Brit/pol/ #2301: Rest In Peace Edition

Alfie Evans dies after long-running legal battle as parents left 'heartbroken'

Brexit News for Saturday 28 April
David Davis 'ready to resign' if Britain stays in EU customs union

Syrian refugee jailed for 6 months for raping 12 y/o Swedish girl because ‘he didn’t know it was illegal’

Cheat, lie and abuse – Danish immigration minister hits out at migrants. ENOUSS!

SpareRoom host jailed for raping three young tenants 24 hours after they moved in

Candidates who have denied the existence of Islamic State, spread anti-Semitism and homophobia online, and have been convicted of serious voter fraud are set to stand for Labour and as independents in Birmingham council elections, one of the UK’s most corrupt local authorities

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first for


F tbh


First for modern women

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"HAVE you news of my boy Jack? "
Not this tide.
"When d'you think that he'll come back?"
Not with this wind blowing, and this tide.
"Has any one else had word of him?"
Not this tide.
For what is sunk will hardly swim,
Not with this wind blowing, and this tide.

"Oh, dear, what comfort can I find?"
None this tide,
Nor any tide,
Except he did not shame his kind—
Not even with that wind blowing, and that tide.

Then hold your head up all the more,
This tide,
And every tide;
Because he was the son you bore,
And gave to that wind blowing and that tide.

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Sounds awful

we need to get Bazza on the case tbh, he could sort out the wogs

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Then why did God put him in a state where he would die without medical technology only around for 0.01% of human history?

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Not that I doubt women would react this way but it seems staged. It makes a point I guess.

I just want a nice, pure twitter experience

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that ones totally fake

Could be worse

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Rest in peace little lad.

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Yeah that one is rather forced, although there are actual examples which are the exact same thing.

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Fuck off Satan

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yeah I don't doubt it. Talk about men having unrealistic standards, these days women think they are entitled to their princes.


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future me

>"if you go to overpriced bars, you'll get ripped off!"
What fucker pays £7+ for a drink.

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Don't lop it off lad

Lots of people tbh

That explains so much.

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Even in Central London it's not that fucking pricey unless you're going to the Ritz every bloody night.

I guess I have heard about such a thing before, but aren't judges supposed to be unbiased? How can you be a judge and also be openly demonstrating a certain view?

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Might have a new waifu in this northern Italian/Lithuanian mongreloid tbh. Honestly I don't believe that is all that is there, her face looks a bit big and round with high cheekbones. I suppose it could be Finnish blood or steppe blood from northern and eastern Europe, but could also be Amerindian tbh.

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Actually if you go to some of these hotels they do charge a tenner plus for some of their drinks but unlike a pub they free pour them. I got spannered one night on two drinks in the Sanderson last year where we got taken by a client. I think the drinks were a tenner each
To get the same level of drunk I know I probably would have spent a bullseye down the pub including probably having to buy a small round. I'd never spend a tenner on a drink in a pub though because measures

imagine being a little lad brought up by a black and a white faggot, i feel so sorry for them

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And their doctor was a kike by the sounds of it who was also in a court case a while back
It's the NHS not wanting to take the risk that foreign hospitals may have saved his life
See the kid that had the "inoperable" brain tumour that got taken to Spain and was cured

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Don't think he's jewish tbh, just a traitor

Yeah her cartoons are creepy and intentionally gross out. smh. So weird. I guess she is originally a troll thirsty for attention and just happened into our side of the internet. I guess that is what happens with a lot of people who just try to be edgy and end up on Zig Forums or any other similar place and realise that there are more to these things.


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Do u haz dumbz?

He needs doxxing and put in the ground tbh

His aids will see him off

The Speaker of the House is also meant to remain impartial and yet he runs his mouth at any chance he gets.

and is a literal cuck

Why is that significant

It keeps dropping down.
They are trying to hide it.

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An dlike Betty Boothroyd said the other day they should [ as has historically been the case ] have the good grace and class to resign mid term
(((Bercow))) is a monumental cuckold cunt

You haz dumbz
He haz dumbz lads

please explain to smee

Click on the pictures 22st and read the words carefully

What am I missing? What is it that wiki article is supposed to enlighten us about?

Are you not reading it or something.

pwimal scweam incoming

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fucking furriners tbh

Did you see yesterday's Metro?
>"drumpf visiting on Friday the 13th xddddddd"

I am reading it, I am just not picking up on what is supposedly so "wew" about it. Please underline the important part for me.

low effort bait tbh

Open the tunnel here comes the choo choo train

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Owen Jones was on Sky yesterday saying he has the backing of 50k+ protestors when Trump comes to the UK.

Yeah I read it, I DON'T GET IT. He did that, so what is the significance?

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My fucking sides, he couldn't even get 20 people to protest in Uxbridge

What a delusional cunt.

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That must be every homosexual in his BBB big black book

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There is no hope for you.

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Most likley supporters on his twatter but irl it'll be an embarassment.

top wew

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Why fly that here when it's a yank thing?

Alfie Evans' family deny rumours dad 'barricaded himself in hospital room with son's body' - updates

I mentioned that before tbh lad, both this and the alt-right rallies are flying non-local flags and it really rustles me.
It's so bloody larpy.

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fucking hell can they not just leave the family alone to mourn

should be like this tbh

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Rest in peace little lad.

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Bingo, that stirs the soul.

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Where is all the colour?

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Christ there's no hope for Scandis

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I bet he preordered a ticket to see Infinity War.

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Imagine being this man

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This has to be bait, things can't be that bad yet

fucking hell

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Who's Pete Knight, and why is he acting like such a gaping cunt?

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It's rubbish designed to sell toy's and the second film.

We are second-rate citizens in our own nation.

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New workshop in Krautland that teaches women how to be complete wankers

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I haven't really been following this Alfie Evans thing. Does this mean the NHS won't try to keep me alive if they can convince a court that I'm in pain?

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What would they do if the pain is not physical?

Only in North London though because it's a multicultural, diverse and vibrant shit hole.

Standard NHS practice.

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How do they decide who goes first when every death is a muslim or jew?

Just do them all at the same time.
Piece of piss

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*Gets left to die with no food or water*

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Damn, I should have gone into medicine so I could read my patients' twitter accounts and decide who gets to live.


Quality, lad

so alpine and trad

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