Brit/pol/ #2290: Lazy Sunday Edition


"""Britons""" killed in Saudi Arabia coach crash

Afghanistan: Kabul voter centre suicide attack kills 57

Galloway: Lords push to undo Brexit as voted for by the British people is an act of high treason

London Blackfriars station evacuated and bridge closed due to ‘suspicious vehicle’

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Alright this thread then

friedchicken muhammad bumbaclart's an absolute BEAST. I'd let him fuck my missus if he wins us the big game. Go ed my son!!!

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oo-er missus

Are you planning on muscling in on Kippers' business lad?

smh he is Kipper lad


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No this is kipper

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Bringing back memories lad


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Something has to be done about football culture

Does worcesteshire actually believe that yanks and nazis have formed two separate space civilisations, lads?

Sheeeit that official getting the boot at the end though.

All part of the beautiful game

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tbh I've heard that the "breakaway civilization" in terms of the yanks refers to the vast amount of knowledge accrued in black projects and the likes which if released would cause a fairly significant shift in the world, which is why it's under wraps

I've just cancelled Virgin as they were getting greedy with their bills creeping up every month. Last one was 80 quid!! Should I get a freeview box or what. If I lived alone I probably wouldn't have a TV, but that's not an option tbh..

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I wish they'd let me in the club, tbh.

Worcestershire lad actually said he believes that the yanks and nazis have formed breakaway civilisations in space. The one site I found with stuff on the yanks (not the nazis) said that they had formed a breakaway civilisation based on alien technology. Not sure the retard writing the article mentioned them living in space now.

The thing that always strikes me about conspiracy theories is just how much 'listen and believe' is required.

have you tried extra strong mints then drinking milk

Get a freeview box, yeah. What young people even watch tv anymore? Anything I watch, I catch on the net anyway.

I've tried brushing my teeth then milk, seems to get rid of the toothpaste taste tbh

no and nor do I wish to, orange juice then tooth brushing is bad enough

tbh I have heard it put that some conspiracy theories are put out there to draw attention away from the non-mainstream-narrative truth

Wasn't Sweden the suicide capital of the world once? Bloody foreigners coming over here murdering all our potential suicides….

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I was surprised at how soy and corbynite most of yorkshire was. Guess I fell for the northern monkeys/southern fairies memi

I've also heard that, and wouldn't be surprised if it's true. I just don't get how people can come to believe in space nazis (other than boredom with life as it is).

Why didn't you make a thread sooner, lad

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What tattoos? I wonder how many lads on here have these abominations on themselves. Survive the jive is 'inked up'. I imagine a fair few allegedly trad people are tbh. They look so fucking terrible.

tbh some people are just fucking stupid/ willfully self misinforming

oh right

I thought for a second there Sweden found it's testicles.

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it's the conspiracy theory conspiracy theory

most people here aren't old enough to get one

airforce intelligence put about ufo theories to cover up their test flights

predictive programming?

Aah vote fer Laber
T' Party o' thu werkin man
Mah faver voted Laber
An 'is faver for 'im

I'm pretty sure anybody who would've said that is on bennies at sixty, now, lad. We're talking soy milk, skinny jeans, on t' sick with commie dreams.

Hope he didn't get lost smh

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I bet there are a few 'Swedish' pensioners looking at that and getting a lump in their throats.

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good times


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smh as child I wanted to be northern, they seemed somehow stronger and had a strong identity

gonna become a nofap warlord lads

semen retention is the only way lad

Where did your stache go, lad?

Maybe the mussies, but any white lad worth his salt is probably off guarding sand somewhere from said wogs' family in the middle east.

Get a girlfriend
Someone who has fucked at least 10 lads
You don't deserve any better

lad I grew up in the fifties metaphorically so I had no idea the north has a huge islamic population as a babber

…and I grew up in furniture removals, so I got to see firsthand how they use their enclaves to hide child brothels.

I take it off sometimes lad, it's my Enoch Powell cosplay tbh

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Any good stories? I'm impressed I haven't become a normie considering how sheltered my upbringing was, but maybe it kept a bit of tradition alive. I had a very old fashioned worldview as my formative worldview

*Ball Peen Hammer intensifies*

based burgers
tbh that white only gdp is fucking impressive


Made me k k tbh

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switching to this flag because people dont know how ids work apparently

Smh has westie been banned?

Talk of the maid devil

Plenty of asians trying to convince you that their 5-year-old beko is worth £40 to take out of their moldy basement. They are all autistic and soulless by our standards.
As for the brothels? If the white girls in onesies look nervous to see you and the place stinks of sweat, you should probably drop an anonymous tip to the police.

Smh hate obnoxious muslim lasses

Nah, just naturally funnier tbh

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So nothing will be done about it?

if you extrapolate from the equatorial parts of the world being shit, and everything gets progressively better as you go north then it is a reasonable conclusion

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Lad you're going to get banned

how old is your tv that it doesn't have freeview built in?


Does my civic duty extend to molotoving cumans, now?

being banned is the best thing that happened to me due to forcing VPN usage and thereby becoming safer from government spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

I should just add westie on bongo or something so I can chat her up smh



What is this? 15th Century Bohemia? And the answer is Yes tbh


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Probably should tbh. Think he's lonely

Safer maybe, but not safe. smh

Can you digest wood, lads? Asking for a friend


Maybe make her accidentally crossdress again too smh

this tbh

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Northernmost people are eskimos though


they migrated from mongolia


fresh oc

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No tbh

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lad they are asian