Brit/pol/ #2302: Thread Edition

Amber Rudd 'made a mistake but didn't mislead'

UK military helped secret Swiss force in Cold War

'No basis to remain': woman, 63, told she will be removed from UK to Jamaica

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bit early but it's a bit late so on balance you're a good lad

The holy trinity bless you my son

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Good lad.

Good tbh, I thought it might be something even more sinister and thought that guy had been scalped at first

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Good lad


Thanks lads

Shukraan fataan

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Russia 'tried to influence 2017 general election by promoting Jeremy Corbyn using thousands of fake Twitter accounts'

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Gail Platt >>> Gail Porter


Why you shaking your head at me bwoi?

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memi magic is running too wild tbh

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How does Macron have such great mummy gf acquiring skills?

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Coming across a disembodied Ainsley buoy at sea would be frightening tbh

he has ascended beyond mere mummies lad

he has access to weapons grade pheromone cologne from Rothschild black site laboratories



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GOAT Thomas remix coming through tbh



saved. I remember listening to those Adam & Joe podcasts and the taffin episodes live tbh. They were pretty comfy listening.

These stories and the circumstances are generally pretty retarded tbh, whether we want them and the windrush lot or not it's not really what everyone wants clamping down on is it, it's the hundreds of thousands if not millions of pakis, low caste gypo eastern Euro scum, poles and "refugee" niggers and sand niggers we want getting rid of, not a paltry few hundred easy pickings.

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For kentlad.

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he's a homo

Oh yeah, how good are you with classical Nelsonic British naval minutia, lad?

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His mummy gf is a nonce.

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If it is Cold War era, I know fuck all tbh.

If it isn't Cold War era, I know fuck all tbh.*

read all 20 Aubrey-Maturin novels lad

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Same well I haven't finished them yet, saving them for maximum enjoyment

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smh kind of wish I'd done that, I blew through them all last summer. I remember on midsummers day taking a bottle of rose and my e-reader up a railway embankment after an exam to watch the sun set

Topkek where is this memi going

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Ubuntu is an ancient Swahili term meaning I'm to lazy to configure Debian

I did a similar thing with the Discworld novels I haven't read yet, when Terry died I finished the one I was on and haven't picked them up since.

smh exactly the same with me, I have them all on memory stick but don't want to start them just yet, since the last time I read them I was a kid, and don't want to let go of that feeling. I re-read C.S Lewis for the first time in over a decade recently, for the same reason

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Good lad.

Would be better if it was just his head popping out of Matsumoto's open mouth tbh. Still good though kek

Kek thats a better idea

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*too smh

All the young dudes
Gave me some (yooouu)s

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Good way to round off the night, see you lads tomorrow.

Kek night lad have a good one

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night lad

nah'night ziggy

Night lad

Smh my cat just woke me up, cheeky girl wanted some cat food but there was none left so I just gave her corned beef tbh

Kalinka, kalinka, kalinka moya!
V sadu yagoda malinka, malinka moya!

*summons the doggoman*

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smh why are all the brits asleep





brit/pol/ has gone to the dogs


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smh good thing breddo's not deado

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hll tbh



Is this a David Byrne thread now?

I just woke up tbh

smh lad I'm off to bed, dobranoc

Based migrants not even integrating with our time zone.

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wouldn't mind a pole gf though tbh

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I don't understand why digital immigrants come here, honestly. They should deport themselves from the board.

we're unironically the last place left on the internet with decent banter


smh slavs are just as British as the Anglo-Saxons

Are you talking about me or the yanks? Because I live in the UK as well as being half English on my dads side tbh, no idea why the yanks come here tbh, I have never seen them have any interest in our politics


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also like seeing the reaction from Zig Forumskikes as their country rapidly degenerates tbhbecause mine's already dead :^/

do you speak two languages?

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this also Zig Forums is full of american republican baby boomers now, the very people who ruined zero hedge

What country lad?

Nice (assuming you're Steiner)