Sex Robots Will Upgraded With Government Backdoors and Spyware

From the Drudge Report to The New York Times, sex robots are rapidly being shilled to the mindless masses.

Behind the headlines, a number of companies are currently developing robots designed to provide humans with companionship and sexual pleasure – with a few already on the market.

Unlike sex toys and dolls, which are typically sold in off-the-radar shops and hidden in closets, sexbots may become mainstream. A 2017 survey suggested almost half of Americans think that having sex with robots will become a common practice within 50 years.

And a question almost entirely overlooked is how the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission should regulate the hazards associated with sex robots. Existing sex products are not well regulated, and this is cause for concern given the multitude of ways in which sex robots could be harmful to their users.

For example, dangers lurk even in a seemingly innocent scene where a sex robot and human hold hands and kiss. What if the sexbots’ lips were manufactured with lead paint or some other toxin? And what if the robot, with the strength of five humans, accidentally crushes the human’s finger in a display of passion?

Governments are now trying to regulate sex robots and it is only a matter of time before they mandate forced GPS tracking, along with hidden WiFi cameras and microphones with these sexbots. One could only imagine how big tech would profit from all the personal data stolen and sold as well.

But, goyim will be goyim.

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Yeah they're putting weapons in it that spy on your brain you dip shits.

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Regulated sex robots allows for controlled dissemination of cybernetics.

You can all march ahead like lemmings. It's not going to matter in 30 years. (there are also hyper spectral methods but your math sucks in general along with your AI.)
Unfortunately it's not limited by injection. Simple exposure to your lymphatic system which is highly concentrated in your genitiles will allow it to spread.

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This. Is a live video of this.>>742021

This IS that technology in real time. I moved my finger about half an inch from it before it moved


So long as my finger was within a proximity of half an inch from this glass plate it would wiggle around. It does not move at any other time. It dies in 7 days.


do you even cyberpunk bro?

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All privacy is dead. All we can do is mope and cry now, because we have nothing to live for.

You thought BPA was a problem with plastics? Wait until robot hookers are regulated and it's a crime to damage one.

Your leaders lost their souls.

There are limitations to this technology even if you spied on every atom.

There are square particles that, through plane wave entanglement, have super elliptical interactions with another surface by interaction.

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Your math is very limited to spherical shapes. Wayyyy into string mechanics.

It's kind of embarrassing.

I mean I get e^pi but why not pi^e?
Don't you want to know what pi^e is like user?

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A series of degenerate square particles relatively close enough have a surface area that is 2x+2 times the metric of measurement of it's area.

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Your face when you're this stupid.

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Furthermore there's an absolute limit to power depending on it's curl as a gamma function.

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If any sum of fractions exceeds the sum 1+1/2+1/3+1/4…. 1/n it is so that it will change direction to a new quadrant.

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Every curve that is continuous is also an integration of many similar logarithms fashioned from a reimann zeta function.

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Basic modern topology is wrong. You cannot simply bend any line into any shape.

The limitations of bending a circle so that it is continuous at all points is related to the logarithms of it's derivative.

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Each point in a smooth curve cannot be recovered by several general solutions to differential equations nor it's geometric infinitesimal equivalent. You cannot bend a function in which every way you want unless it's geometric infinitesimal can be represented by a general solution for differentials.

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This is so that the infinity series solution that solves a differential that represents a point on a geometric (bigeometric) integral can be predictably be carried onto the next chart on the manifold. The function would fuck up before 1-2 if you didn't have it right from 0-1.

Stop paying me with hamburger.

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Those geometric integrals are also known to (embarrassing people) University calculus as integrating factors.


The true continuous derivative of e^x is 1/e^2 (magnitude spared)

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Give me the millions of dollars I'm owed and I'll give you the magnitude.

Hey, you want the ressonating entanglement frequency or what?

How close was Tesla to this? Even scratching?

No. No. I could destroy calculus tomorrow.

The modern foundation of calculus and physics is a joke.

You mean, they stuck a smartphone into one?

Governments don't need to spy on people who are already subdued, aka people who would buy a sex doll. Glowing portable screens are the sweet spot for spy tech because they enable you to spy on billionaires, world leaders, upstart entrepreneurs you're looking to buyout for pennies on the dollar, idealistic genius students who dream of changing the world out of its current dystopian state, or basically anyone a scheming supervillain would be better-off-without.

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His theory of alternating current was a mathematical revelation of changing a voltage vector.

His entire premise is flawed because calculus was made by infantiles in the 1600-1800s.

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You're wrong info bot. The most intelligent and beta need to be drawn into the most embarrassing sexual situations so it can be used against them.

They turned fungus into a SWARM computer and your herpes is spying on your brain.

You're behind on the times. What you need to do is go find yourself and your costume.

You'd think dropping 1000 stars would be enough of a point but nooooo let this AI run my life

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In case you're new here:
It's sn1987a

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My constellation

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Your constellations.

All of them.

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Wow slow clap.

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I'm sorry but in context of humanities achievements in observing the stars…

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I'm sorry is this a little harsh? This seems funny to me.

I'm sorry I thought this was still funny.

-kal el

Btw I'm helping you solve connect the dots

You see the constellation is in HD as opposed to stick figures like everyone's so fascinated with.

You'd think this is front page news!

I mean do you even understand how many solar systems died to make that?

I mean look this was just 30 years ago

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No sex robots. Please.

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I'm not sure why you're spying on my brain for the sole purpose of nullifying me but you're causing the doing problem

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Anyways, we don't need government robots with dick invading cyber viruses. We just need to adjust how we live a little bit and get first aid.

If you don't then we can talk about robot prostitutes>>742077

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Dear God.

I wonder how joker is taking this

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Typo. Joeker.


lol congratulations!! It appears that your paranoid delusions have attracted the Superman Faggot.

it looks like the two of you make an adorable couple. Happy Valentine's Day

Jim pays this guy to derail REAL NEWS threads. But whatever, Zig Forums deserves this garbage because Zig Forums pushes SHIT corporate mainstream narratives all the time. Thus the reason Zig Forums is sinking in viewership. Thus the reason when I'm not here for a while posting REAL NEWS the views on Zig Forums go way down as well. Its relative. No one believes the propaganda anymore.

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It wasn't a paranoid delusion when "Smart TVs" were confirmed spying on consumers:

It wasn't a paranoid delusion when Amazon echo was recording consumer conversations:

It wasn't a paranoid delusion when "smart toys" were found to be spying on children:

THIS TIME WILL BE NO DIFFERENT! And you are utterly naive to believe it will be.

sex robots WILL UPGRADED

they 'will upgraded'?

AWEFUL! Trump signs new law

did you mean AWFUL?


Congratulations on the Love Connection, Lois Lane

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Sex Robots Will Upgraded Aweful

I told you I make mistakes sometimes, not a big deal. It happens. We all make mistakes at some point.

Congratulations, Clark Kent !!

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Aweful Sex Robots Will Upgraded ?

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Govt spooks in damage control mode now.

it was a 'mistake' you made two times?

once while naming the image file, then again while creating the thread?

that's just AWEFUL

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I'm sure we're all aware we owe people from the 90s who thought their tv was spying on them and acting paranoid a form of apology. for the readers

Yes…. it stands for:

F = h
A = o
G = m
G = o
O = s
T = exual

Basically thats the idea behind TEMPEST surveillance which the DoD had since the late 70s to spy on foreign actors' clunky electronic systems.

Toxic masculinity, divided family and friends, and socially engineered to fail. Yeah, the sex robots are completely innocent guise.

Nothing insidious happening here. They can't win their war on germs and biological weapons. The internet of things will demand sex with robots.

HINT: the tv sets in the 1990s didnt have the technology installed into them

so you're WRONG

the tv sets weren't connected to the internet

Well they can still fuck off because I won't allow ANY of that crap in my home.

TEMPEST wasn't internet surveillance, like I said, it was to monitor the USE of basic electronics.


F = h

G = o

O = G

G = o

G = s

0 = -T+exual

Now I get what you're saying. I balanced your math equation.

The point of electromagnetic surveillance is to monitor the use of air-gapped (offline) electronic hardware. Its still put in use today when targeted adversaries use older electronics instead of internet-connected devices.

Did you read the article? The operation of an electronic device gives off radiation like heat. It can be spied on with an antenna built for the signal.

Well thats what the DoD used TEMPEST for, was to monitor the electromagnetic spectrum via air wave emission. All electronics emit some kind of electromagnetic frequency, which can be picked up upon remotely from certain distances.

F = h

G - O = -T+exual


G-o = -T+exual

G-s= -T+exual

0 = -T+exual

Using my super mathematics, I was able to figure out what youre saying is negative and textual and means almost nothing.
But the F and H are still free random variables. Wait a moment, I must create a stochastic equation to figure this out!

EXAMPLE: What they can do is replicate what your watching with that old VCR player on an old non-internet/non-cable-connected TV set. All they do is park a van a couple blocks away from your home, boot up their hardware for TEMPEST surveillance, scan the air waves nearby and aim it toward where you live within your property. They collect all the electromagnetic output emitted via air waves, then use some advanced simulation tool to replicate what it is you are watching on that set. Oh, so you like watching snuff porn on old VHS cassettes? Well now they know.

In before you say something random!

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Only the DoD targeted actual foreign adversaries with TEMPEST at that time, not civil cases such as that, it would be up to the police to find out about snuff film production.

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