YouTube Wants to Remove Dislike Button Because Leftist Propaganda Is Failing

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YouTube is so angry that the public keeps rejecting their left-wing propaganda that it is considering removing the dislike button altogether.

According to a new report, YouTube is looking at thwarting “dislike mobs” (aka average YouTube users) who are “weaponizing the dislike button” by downvoting crappy virtue-signalling videos like YouTube Rewind and the recent Gillette ad.

From The Verge: YouTube is no stranger to viewers weaponizing the dislike button, as seen by the company’s recent Rewind video, but the product development team is working on a way to tackle the issue. Tom Leung, director of project management at YouTube, addressed the issue of “dislike mobs” in a recent issue of Creator Insider, YouTube’s corporate series for creators.

Information Liberation reports:

If you don’t like their crappy propaganda videos you’re part of a “dislike mob” and you’re “weaponizing” your downvote.

This propaganda is so stupid it’s mind-blowing.

“Dislike mobs” are the YouTube equivalent to review bombings on Steam — a group of people who are upset with a certain creator or game decide to execute an organized attack and downvote or negatively review a game or video into oblivion. It’s an issue on YouTube as well, and one that creators have spoken out against many times in the past. Reports have suggested that a video with a high number of dislikes — that outweighs the number of positive likes — is less likely to be recommended, and could therefore hurt the creator’s channel.

If you’re pushing propaganda and you don’t want the public to downvote your video you can simply turn off downvotes and upvotes.

Of course, that’s not good enough for these people.

As in Orwell’s 1984, we all have to be forced to love the propaganda.

This is all part of Google’s massive social engineering experiment — which is unprecedented in size — that is meddling in our democracy to give themselves and their allies in the Democratic Party (and the Republican establishment) more power.

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All this is going to do is wake more people up to their censorship and desire to control the narrative.

When I go to youtube, its only to backup videos that are WORTH backing up and mirroring to other alternatives / P2P.

I NEVER clip any of their crap on the front page, its always too stupid and mundane crap.

Fags at newsplus slid the report on this. Funny how half of Zig Forums today is big tech ads too. All very glow in the dark.

Another headline thats BLOCKED from the front page.

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Liberals aren't left wing.
Also, how ironic that you quote Orwell, who himself was a socialist.

He wrote the playbook, its unironic you mental midget.

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When has any system in human history ever stopped to check whether somebody was opinion left or opinion right? Quit being a simpleton .

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It's not Neptune, it's just not Krillcen either. This user has posted a few articles.

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Disliking a jewtube recommendaiton is a hatecrime

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How about getting plugin developers to bundle an open-source voting system not controlled by JewTube?

JewTube Likes | Real Likes | Real Dislikes - Highlights videos in Red, Yellow, and Green based on Real likes/dislike ratio, and shows how fake JewTube's autofluffing is.


This would be a great idea. Perhaps they could make a P2P platform that would mimick Youtube's platform someday? No registration required? Anyone can post anything at nothing could be censored or taken down because you could stream any content from any hosting node.

Orwell once described himself as a Tory-Anarchist.
In some ways he was a socialist but he was also a strict traditionalist and he despised stalinism and communism because of its authoritarian anti free speech nature. Which you can see clearly in his books.

The closest term to describe him would be a national socialist I guess.

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