Brit/pol/ #2300: Based Golden Calf Edition

British Doctor: Alfie Evans Must Die Because His Parents Have A Bad Attitude

Alfie Evans update: Nigel Farage brands case ‘state-sponsored euthanasia’ and slams NHS

Car ploughs into pedestrians outside Birmingham mosque

Corbyn's office denies it advised Labour activist day before expulsion

Plans to replace 112-year-old Hoddesdon bridge submitted, with three-kilometre diversion for drivers

EU mulls coercion to get refugee kids' fingerprints

Berlin's fear of AfD slams brake on EU legal migration reform

Germany, France present new military aircraft plans in Berlin

Why women prefer to marry men with a strong hand grip

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Ah true.

I am the law.

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You're a distant memory at this point lad.

Why don't they just book an escort or something if things are that bad?
And if things are that bad then I suppose they can get enough anal sex with Omar to last them a lifetime when they go to prision.

tbh the incel coverage is kinda funny. while it distracts from islam, it highlights the consequences of the WQ in a weird way.

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If only they'd actually put two and two together; instead, they are going to use this to try and "clamp down" on any "extremist" outlets.

Why don't they just book an escort or something if things are that bad?
And if things are that bad then I suppose they can get enough anal sex with Omar to last them a lifetime when they go to prision.

meant for

Is that why you thought you could get away with this?

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Is the alzheimer's kicking in?

Long day, Merlot and a cider chaser tbh.
I have to be in work for 5am tomorrow as well

Where as I pulled a sickie to play frostpunk

I would never break the law, I was framed.

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maybe not by the media. the media defends paki vans of peace with every chance they get but white families around the dinner table don't leave it at that.

Is it good lad? Didn't realise it was out yet

lmao look at this soft cunt

It's as that lad on twitter said, it's not actually about an inability to acquire sex as much as it is a deep feeling of lacking intimacy with another.

Get it now? The cops are the rapists, the ones protecting the kike murderers and kike rapists and kike kill-doctors.

I thought you only worked weekdays tbh

What a disappointing game

Sure lad, whatever you- hotshot.

redpill me on the dying retarded baby tbh lads

And how much will you be fitting this time, lad?

Look it up yourself you lazy cunt

This tbh, most modern women are completely revolting

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It's kind of meh but with a difficulty curve from hell.

Congratulations, you're 99%+ White!
- 23andMe

I think maybe because I've been a lazy fuck and I lie down uncomfortably with my neck bent and my head pressing into a hard wooden bedpost, the skull has been pressed flatter and my brain has shrank to cope.

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+0.1% ashkenazi

I think you're being paranoid.

SA summed it up well last thread

case closed

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ta lads

>"we can't save your son"
>"no, also we're turning life support off"

e-fame has done weird things to you lad.

it's quadraspazzed on a life-glug. The parents want to take it to Italy so the Pope can nonce it before it dies


bloody papists at it again

Been doing 11-12hr days for the past 3 weeks + saturdays at 5am. Sometimes I work from home too just to get ahead.
I'm having a week holiday next month to look forward to.

ta' mate

Thankfully, with Italy giving them citizenship, this looks like it'll blow up to be an international incident.

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Not true tbf, they have offered palliative care though

tbh >>>/gaschambers/

That's alot of work I hope they're paying you properly.

Good on you lad, at least you're working an honest job.

Lad you're not a parent, you've no idea what this means for them.

Italy are good lads tbh

I knew you'd say that.

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Dunno how to feel about this tbh

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Good on them for this tbh

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Is that because you're now a state asset?

hey i didn't ask for a tip :^)

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Lad, I'm just correcting you, you poof

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Hope she dies of it, tbh.

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I am the state.

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I know lad, but it's irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.
A parent will risk life and limb for their offspring, regardless of whether or not it saves them.
The main problem with this whole thing is the NHS and courts are refusing the parents to even be allowed that chance.
tbh lads if anyone is interested I'd gladly sort out a dafty campaign in order to get the lad to Italy

Wasn't there the claim during the 1st Iraq War that they were killing the Kuwaiti babies in incubator machines?

Tbh SA has a point about medicine not being an exact science. And if he really is brain dead, what difference does trying to save him make? I see people talking about what's in his best interest or to reduce his suffering but they never address that the brain dead by definition don't experience suffering, so what difference would it make? It just doesn't sit right that the state (yeah I know ignorant yanks keep saying government and it isn't) can stop them going to Italy this way.

Also you can literally get fucked tbh

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It's okay Zig Forums will extract you in in 22-33 years

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it's ((special overtime)) tbh. Jobs based on price rather than quoted hours. If I quote 40hrs for a job and do it in lets say 24hrs, I still get 40hrs worth of pay but the OT is short lived and fizzles out at the end of summer. Gotta get in there quick.

cheers buddy

calm down nigger, mercia was being a dick as usual

Should have stopped there, all I care about is getting the details correct

Lad how are you too lazy to look up what is literally front page news.

that stuff makes me sick to my stomach tbh, the rulers of this world are dark twisted people, that is a black rite in the open and the mundane cattle merely accept it as "tolerance" see aristotle quote

My point is the parents should be given the choice.
For God's sake the Italian gov't has given all of them citizenship in order to help the lad, and still the NHS refuses.

I cannot see where their reasoning behind preventing people seeking medical help from outside the country is coming from. Maybe it isn't fair on people who can't afford to do it, but having people literally die for the sake of fairness is Soviet tier.


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where did we branch off fellow anglos?

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Seriously, lads. Fucking stop posting these abortion ones.

Yeah lad and I'm the dick

unironically, that is what it is for. the god of empty matter without will.

I keep reading less and less of it tbh, even Zig Forums links.. 9 times out of 10 it's always the same, jews and immigrants.

This tbh, we don't need to see them every time abortion is mentioned

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Where does the flat nose memi come from? You know - the one in every renaissance painting ever. It doesn't even look good.

he's done it so much im desensitized. it's like those grow your own alien toys at this point.

Right here

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That's not happened and to my knowledge has never happened.

they say that the divine creation of life, the fusion of god subdivided into subjective "I" in time is merely a "lump of cells."

even the pope has chimed in and said he would help but the uk ((legal system)) is having non of it.

Yet it is ok for a brain dead paki bitch to come here from the otherside of the world to be given the most advance surgeyry to date when it comes to bullet wounds to the brain. The gets a fucking nobel prize for nothing + other goodies.

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This is all a matter of sacrificial bollocks, it's appalling that normies don't see it.


this tbh

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yeah lad this website has unironically made me a bit twisted and demented from all the horrible stuff I have seen. the scream of that zogbot gave me chills for weeks

talmud teaches that embyos are closer to water

it's an alkaline nose

titus was right about the jews

Lad this is the one thing I won't spoiler tbh lad, people need to know how bad this is.

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Never watched that one (I'm assuming you're talking about the video of some army bloke getting stabbed in the back).


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its the malian ambush, the american SOG get shot in the ass and his scream is pretty visceral

but tbf lad this isn't leddit, people who don't know how bad it is should be banned

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SA's obsession with abortion is over-zealous tbh

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