Brit/pol/ #2297: Binmen Pride Worldwide Edition

Brexit News for Thursday 26 April
DUP threatens to bring down May if she crosses Customs Union red line

There's a massive problem with a 'macho culture' among binmen in Salford - and it's affecting their health

Alfie Evans: Parents and doctors to discuss sending toddler home

Only 10% of UK government spending is on the primary functions of government; defense of the nation and protecting citizens from crime. The remaining 90% is spent on welfare, special interest groups & interest on government debt.

Home Office had migrant removal targets, report shows

Amber Rudd urged to resign over immigrant removal targets

London: Homicides up 44%, robbery up 36%, knife crime up 21%

Shocking violence as 'feral' girl gang stamp and punch cowering teenager as she hunches on shopping centre floor in 'revenge for a racist comment'

Manchester Airport terminal reopens after 'suspicious' item prompts evacuation

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Jack Russells > All

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tent cities promote rape

this is a pro-Slav board lad

*gets murdered by psycopathic bydlos on the way to the bus stop*

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why lads

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jej came up in suggested vids

Cock carousel and drugs respectively

she was so hot

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We shall learn from her example

smh I shouldn't have watched that, I could absolutely murder a Baltika no. 7 or no. 9 now

small dog posters raus

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an exquisite bug example

Best Dog

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poor animal

Poor snek

No sew on snek

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its hilarious that this woman wouldn't think that this might upset some people

Someone show this to the incels we might get aanother van attack today

*leaps into your thread*

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he just did lad


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our incels are low energy they just mope we need to put a fire in their bellies


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good lad

important poal

an apt metaphor for the "nice guy"

has science gone too far?

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took me a second to realise what volcel is tbh

manlets when will they learn

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A Dachshund of that size would be a nightmarishly efficient apex predator

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what about a giant basset?

this is a semen retention board tbh

jews raped her on the set of parent trap lad, probably just like how jews raped jodi on the set of taxi driver



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smh did they get her twin sister as well? haven't heard from her for a while



looks comfy

could go for some watered down wine like the greeks used to drink tbh
My shock, envisage it

So I unexpectedly got revenge but… why do I feel so bad about it?

Would any of you hear me out and judge if I'm an arsehole or not?

Monks make buckfast which only causes deanos to fight and waste taxpayer's money on their inevitable hospitalisation


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spin us your tall tale lad

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go on lad

yeah why not lad

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bucky is brilliant fuck off


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this board is a deano free zone lad

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We're all deanos here

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Deanos drink Strongbow dark fruits not Buckfast

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Join Adam Wallace's

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This lad's story better be good


post your guilty pleasure tbh

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It won't be tbh

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what the fuck

neds drink bucky

tbh it's going to be either
or some combination of the three

by whom? and how hard do you think she'll rub the "can have kids" thing in Theresa's face?

I guess Tories really are based after all, MasterBrew was right

reading books in the pub

didn't mean to fucking post that

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I don't know lad, she's a lesbian so no fucking clue

how Conservative!!!!

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designated survivor
purely from a tinfoil perspective to look at the predictive programming
and I almost enjoy my rage at how normie it manages to be

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watched that with my mate occasionally

drink smh

Chokers are fucking gay.

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I don't get the choker thing

it is such a degenerate show that undermines traditional values
but it is well made

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Briefing live lads
Russia disproving the chemical attack

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tampered evidence fake news doctored not impartial etc

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Expected tbh