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Brexit News for Tuesday 24 April
Lords defeat on human rights charter | May considers Brexit confidence vote


Elon Musk talks about demographics and low birth rates

Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry 'are the most liked royals since records began'

Spliffing in the face of the law: Fury as thousands gather to smoke cannabis in Hyde Park… and not a SINGLE ONE of them is charged

First statue of a woman unveiled in Parliament Square

Co-living in London: Friendship, fines and frustration

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first for our cousins across the pond

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islam is a religion of peace tbh

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4th for the Pope is a cunt.

‘Refugee’ Spared Prison After Strangling, Sexually Assaulting Woman in Maidstone, Kent


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Never forget.

The Catholic Chruch has always been about power and corruption.

Learning about the Othodox Church from a Protestant background has only increased my hatred of Roman Catholics tbh.

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Hate everything non-Orthodox tbh, atleast you came round


Is that Thompson?

Good book.

yes lad

Labour literally did nothing wrong

Gen Z looking good.

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this is larping

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wew, glad I don't know that feel

Can't believe we already have self-driving vehicles what a time to be alive.

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i once had a go at my boomer parents for not sending me to church or any morally formative guidance at all in my youth.
My mother one literally said to me "you know, it's ok if you are gay".
The disappointment that I was straight was palpable. All she wanted was a fun gay son to show off to her friends.

did the van recently convert to religion of peace?

Feel sorry for the lad having the deal with all that degeneracy, hope he makes it out alright.

But the Popes of Rome did make himself sole representative of God infallible and then betrayed the other popes with excommunication, followed by the sacking of Constantinople,

That is really cuntish th

Zig Forums motorcycle gang when?

They have no interest in your actual sexuality, it's all about social appearance. With LGBT being forced constantly they want to fit in with the in crowd.
Should've slapped her tbh lad.

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Don't feel comfortable on motorbikes. How about nice comfy reliant robins.

more like reliant bombers tbh

motorcycle gangs grew up around a generation of deracinated soldiers returned from the Vietnam war, much like how Cowboys were largely displaced soldiers from the american civil war.
So, all we need is a societal catastrophe soon then I guess

who cares, lad. I am more worried about the turks in vans today than the ones we bullied in 1054

Reliant robins are actually officially considered motorbikes, I believe.

Thompson was writing about them in the mid 60's, so probably more Korea/ a reaction to hippies

I use emotional slaps, lad.
I told her I thought fag culture was disgusting and trannies are mentally ill. I better be careful or she will write me out of the will. lol she has probably spent all the money and everything will go to the bank when she dies. She is a boomer after all

wew turns out the Hells Angels formed in 1947, so it was post world war 2 (which makes sense)

My favourite Thompson book was Transmetropolitan, tbh.

Finally I can throw bullits at the bullies

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certainly makes all those nazi symbols less to do about ideology and more to do with former US soldiers draping looted symbols on their bikes

tbh they basically hung around as a small group doing very little for ages, until the press jumped onto them in the 60's

an interesting development


Never considered that. That's probably why wearing German army helmets was a thing among them.
I wonder if someone bought it, or if they just got bitched at.

you best have cleaned your room today, bucko

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Good lad, well jealous

Just like the Mongol's did


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The Wild One was in 1953

The Patriarchate of Constantinople. If Catholics were bothered to kill Turks instead of plundering Eastern Churches, maybe Islam wouldn't have been as much of a problem today. Nor would there be countless wars to stop the spread of the Ottomans.

This pisses me off as well I was literally given no guidance in life.

tbh Thompson mentions that, he says the film didn't do that well due to it being unrealistic, and when the HA's started getting publicity the papers compared them to the Wild One

literally me tbh.

sorry for the quote spam but this is fucking hilarious

hmmmmmmmm…I wonder…….
(((Judge Philip Statman)))

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What's the book called lad? Kinda want to read it myself

triumph of the law over common sense

he can't be stopped

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Hell's Angels by Hunter S Thompson, would recommend



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He's just doing that to be an edgelord, isn't he?

"don't be so bigoted, it won't be forced on the children, who cares what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home"

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Can't let those bad goys have weapons now can we?

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Zig Forums confession time lads
>used to get drunk and cry to hitler speeches

Literal horned demons.

not a single child in that first picture is happy
yet most of the parents are smiling


I used to be fat

Right (((Statman))) is going on the hammer list

sometimes i cant be arsed doing anything productive and will just listen to music for 6 hours straight doing nothing while daydreaming, guess its nihilism or whatever

That's a euphemism for something disgusting, I know it.

probably drink too much tbh

broke nopoo again

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A UN adviser and founder of got caught fucking kids in Nepal last week.

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I knew a half-Turk half-Thai lass who would od the same thing

Look on the bright side lads.

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they're just gonna cure it somehow with epic science

It's like a global rape exchange program

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tfw only have tiny bullats

and they wonder why kids turn out opposite to what they want

That's the thing lad, there aren't anymore antibiotics after that, this really could be it for disease prevention and cures.

I work from home sometimes but never really do any work just sit here and shitpost

lol hope so thing is degenerate normies will keep having sex with each other and breed some weird superbug that they'll contaminate the water and food supply with so we'll all die too

We can spend 90 days visa free in Japan lads. Burgers can't. The Japanese love us.

That we know of.

Also thanks to them being prescribed for fucking everything in the 50s-80's we're so fucked.

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DON'T come to Norway tomorrow

They rove the beatles tbh

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Good lad Assad

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[spoiler]Shitposted so hard on another forum, told some guy who was full of himself he enjoyed watching his wife get fucked by other men.

He was so not bothered by this he found out my real name and sent some threatening messages [/spoiler]

Can't post on other forums thanks to all my time on the chans.

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Yeah but that's the thing, that really could be it for us.

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When I was a piece of shit kid without any morals or values or respect I got really drunk at New Years event in town and threw up on a war memorial and laughed, when I see it now I feel ashamed and silently ask them for forgiveness but things like this can't be undone, the karma takes its toll

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