Brit/pol/ #2295: ANZAC Edition

Brexit News for Wednesday 25 April
Theresa May lacks 'enthusiasm' for Brexit, says Rees-Mogg

Anzac Day: Royals lay wreaths to remember war dead

Boris Johnson calls for amnesty for illegal immigrants who have been in UK for 10 years

Schools are removing analogue clocks from exam halls as teenagers 'cannot tell the time'

Jewish leaders say Corbyn has failed to act against Labour anti-Semitism

Alfie Evans health update - The hospital is still trying to murder him

Man stabbed brother-in-law to death and took his body to the police station

Sinn Fein to support unionist candidate in by-election to Irish Seanad

A van driver accused of killing 10 people in Toronto posted to Facebook minutes before the attack to praise killer Elliot Rodger and refer to the misogynistic "incel" Reddit group

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first for too early

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Wait what happened at the end? Did he get her?

I was expecting it to be stuck in the system for bloody ages tbf


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Post original audio webm too lad, I want to hear the real reactions

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He got her right in the eye

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top kek though

Is that Ogham?

are we still having posting problems?

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Seems to be alright for now

Nah lad Ogham is bottom to top

Woman who campaigns against the deportation of migrants from Sweden was raped and sexually assaulted by two Afghan teenagers she met outside a bar
southern Sweden

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not quite. think bigger

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Nah bruv islam is peace innit

Is it illegal to save lad?

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Why haven't you got a gf yet lads?

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Thots are just demented. never met one that wasn't, family included apart from one grandmother, she was based afaik


Thot. The post

women are all fat

obviously my standards for living relatively healthy non obese native girl with an iq above the mental retardation line means im far too picky tbh
also must be a virgin for marriage

their all dating black men tbh


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probably not but I do it because its my patriotic duty.

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I never thought she was sitting on a couch tbh, stupid normalfag memi smh

It's not even loud lad ffs

its true a girl has a crush on me at work but shes fat

that happened to a girl at my school

She should have seen that one coming
Stupid thot
Bet she bites his cock off as revenge for her stupidity

Great now I'm on a liveleak binge

The fuck was that?

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Guy tried to catch a jumper and ended up getting killed by the falling body.

why would you ever try and catch a jumper?

I never understood that memi

Anger, threatening to punch, lad

Joke, or just Asian?

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No idea.

If you're taking photos with a phone, the intelligence agencies have seen them by now anyway.

She definitely deserved it.

>the best way to not have naked pics of you get out is to not take naked pics of yourself
ehhh…. slut shame much?

Don't set yourself on fire kids.

I know people in their 20's who act like her tbh



Now I know what a gay barbecue looks like

I guess now he's LGBBQ

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kek, lad you're on fire

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What the fuck is that gay shit >(1)?
That thot I posted was 12 in the first pic and 30 in the second, you limp wristed gay motherfucking woman wannabe. Fuck off and take your menstrual fluids with you, you cunt fluff chinned soy infested tart

kinda fell into a missionary receiving position
guess you could say that queen was flaming


fucking bollocks bollocks bollocks

Some proper characters we've had on the board this morning

Why is it that as we grow older and stronger the road signs point us adrift, and make us afraid, saying "you never can win," "watch your back," "where's your husband?" I don't like the signs that the sign-makers make. So I'm gonna steal out with my paint and my brushes. I'll change the directions, I'll hit every street. It's the tinsel town scandal, the robin hood vandal, she goes out and steals the king's english. In the morning you wake up and the signs point to you. They say, "I'm so glad that you finally made it here. You thought nobody cared, but I did, I could tell. And this is your year, and it always starts here, and oh you're aging well."

Fuck off thot

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Is schizo here?

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wew there was another stabbing

Did the MSM report on this at all? I don't recall seeing it.

typical low-iq racist ukip supporter

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I think I'd be good at 4D chess. Unfortunately, nobody is ever up for a game.

He's everywhere

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tbh the only real white privilege is not having this level of paranoia

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Pure bollocks about Italy. They fucking hate the wogs and muslim immigrants and also the South American ones
ALL these organisations are not to be trusted

pretty sure this pyramid was designed by a jew
they're 40% more likely then any other race on Earth to have a predisposition on a genetic level to paranoid schizophrenia


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Imagine if a blind person was made fun of, because he couldn't see, if a mute person was ignored because she couldn't talk,

training wheels ~ aspiring young bikers need 'em
training wheels ~ it's a slapping insult, "training wheels" - a little boy was called this name.

you called?
when it turns out all pyramids are just metaphors for how big your dick was

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wouldn't be the first time

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Fuck off blud

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nice pun
in reality though jews were never in Egypt its another addition to their tall tales in the OT, no mention of Hebrews exists in Egyptian history until after the 6th century BC

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this is peak William right there

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licking vaginas is gay and stupid, 100 percent you will get throat cancer from it. its better to just smoke ciggies instead of being a fag and licking minge



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Yanks can't be trusted, smh

ah Jamaica lad my eternal foe

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Is it the presence of the other yank that's getting you all hot and bothered, lad? Maybe you should go and be among your own kind.

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tbh, take saffron.


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how do we stop the regressive left

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We agree with them on almost everything whilst attacking the "Far Right"

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