Brit/pol/ #2294 - England Soldiers On Edition

Brexit News for Tuesday 24 April
Lords defeat on human rights charter | May considers Brexit confidence vote

Britain powers on without coal for three days
Britain has not generated electricity from coal for more than three days - the longest streak since the 1880s.

Corbyn anti-Semitism meeting 'disappointing', Jewish leaders say
The Jewish Leadership Council and Board of Deputies of British Jews said the Labour leader did not agree to any of the concrete actions they asked for.

Stepfather, 36, whose teenage stepdaughter threw herself in front of a train weeks after telling police he abused her when she was 13 is jailed for nine years
The girl, 16, left a note for Brett Connell, saying she hoped he would 'rot in hell'

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Atleast someone's raising their kids right.

Now it does. Fucked site.

this one is for you, SA

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brb suicide

Reminder that the state owns your children, not you.

I'll keep it in mind the next time I'm at a swingers party.


l2crosslink fam

Yeah it's pretty broken, I ended up creating 10 threads without realising once.

kikepedia punch


Nice one old bean.

I couldn't deal with that.
I hate sharing.

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mellow feels

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Tell us all the juicy details lad

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Lmao, the roastie is scared

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What are they saying, lad?

Bucky is implicitly white

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Who is this 'four chan'?


I'd also say it's more popular in norn than stout too


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>>>Zig Forums637954

Still reminding that the state determines whether your children live or die.

So is the BBC

Here's another webm for you to steal have lad.

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only place I been to in norn is RAF Aldergrove and I had a few decent pints there

Unironically not even opening this


No wonder he fears the day of the ball peen hammer.

I've learned the hard way to trust kentlad about as far as I can throw him when it comes to webms tbh

it's actually not that bad, no blood even

dw lad it's one you have already 'seen'

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We went to the V&A, she liked it (it was her first time there) and when I was walking her to the tube she said that she wanted to go out again when I have another day off work.

woah lad bit lewd


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any mention of Deano?

Calm down mon, I mean the museum, not Bushposter's private room in Soho

Did they say that?

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Ahh you have defeated meeeeee!!!!

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No. but there are only so many ways to solve the incel problem

part of me wishes I hadn't bullied angry virgins so much

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Nah lad

I did it all anonymously so I'm safe.

tbh we lurk in our citadel of esoteric ideology

They could stop doing everything in their power to retard gender relations.

Vote labour to redistribute the qts

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good lord it's actually disgusting

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That would be mean to women though

It's called 'nanny state' lad, what were you expecting?

But I don't want anyone to get hurt by angry incels. It's only funny when paki terrorists do it

Is this legit?

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Women would be happier in the long run too.

I was expecting Brewdog's usual level of mediocrity, but not that

Dis a yuh language lad suh wah yuh complaining bout yuh bumbaclot shaking mi damn head

I honestly think thots deserve angry incels as a proportioned and measured response to how much they've ruined society. Plus I'm sure some Pakis will be removed in the beta uprising as well.

>0.5% hoppy ale

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why can't the incels just shag the thots


Well if they could they wouldn't be incels tbh

clue's in the name there

beyond a certain point incel rage becomes so toxic that it leaves a permanent aura on a person which repels even the foulest and fattest of thots

Probably due to bad attitude or approach or just don't know how to talk to women in general.

I'm sure a Union would turn up to shut the building site down lad.

they have created their own doom. god only knows how many men with nothing to live for sit out in the dark rocky craigs of this broken twisted lie of a society. how many men have gone totally mad with hatred of both not being able to enter society and also not being able to leave society, just the purgatory of living as an economic unit

are we anti union posting ITT rn? unions are boomer cancer

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alot of women today have weird entitlement problems and also don't know how to communicate without phone technology so it makes it even harder to communicate with them since they also suck at communicating

tbh it's Kubrick's second best film next to the moon landings


you don't even need communication

Depends I sit on the border with this issue, if they become to powerful they can become destructive if they're none existent people at the top can become greedy without consequence.

Because possibly just as pathetic as the incels, exists a horde of thirsty, excuse-making faggots who will accept anything from women: so long as they get the affirmation of female contact.
t. someone who knows a thot who's fucked literally all of the lads in a student house - and still has mates of the lads after her

yeah its tough, its the worst when the unions become a tool of the people at the top

Those days for me are finished.
You just end up being accused of rape if you aren't her type when she sobers up.

I know this first hand, I don't think my mate would fuck half the women he knows if he didn't have whatsapp and instagram. The entitlement just annoys me though.

You can't use a VPN and have to play a minigame if you want to post, so it pretty much is

That's hell to an autist.

How's it going with the lass, lad?

Yeah but I've yet to find a practical checks and balances system. Maybe peasant revolts were the best way, seems more honest and direct.

women are shite take the doggo pill and the jesus pill

there's an interesting trick to counter that, known as getting blasted

Not bad ta

Been doing a lot of overtime recently so only ben able to see her on the Sundays.
Booking a week off work next month so if the weather is ok, we might go up Snowdonia and stop at a b&b for a few days ;)

Unions in aircraft manufacturing plants and shipyards were going on strike during the war over who was allowed to use which tool

Dangerous game tbh lad

you could probably wear those noise cancelling earmuffs and they'd just think you were some shite dj

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I've always loved dogs but I refuse to use them as a surrogate for human company. I'm also aware of God.

fucking how?
the worst I've ever done was just wander off after this lass spent 10 minutes grinding on me and putting me on her snapchat story

unions at UAW (united auto workers) lobbied to have all public transportation removed from the state of michigan to sell more cars. now that cars are unaffordable there is a 40 plus year gap in public transportation infrastructure since they literally ripped out and destroyed perfectly functional rail systems from the 1870s to sell more cars. isn't that based?

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Someone should make a reality TV show where they take a bunch of autistic incels and make them live in Magaluf or Ibiza and they only get to leave once they've shagged a drunken lass

I'd watch that tbh

That's an important litmus test. You don't want to be with any woman who can't hold a conversation on anime.

tbh it's my main way of meeting lasses

I sleep in earpro when it gets too loud outside tbh