Brit/pol/ #2298: Still Too Warm Edition

Brexit News for Thursday 26 April
DUP threatens to bring down May if she crosses Customs Union red line

There's a massive problem with a 'macho culture' among binmen in Salford - and it's affecting their health

Alfie Evans: Parents and doctors to discuss sending toddler home

Only 10% of UK government spending is on the primary functions of government; defense of the nation and protecting citizens from crime. The remaining 90% is spent on welfare, special interest groups & interest on government debt.

Home Office had migrant removal targets, report shows

Amber Rudd urged to resign over immigrant removal targets

London: Homicides up 44%, robbery up 36%, knife crime up 21%

Shocking violence as 'feral' girl gang stamp and punch cowering teenager as she hunches on shopping centre floor in 'revenge for a racist comment'

Manchester Airport terminal reopens after 'suspicious' item prompts evacuation

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first for bow to SA's will or get banned

SMH maybe if I was a mod I'd have put effort in with titles because I could just DELETE ANY THREAD THAT CAME BEFORE

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tweede for nederlanders mensen (en vrouwen :^))

u wot

reminder to practice sexual kung-fu to experience rising kundalini

>"I couldn't be arsed, I'm the victim!"

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No swampkrautish here please.

Mafkees. Je moeder is een sletje en je vader is an echte kanker mongool

*cloggs you* smh I'll stop, I'm off out soon anyway

I swear black people's names are created by memi generators.



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Objectively /ourguy/

smh kanker randstaad jonge


the way I tell Dutch from German is that Dutch has a fuckton of double letters, ee oo aa, it looks so silly

en wat ben jij pik?
t. invloedrijk persoon

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Why do I read daily mail comments sections? Really can't tell if the comments aren't all by bots.

Good lad.

The hell scenes were pretty well done and harsh, a believable depiction tbh. Shades of Hellraiser, I think it might've influenced.

UKIP leaflet in Derby, wew

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heel leuk. En het is koningsnacht, wat doen je nu?

better than fucking stupid Grammar like the krauts do

shitposting tbh

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Capital controls are the only option tbh

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saved tbh
really hope you're not in the randstaad though

who are those kikes? anyone special?

I'd make her arsehole look like the aftermath of operation market garden tbh

really hope you're not in the randstaad though
Used to live in the really expensive wog free part when I was a jonge jonge

This legit, source? Is there any more to it or am I to assume what I'm assuming?

One eye on the civics one eye on the pakis.

You make it sounds like you'd need John Frost Bridge to cross the gap after you've finished tbh


smh lad, where I am the wog free parts are much cheaper, along with everything else really

No idea, some labour activist posted it.

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found vore porn. should watch?


Doesn't look real to me tbh

Where is the UKIP logo?

They flooded Groningen with Somalis a few years ago and even stuck some in Urk
The randstaad is a liberal shithole though and Rottingdam is finished

this is a stomping/inflation board lad

Standard is quite low for locals tbf, it's probably on the other side.

Where did you find this from?

*suspicion intensifies*

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yeah I noticed, I always see them walking around in pairs

This is primarily a mummy fetish board lad

Operation: "Weaponised Mummies"
Here is an idea lads. This is pure accelerationism. We push the angle that mumsnet is alt-right. It will drive normies to the edge and it will make the left look insane in their eyes. The beauty of it is that the left will not show any resistance to adopting this narrative, because they are already calling anyone who is a nationalist a Nazi.

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Did mummy/pol/ become a real thing?

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They're sticking wogs in all sorts of places. Dumped loads in a little village in the east outnumbering the local giants who kicked the Gemeente doors in before a cop fired his gun into the air

why cant I just be left alone? smh

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Why didn't you boot her in her thotbox, you raving poof?

they are putting a lot of wog presenters on those daytime bargain hunting programmes

wew and I never heard about that on the news, though of course I couldn't. Was that in Gelderland?

he's kvetching that it's "racist", but if that is literally their faces, what's the problem?


You probably killed a learned Brahmin in a previous existence

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I think it's fake, just Labour playing dirty tricks as usual

Just kill everyone else lad then no one can bother you



She was doing it to help with my sit ups tbf

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says more about labour being full of pakis than anything else tbh

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smh fucking griunad

sexual kung fu is the art of mastering your sexual energy and organs to restore the microcosmic orbit

rising kundalini is the feeling of a spiritual awakening radiating from your loins

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I don't want to see or speak to anyone at all for a long time smh
they steal my precious energy and essence

middle right looks like Big Lez

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First link that came up tbh

Notice how she is more concerned about the alt-right label rather than any other substance to the tweet

What does Zig Forums spend their money on?

bucking yer ma

*suspicion overloads and causes logic loops so I start wondering if it might be legit again*

I don't recognise any of them but that's not surprising considering it's local.

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Lauren's patreon



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>"umm why aren't they all foreign smh tbh refugees welcome"

Nothing. Maybe 2-3 pints every couple of weeks but not anymore I hope.
tfw poor as fuck but dad thinks Im loaded despite knowing ive not had any income for 3 years smh

Booze and holidays.

The car mostly

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smh lad just try not to let things get carried away this time

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don't even want to kill anyone at this point
I want them to kill themselves


tbqh he deserved a lass like that


Lefties tbh

if I buy anything in this world it will be woodland or mahogany furniture

I actually own it lad, no ((finance agreement)) here. Payed all in full.

Do an incel massacre lad it will get worldwide attention. We need something nice to kick off happening season

spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

ik ben op foor het avond, tot sienz

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worried i'd go to hell but I suppose we're already living in it

And what do you have that stops the gov't carting off your "assault vehicle"?

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