
Does freedom must come in rubberized plastic accompanying red nipples? Does controlling where your data goes and where it doesn't must come with 5+ year old devices?
Can someone who uses social media tools must also be a slave to it?
Can't a person who values his privacy also want enjoy new shiny electronics?

I really can't see how i might be newposting or baiting.

if you mean thinkpads then no, there are newer chromebooks and some old macbooks for librebooting
if you use social media you are a slave to a market analysis computer intelligence.
you can want a new shiny botnet but it doesn't mean you need it. also you type like a paki redditor.

lol blackberry fag posting earlier in the thread about weather or not to get an iphone x which he stated to be "The best phone for social media".
Why is he even here, how did he find this place? is he from 4chan /g/?

Looks like you'll never know :^)

well, this is social media, isn't it?

๐Ÿค” Yes ๐Ÿ˜€

What's the best GFX card for gaming on Linux right now? I already have a GTX980 that I plan to use for VMs/passthru so I'm looking for something to run the host system on.

Also should I get a current gen Ryzen 7 or should I wait? I have a $1,000 budget and I already have monitors. I'm gutting my current i7-4770k build and re-purposing it as an arcade machine. New build is going to be my workstation. Are there any good dual-CPU AM4 motherboards?

I wanted to wait for POWER9 but it's useless for me until there is a x86 daughterboard or decent emulation. I plan on running Gentoo or debian for the OS.

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What kind of workstation tasks will POWER be suitable for?
I assume compiling would be a breeze, but what would you do with all that power, since proprietary x86 software and libraries wonโ€˜t run on it?

is there any hope that GPU prices will go down to sane levels? I just want to get away from nvidias cancer drivers, and every AMD card near the level of this gtx 970 is >$500

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What's a good book regarding the Looneex Kernel?

the relevant chapters in the Dinosaur book and the Tannenboom books

need some recommendations for good chinkshit sites. the only ones I know of at the moment are DX & Aliexpress, but I haven't used DX in a long time, is it still good service & usable products?

Is there a big difference between 5400 RPM and 7200 RPM HDDs? It seems only Seagate makes cheap 7200 HDDs but I've heard their disks are prone to failure.


The only difference is the latency.
Seagate Barracuda and WD Blue cost the same and you can find them both at 7200 RPM (WD have also 5400 models).

Some faggot I was arguing with recommended Linux Kernel in a Nutshell.

It's pretty limited, though.
It only covers enough to configure a kernel.

Check the other thread, I posted an Amazon product code.

Does anyone know of a good peephole camera so I can catch the niggers stealing shit off my porch?

Everything on the market seems like it's designed by retards.

a usb camera and a linux g4 mac mini. just mount that shit to the door and put the usb cam in the peeper hole. i suggest headless using rdp or vnc. if you port forwawrd you can even see who's at your door from anywhere in the world.

a VHS camera with SCART out and a FreeBSD Talos II workstation with video receiver. just mount that shit to the door and put the camcorder in the peeper hole. i suggest running Windows XP in emulated mode with live video feed from camera saved to SAS disk. When you need to view it remotely, simply make a Skype call and turn on "share desktop". if you port forward you can even see who's at your door from anywhere in the world.

thank you for this you made me laugh.

Is there any trust worthy firewall for windows ?
Something that dosn't call home

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Why not? Windows XP and Windows 7 aren't bad at all.


Should I buy a Ryzen 5 1600x if I have a GTX 1060 6GB? I heard I can have some problems if I mix AMD with Nvidia, even though I don't have anything against AMD or overclocking.
One of the main reasons I want to buy a Ryzen 5 1600x is because the AM4 socket is fairly new, plenty of CPUs are still going to be released for it and I won't have to get a new motherboard if I want to upgrade it again.
The PC will be used for gayman.
Also, I know the Ryzen 5 1600x is way too strong for my GPU, but I don't really care and the price of this CPU is just too good for what it offers.

That's a retarded myth created by fanboys. It's only convenient and easy to spread because "hurr durr different companies!"

PC parts will always have the same level of interooerability and there's no reason this shouldn't be the case with CPUs and GPUs. The CPU really shouldn't give a fuck what GPU is plugged in.

Well, that being said, would I be better off buying anything else around the price of a Ryzen 5 1600x?

Are seagate drives any good?
Found a good deal on one on amazon

Should i buy redhat for my new computer? i just got 138k from investments and i 'm thinking of getting a beefy rig and putting the most expensive redhat os on it.

Why would you do that? Can you name a few reasons? Literally the only reason to buy Redhat is to have official support. That might make sense for some servers or perhaps an organization that has a lot of clients running it, but for a single rig? For what purpose?

Actually you know what, go ahead.

There's no reason to not mix AMD and Nvidia and that's not even that unbalanced. I mean, you would only need a more powerful video card if you are gaming new games at resolutions greater than 1080p

I found a reddit account on ebay.

Is there any reason i shouldn't buy it?

Is 4chan down for you guys my browser just says 403


well since you used the magic word...

Guess I'll just use a SJWpi... I was really looking forward to trying a beagle board but the tutorial I found is for rpi, oh well I guess.

No, VGA cables only carry data and not power. The absolute worst thing that could happen is that it doesn't work.

Does it matter? Online backup is so cheap it makes mechanical reliability almost pointless unless you are running a hospital or some shit that requires 24/7 availability.

I wouldn't bother. Even consumer-level routers have had built-in firewalls for the past 10 years. Software firewalls haven't been relevant since Windows XP. If you insist on being paranoid get a cheap secondhand computer and throw pfsense on it.

AT&T Uverse? Probably just the remote management for customer support. If they aren't completely retarded it should be access restricted by IP but get something you can flash open source firmware on if it really bothers you. Look up LibreCMC, DD-WRT, Tomato, or OpenWRT compatible devices if you're interested.
Pretty much all of them do that. Decent reviews:
Important questions answered:
Test of VPN leak killers: - sponsored by IVPN but this conflict of interest is clearly stated.

My router really suck and i still use Windows xp (7 is too bloated for this toaster and i need a windows os )
I don't really have the money for anything else also "cheap" computers don't really exist here

you'll be broke in a few years


Are refurbished thinkpads worth it even if they're expensive in your country?
i want to buy a T450 ,really good deal but still expensive here for the exact same price you can get new laptops but with nothing more than an intel celeron..

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X240/T440 and below are all affordable (under 300USD) in HK.
X220/T420 and below will be 250~275USD.

i am not sure to fully understand what you meant
300 usd= more than two time the average salarie
Not to mention taxes.

help us help you, what shithole do you live in, and what's your budget?

Algeria (North Africa) (no ebay and no amazon, but there are other "E-commerce" )


I'm looking to buy new/used 9 cell battery for my x220.
Found a new one for 90$, and few used one ranging from 60$ to 35$. Owner claims that the cheapest one holds for 2h and 50 min and most expensive one for 3h 40min while watching movie with WiFi on.

However they have varying state of discharge. Both the cheapest and most expensive ones are around 72Wh out of 94Wh. There is one in between for 50$ which holds for 3h, but it's at 88/94 Wh.

Should I look at stated up times or charge rate?

Thinkpad are far better than regular laptops. I so go for it if you really want it. But if you don't need the computing power of a new hardware consider buying something older. Newer != Better

So from what understand. Crypto fucked you prices so building a PC is a no go. Is the same for laptop parts? I was in the market for a new PC but ill take anything at this point

It's all the same. I was looking for 8 gib ram dimms for my x220 and prices are almoust the same as regural. Try grabbing something used from someone who doesn't know any better. Maybe you'll score a good deal.

Prices of the 1050 don't look too bad, but other wise it's not a good time to build I guess. Anybody know when the prices will drop?

Don't expect ram prices to fall anytime soon. Shortage is caused by increased demand for nand gates which is caused by enterprices buying loads of ssd for databases and shit. There are only 3 manufacturers of nands in the world so they winded up prices pretty high. They are not, however, planning to increase production cause it would take prices right down where they were. Increased demand caused and we have to wait for new player to show up in this game.

That's what i though but the deal is just too good it might be stolen or something like that.
I could get a new laptop but it won't have anything better than an intel i3 (that's if it's a relatively good deal)

As I said, you don't have to buy new one. Hell t420 and t430 are more powerfull than t440 as far as I know. Great deals come and go. If you are afraid of a fraud or something don't buy the t450. If you need it for work or something, sure buy it.

But if you are just looking for shitposting machine you don't need that kind of hardware. Take anons advices here or go to thinkpad and thoughbook general and ask there. No ones honna force you to do anything.

was meant for

Not the same guy but ill jump in. How does a ThinkPad hold up playing vydia? Could I let's say get a decent look out of ds3?

i need a more or less good hardware
There is just not enough good computers on the market here

Not here user
Thanks i'll buy it probably

Also keep in mind this: If you buy something for 150$ if it's discounted from 200$ you haven't just saved 50$, you've spent 150$.
Always think about it when spending money.

If you want To play vydia on a budget you're definitely better off building a cheap desktop. The 1050 is still a reasonable price

I answer my own post since I figured out the answer - only think that matters is capacity, so 2nd battery is in the best shape out of all 3. So I'll be getting that one.

whats a good camera for taking creepshots?

A gun.

I just got a 144hz 1080p monitor. But all of my games are capped at 60 fps. What's the point of having a fast monitor if devs keep forcing their games to run slow? Before I bought this monitor, all I heard was how amazing a faster refresh rate was, and now I have it, and all I got is really smooth scrolling whilst surfing the net.

Am I missing something?

Stop playing console ports

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sounds better than any game i know

Any good reccomendations on faraday/emf blocking phone cases?
I'd prefer a top-opening one so I can quickly the phone out of it, and one large enough for a samsung galaxy j7

I looking to buy a 2.5'' HDD for my laptop. What company makes the nest laptop HDD's?


Confirmed, thanks user.

Lads know any good rolling cheap (

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I need to speak to someone with 6+ 7200RPM 3.5" HDDs. What case do you use? I currently have a Corsair and the HDD cages in these are an absolute joke. My friend is getting rid of an old rig with a HAF 922 case. It has tons of space, but the outside looks like an abortion. Assuming I can stack 4 x 3.5" 7200RPM HDD together without it hitting 50C, I wouldn't mind. Should I clean up the HAF 922, possibly getting new fans for it, or is there a better option for under $100 USD?

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What is a good alternative to Google hangouts?

i just duct taped a soft pad to a piece of square ply wood

hanging out with your friends.

I'm asking about soft pads. The ones you can roll like a rug. Also it has to be PC compatible.

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buy an official konami ps2 or xbox 360 pad. if you buy a ps2 pad you will need an adapter from ebay. if you troll the thriftstores long enough you will find one.


Any Android. If you live in a meme country like Japan where camera shutter sounds are mandatory it's dead simple to turn off.

Tell your friends about the kikes.

I have a corsair 750D with five 3.5in drives, what do you hate about the cages? they seem fine to me.
I like this cases drive setup better than my old CM690 II, which is similar to the HAF except the HAF is wider.

What's even the point of this law with any device. If you really wanted to you could rip out the speaker on any device. No more sound.

That would probably be illegal then

To make it look like the government is taking action while they pass the buck to the private sector and make it their problem instead. It's pretty clever really, getting paid to make someone else do your job.

open camera has an option to shut off shutter noises.