Brit/pol/ #2291: Sample Text Edition

Afghanistan: Kabul voter centre suicide attack kills 57

Galloway: Lords push to undo Brexit as voted for by the British people is an act of high treason

London Blackfriars station evacuated and bridge closed due to ‘suspicious vehicle’

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G00d L4d

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For him.

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For ChristBol

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why are swarthies so obsessed with blond hair?
they always think that blond hair is only flaxen too. I hate how much they fetishize it. its always spics too. this one retarded nigger kept touching my hair on the bus when I was a kid. fucking hate wogs. brown hair and light eyes looks better anyway, blond hair without chems just looks mousey outside of the sun

Christbol is literally gay

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Thanks lad

Good lad

Kino, based weed

No worries lad

would get you punched in the flyover part of the USA tbh

dunno tbh
never been much into blondes
only women I really like are light eyed and black haired

why do you have gay pics on your pc lad..?

No I wouldn't because I'd flyover it

It's Christbol's own OC

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yer getting filtered tbh

It's rare beauty, like red hair. Especially nowadays since so many girls dye their hair fake blonde, when I see a girl that is actually a genuine natural blonde with bright blue eyes and the yellowish skin (from subcutaneous fat as a cold-adaptation) it really has an effect on me. I do quite like brown hair as well, especially when coupled with pale skin and light eyes.

My fucking left ear has been clogged and ringing all day and it's pissing me off! What can I do about this? I've tried irrigating it, holding my nose closed and swallowing (and gently blowing air), moving my ear around with my hand (only thing that works and only for a few seconds), letting water vapor into my ear canal, drying my ear canal with a hair dryer, chewing gum, driving down a steep hill then swallowing, pressing my palm against my head to create suction in the ear then releasing it, Q-tips, lying down every which way, taking a homeopathic decongestant, and a couple drops of this liquid silver stuff that's supposed to unclog your ears. Nothing works and I'm sick of it.

tea tree oil? idk
is it an infection?

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That first map is the distribution of grey and red squirrels you absolute mong

tbh women are more likely to be blonde than men though

Shame he can't filter the oestrogen out of his (((beer)))

my fucking sides

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Lad how are you this fucking retarded? What sense does both grouping together and separating colours make?

kek I thought I recognised her name from somewhere

and also how fucking stupid do you have to be not to include black hair as the fourth option? Especially since that's almost exclusively a non-white people hair colour

I don't know. I read about it and it said the three most common causes are excessive earwax, problems with the Eustachian tubes, and problems with the inner ear. The former is treated with products designed to dissolve the earwax, the second is treated with decongestants, and for the latter you need to see a doctor or something.

kek, idk I pulled it off image search and it makes sense for hair too

I'd fuck her tbh

Only to the most spectacularly stupid



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kill yourself


No it doesn't. Nonsensical separation and grouping together of the colours aside, I live in the green area of NI and red hair has never been 'dominant' here in any sense of the word. I understand it must feel nice to snatch nonsensical graphs off of Zig Forums and use them to pretend you know anything about countries you've never been to but try to avoid it in the future tbh.

Good lad.

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Even worse than the thots i post and that's saying something


what cider do you drink lad?

Incels and daftys will make the right impotent for eternity. I forget this fact every once in awhile and then I'm reminded of how much of the ethno nationalist side of politics is made up of these people.

Nah you're posting legitimate pig women filled with fast food and nigger semen. She looks like a grunt from a sci fi FPS.

I just don't like pajeets in any form whatsoever

great moderation, Midshanks

Fair enough, what do you like? If you're answer is "I live to serve my perfect white aryan queens and no other goddess shall entrance me" or some other gay delusional shit I'm filter you and assuming you're a literal cuckold.

worst mod ever

Quit trying to get me banned you rat

Where is Mercia when you need him?

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Are all the memmies about Texans true? please say yes

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Look at Lauren trying to look all serious lmao

what is farage even doing with her? there are loads of pics of them together

Thots get around.

can you fuck off fonzi?

god I want to burn their cities down after bayoneting all their men


her handlers probably activate her playmate programming so she can pleasure everyone who upholds judeo-christian values tbh (emphasis on judeo before christian)

**Just relapsed after a week of nofap lads,
Feel like shit tbh**

good lad

Everything tbh, but gaymers recently tbh

you wont do it again, right lad? r-right?

Why didn't my formatting work smh now everyone knows I'm a degenerate

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Tbh lad I did really well especially over the weekend keeping myself busy. I just saw something on telly that set me off. Prayer and hardwork, I won't do it again

The new world was a mistake

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Also for you:


*allies with you*

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I wonder how many Africans will come to Europe this year.

god damn i would absolutely fucking smash her
then whip her furiously with my belt

Also for you:

Is this a result of inbreeding?


post blonde girls

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real goblin hours

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she is not a yummy mummy

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Would you prefer thots instead?

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id love to beat her up

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I'd slather some cream cheese on that bagel tbh

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miss you every day

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She is.

Are you implying he still doesn't post here? Can you not tell posting styles that easily lads? He just doesn't post that thot anymore

Miss Monarch tbh


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I miss getting him to ban me all the time

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He's not the same. The put electrodes in his brain in the hospital and it changed him

No wonder rice negresses are so eager to bounce on the Aryan d


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Aligning ourselves with slopes is not a memi, just the full blown imperium memi is.