Brit/pol/ #2296: Enoch Youth Edition

Brexit News for Wednesday 25 April
Theresa May lacks 'enthusiasm' for Brexit, says Rees-Mogg

Bavaria orders Christian crosses to be hung at the entrance of ALL government buildings

‘Unacceptable’: UK 40th for Global Press Freedom Thanks to ‘Heavy-Handed’ Tories

Even a British High Commissioner's son wasn't British enough to get a passport! Former diplomat tells of citizenship woes for child born while he was posted in Trinidad and accuses Home Office of 'default refusal'

Boris Johnson calls for amnesty for illegal immigrants who have been in UK for 10 years

Schools are removing analogue clocks from exam halls as teenagers 'cannot tell the time'

Jewish leaders say Corbyn has failed to act against Labour anti-Semitism

Alfie Evans health update - The hospital is still trying to murder him

Man stabbed brother-in-law to death and took his body to the police station

Sinn Fein to support unionist candidate in by-election to Irish Seanad

Hero shop workers fight off knife-wielding robber by throwing CHILLI powder in his face

A van driver accused of killing 10 people in Toronto posted to Facebook minutes before the attack to praise killer Elliot Rodger and refer to the misogynistic "incel" Reddit group

Meet the 'Ikea anarchists'

The Woman Who Accidentally Started the Incel Movement

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bored lads

That's just the fat Zio-Yank-Turk posturing for leadership as the wheels come off the Maybot tbh

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Why is Wales so superior

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god I hate the rich so much

this entire charade is so pronounced in eastern canada. canada is literally being divided up as an indian-chinese colony. not even 20 years ago when I want in canada as a boy we never even saw a nigger, now its all gooks and shitskins in the cities milking based albertans (pbuthem) tax money

Smh, you used to be able to see the favourite food of people

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no matter how much I close my lids I can still see them dancing, they never leave me alone. the harder I try the more they dance and when I chase they run away

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Based Chinese Welshmen tbh.

If I was a genetic engineer instead of a mechanical engineer I would try and find a way to make something that would cause Melanin cells to mutate and attack the red blood cells. A bio weapon of nightmareish proportions.

The God of the Jews has become secularised and has become the God of the World tbh

You should go to the forest lad. You know the answers you seek await you there in the dark of the trees where no birds sing.

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Psyop tbh.

Make that 'Soyop tbh.

The Lady Killers

Ealing Studios classic comedy

now showing in cytube

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link me lad

Don't know what to make of this kanye thing

It's just some silly wog.

that's what England used to be like

He has manic depression and he's in a semi-psychotic state

it's the civic cucks getting excited over a wog being Right Wing, all over again

b a i s t !

blimpf has endorsed it all, what if he becomes a #based magapede politician

be too contrarian and aloof to acknowledge anything positive ever like the cynic alcoholic and the rest of Zig Forums tbh

I think the actual link is filtered here, but take the spaces out of this and it should work lad

https:// /r/ newbrit

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This next bit is my favourite part

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pretty much this, yeah

it'll all blow over. Kanye is just a noisy twat, he'll say something stupid and embarrass them all in a few weeks, then they will act like none of this even happened

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I prefer mummy carol

top kek

daily reminder to not spend productive money in any non-local economy, so the wider economy collapses tbh

good luck not being a normalfag and not being judged

Ye is unironically very intelligent and always has been but you shouldn't like him because anonymous memi intellectuals on the internet say so

The wonders and horrors of this timeline, tbh lads.

righteous suffering tbh

Yes, the man whose life has been scripted by Hebrews, from music to his fat arsed wife, was just playing 1488D chess tbh

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it should have died long ago tbh

McKenna was right. The material world ended in late 2012 and we are know living in a realm of pure noos. Anything could happen from this point.

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desert of the real tbh

top wew SoyDog is got jocked from all directions and deleted the tweet

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good riddance tbh, I have a distaste of ""craft bears"", much prefer LOCAL stuff

Didn't he base his time wave theory on the Iching numerical system or something?

there's a few laughs at least

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BrewDog is fucking swill,

They're hated in Scotland after the stunt they tried to pull in Aberdeen - replacing their (legally mandated) disabled toilet with more seats


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She clearly wants a younger lad to fill her up

So novelty ended in 2012, but repeats of historical events are still happening? ie, new cold war with russia.

Where will it end?

I would tbh

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new cycle that's even more extreme possibly, tbh 2012 was liminal as fuck

Top fucking wew, what massive cunts. Didn't realise they owned pubs, thought they just flogged piss.

Maybe orthogonal time has 'reversed' and we're now sliding down the other side towards an inverted big bang that we will experience as an eschatological singularity

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Yeah they've been buying up quite a few outside of London now. Only ever been to the one in Camden (I'd never heard of them and my date suggested it). Awful. Staff were rude and poorly trained, didn't even know what stout was. Seating was poorly laid out (we literally had to sit on a sofa underneath the stairs) and they have these menus everywhere with just the most pretentious twaddle on them. Oh and the crowd there is just awful as you might have expected.

I'd recommend you pop in if you're ever in Camden, I imagine it would be quite comedic to watch for about 10 minutes. Dublin Castle 4lyf

No way the incel narrative will catch on, there has to be a plateau to stupidity.

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Thank god for the local run down weather spoons.

Fucking hell, then again I wouldn't expect any better from a weird gentrified hipster brand.

Naah tbh lad, used to live down the road and avoided going there, fucking filthy.


the future looks B A S E D

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Reminder Kanye may be over 56% white.

oh fucking hell

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chan culture is going mainstream and I don't really like it tbh

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What is that in reference to?

The little boy the NHS and courts have been trying to murder, it's in the OP.

Gilbert was born to a Jewish[5][6][7] family in Detroit, Michigan.[8] He grew up in Southfield, Michigan, where he attended Southfield-Lathrup High School.[9] He earned his bachelor's degree from Michigan State University and a Juris Doctor from Wayne State University Law School, and is a member of the State Bar of Michigan.[4] While in college he earned a real estate agent’s license[10] and while in law school, he worked part-time at his parents' Century 21 Real Estate agency.[11]

oy oy oy!!!

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tbh I wonder what the next super sekrit club will be

Quick summary:
>"there's nothing we can do for your son"
>"no, also we're turning life support off"
The poor parents have had to put up with this for months, the courts are ruling that the child must die and the NHS is doing everything in their power to indirectly kill him.

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Manchester Airport terminal reopens after 'suspicious' item prompts evacuation

inb4 it's a ext.hdd and some headphones that were plugged in

the (((American))) way

I hear that's just part and parcel of a vibrant multicultural airport these days.

Did you read the new article about how he's being kept alive by round-the-clock mouth to mouth resuscitation from his father?

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Makes me want to go and burn down NHSHQ tbh

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bowden death cult tbh

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Only when we're driven insane by the blackpill.

unironically, a distributed image board site based on black chain technology

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*block chain

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won't be that long then, we're close enough to the edge already

Posadism tbh

smh blockchain is a bit of a memi

say up for the night shift, it will be fun.

AOL chat rooms

Here's a handy guide to white supremacy symbols.

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>still trying to force the bowden memi

Naah I need to be up early to buy gardening stuff tbh

Fook off Liam


watch venus flytrap
this has been a party political broadcast by Bowden Gang

*encrypts you



What a fucking mess

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