Trump stabs the working man in the back. Overturned Obama rules favourable to contractors


"WASHINGTON—The Trump-named GOP National Labor Relations Board majority has given a boost to employers’ “independent contractor” dodge – and that’s bad news for millions of workers, union and non-union.

By a 3-1 party-line vote in a case involving Dallas-Fort Worth Airport SuperShuttle drivers who wanted to unionize with Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1338, the board’s Republicans upheld and expanded employers’ rights to misclassify workers as independent contractors.

The board’s Jan. 25 decision reversed a 2015 Obama-era NLRB decision curbing the abuses. Independent contractors have no worker rights, including no right to organize, under U.S. labor law.

Their employers also escape paying the company’s share of Social Security and Medicare withholding taxes, workers comp and unemployment insurance, with the workers having to pay those sums plus their own shares of those taxes.

“In construction, the situation was worse: 14 percent-24 percent of employers misclassified, and among these, 40 percent-48 percent of workers were misclassified. An analysis of Michigan audit data for 2003 –2004” among construction firms, trucking companies, and security guard employers alone “found 30 percent of employers misclassified and 24 percent of workers in these employers’ workforces were misclassified.”

“Among (truck) drivers, those who operate with little autonomy and yet are classified as self-employed have become more common, and their problems have become visible in recent years,” EPI reported in a recent paper.

“According to one study, based on 10 surveys of drivers at seven ports, 82 percent of workers in the part of the industry that hauls containers from ports to warehouses are misclassified as independent contractors.” That rises to 90 percent in the port of Los Angeles-Long Beach, the nation’s busiest, where the Teamsters have waged a years-long drive to get those misclassified drivers reclassified as “employees” organizable under labor law, and then to organize them."

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"The Trump presidency is paying off bigly for Uber"

Good. Contractors are greedy assholes. Fuck 'em.

Thats capitalism, youre on your own, dont tell me those young dynamic enterpreneurs want some ugly commie UNIONS???!!! Or WORKERS RIGHTS??? What next, healthcare access?

Healthcare is for lib faggots. Suck it up and let that bone heal itself commie.

Make corporate America great again

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If only the state was everyones employer, then we'd all be taken care of perfectly well. After all, the state does everything perfectly well.

look at this fucking ESL tier article


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I thought I would place this here, because future proves past. Q user is not who he, and yes it's a he, says he is. Q's job and ONLY job is to keep you focused on Deep State while atrocities still get committed in the world abroad. I am telling you now. Is Q right about deep state being taken down, yes, but only the puppets, and people will be very satisfied with that alone. But While they thirst to destroy their own countrymen, Geopolitical moves were made that are irreversible and NOT to humankind's interest. I know who Q is, I know his agenda, and I know why he must continue to keep those thirsty for information, foaming out the mouth and waiting for more. God Speed!

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You won't be singing that same tune when YOUR job is legally reclassified as contract work.

i only read the title, but i can tell you with absolute certainty that if what you're trying to tell me was that obama had a good thing attached to his name then i know with absolute certainty that you are an idiot. please go kill yourself and think about trump while your gay faggot boyfriend fucks your ass the next time you whatever it is that faggots do, its not even "sex"

u wot m8?

prepare your anus

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So let me get this straight, people in heavily unionised careers are choosing to work for companies without being under that union? And I'm supposed to care why?

calling it now, this news "story" is a 100% falsehood.

if only we had a term for when the lying press printed untrue stories to push a political narrative.

trump is so obsessed with obama ever since he was the butt of a joke at that dinner. if obama passed a law to stop babies from being eaten by mexicans, trump would executive order it away and talk about how great he's making america by cutting regulations.

And some ninth circuit (((judge))) would block his order.

Completely true, the private sector is complete shit.

trump has nobody to blame but himself for that. I've mentioned a million times he's shitting on the constitution (that he swore to uphold) all the time. it's not surprising judges are telling him to do his fucking job.

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… did (((you))) intentionally skip the OP?
This doesn't hurt contractors. This hurts workers by allowing them to be intentionally misclassified as contractors.

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Also the (((DJIA))) didn't go up 42.78% under King Nigger.

>Also the (((DJIA))) didn't go up 42.78% under King Nigger.

Why not? Because you can't handle the truth? 2008 happened, buddy, then obama stepped in and righted the ship. deal with it. Meanwhile trump's idea of fixing the economy is to give tax breaks to the rich and have the whole world tariffing each other. stable genius, he is.

These motherfuckers have gotten non-stop tax breaks from every Republican president since Reagan. They do not need anymore. As a matter of fact, we've already given them far too many.
This wouldn't be such a bad thing if we hadn't shipped all our damn factories out of the country. NAFTA was a mistake. As much as the TPP would have been. TPP would have only made things even worse for everyone, by opening even more doors for factories to move out of the country. And make rich assholes even richer.

Orange Man Bad

That's an amazing counter to OPs point. You've really convinced me. Trump 2020


Found the D&C kike nigger.

Trump's a Jew. This is just more Jewish bullshit.

Employers have been pushing for contractors to relieve themselves of as much responsibility as possible over the last couple decades. It removes them of liability and covers up their usage of illegals, even.

I've worked as a contractor now for 3 years. I pay Jewishly massive taxes, have a ton of expenses that I'm responsible for, and the kike companies that hire me still want to try and break my balls over wages, all the while they're saving literally tens of thousands of dollars vs hiring employees.

If anything, self employed individuals should pay no taxes. We are taking all the risk, with no substantial upside vs employees. The only way to Jew your way out of getting nigger fucked by the government is to go through the hassle of creating an S-Corp to jew the jews. Still not a perfect solution, but it helps.

Fuck Trump, Heil Hitler.

I fucking hate worker rights, please stomp on my face harder daddy state uuungh yes

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Fuck you OP I thought trump had stabbed somebody.

Irish will be Irish. It's impossible to ever have a fair world when it's clear there are at least 1000 groups working towards different goals. One person wants 30 hour work weeks but limited government, another wants 35 hours with expanded government, another wants to literally enslave people, another wants only people who view them as god and wear dumb ass pedo crosses to succeed, another only wants people who treat others with respect to succeed, another only wants people who treat others with respect and have never said nigger faggot while pissed off to succeed, another wants a beta submissive husband's and a Chad dominant on the side, another wants all drugs to be legal, another only wants them legal on weekends, another wants to kill anyone medicating themselves without checking with the state, another wants drug dealers arrested so their mafia doesn't want competition.

Hitler was a fucking moron but he was 100% correct about segregation. We self segregate anyways. Everyone claiming to be against segregation is using a psychological warfare technique to imprison their enemies. The people pushing diversity only want one type of person. Go drive around. There is room for 7 billion more houses. The answer is segregation followed by gradually coming back together. This is a 50-5000 year process. Evolution is a million year process. Each person represents a piece of the universe and have flaws and strengths . Whatever they represents exists, and will exist forever whether they are dirt or a cow. Maybe one day fire and water can coexist. That isn't happening anytime soon.

People are put on paths which surely lead them to their destruction. There are ways to increase your chance of survival , and this is called using intuition and taking the path that is best for you because only you are you. The entire point of this society is seeing you can exploit others the best and in the process everyone is led away from their own path. So people choose other a slow death path or an instant death path. They take the slow death path reluctantly and spend all that time snailing around hoping for a town portal to show up.

Look at a case of a wife killing her husband . There is a clear point where an intervention could happen and this could be prevented. We can scientifically study traffic patterns, and human patterns . We literally come to a cross roads where those idiots can be separated or they can continue down their path and end up dead / in jail. Everyone ignores the ticking time bomb. Then we pay millions of dollars keeping the woman imprisoned. Economically, ignorance is retarded. In the long run empathy can save you time you wouldn't have had had you chosen to avoid the inconvenience of empathy.

To avoid a gay communist nightmare , socialist policies must be enacted now. As it stands the government is not structured to fix this serious problem. They pretend there are solutions but it's always about money, power, the lazy solutions. Biased retards ignore the many different types of people, and say, sentence some atheist medicating back pain with street pain pills to narcotics anonymous meetings, which is a cult of morons who banish the consequences of their actions by going "hehe it wasn't me who robbed my mom it was god this is gods plan I'm forgiven now!". Then people use NA meetings to find better drug connections, predators prey on vulnerable sluts. Meanwhile the dumb fuck judge trying to impress the cops getting him more tax dollars could have sentence this person to physical therapy where they could treat their back pain.

I don't know how to , say, install a new door. I don't know how electricity works. I do know that the OPERATING SYSTEM for life is awful and broken and that what I am talking about is going to happen regardless so we might as well get there faster.

Progress is stopped so that one douche faggot can keep his made up job. Jobs are made up to keep people just content enough in their prison. Food delivery apps were though up in 2001. It took 12 years for them to come because of douche fag gate keepers. Now we could have drones do it, but that destroys jobs. Instead of resources being used to speed up collective evolution, before the year starts we have to set aside trillions so lady gaga and LeBron James get as many resources as 500 surgeons . Nah, that's dumb.