Model hid Trump support out of fear it would kill her career: ‘I couldn’t tell anyone’

"Elizabeth Pipko, a 23-year-old model who has appeared in Maxim, has kept a secret from her industry colleagues out of fear it could derail her career: She was a Donald Trump supporter and worked full-time on his 2016 presidential campaign.

Here, the Midtown West resident tells DANA SCHUSTER the lengths she went to hide her political affiliation from the liberal-leaning fashion world — and why she’s finally coming clean about loving Trump.

I decided to volunteer for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in the spring of 2016. I never leaned liberal or conservative, but there was something about Trump — the way he spoke and his honesty — that had me convinced he was our next president. I worked in a call center in Trump Tower. Within eight weeks, I was hired as a national volunteer services coordinator for the data team and paid $4,000 a month."

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it's a huge deal right about now of course, providing support for a president that might as well be George Bush anyway

"but there was something about Trump — the way he spoke and his honesty" LOL dumb much

Melania divorce when?

Typical dumb roastie.

Bear in mind all the other politicians at the time were just reading what they had memorized from a script their handlers gave them.

Freedom of thought is dying in America, next on the line is freedom of religion. Liberals hate people who don't think like them.

This THOT just wanted Trump to grab her by the pussy.

Liberals like other religions, they hate christianity

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Yes, and?

I'm struggling with keeping the same secret re: Tulsi.

Tulsi's acne scars are no barrier to her cult of personality.


"MGTOWs are NPCs" said the NPC.

You don't even know what an NPC is

The left still can't meme and talks like 14 year old girls and has about as much testosterone.

so she can smear trump's reputation and fail, lol.

Us elections are not real it's an oligarchy and everyone uses a slave pseudo socialist system . That's why people plan the economy in advance. That's why you get a job and know exactly what you will make for 30 years. In a free unpredictable world where everyone can reach their full potential, some kike parasite can't plan everyone's year because only an individual person knows what they want.

but guess what? the government STILL won't give a shit about the popular vote as was the case since america's beginning.

This is only because it is the most popular religion among white conservatives. I don't think it goes any deeper than that. They just dislike what conservatives like, and like what conservatives dislike, on principle. Because they are fucking retards.


You arent a nigger loving kike for keeping up with gossip


You say "popular vote" like nobody wanted to vote for Trump or the wall. If the scope of an interview were limited to what would result from it, I'd feel more comfortable with "the popular vote" (public figures who accept being governed by pop culture references on boards being accepted as law.)

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