Brit/pol/ #2303: Buckfast Edition

Ukip leader slams post-Brexit preferential immigration system for EU migrants as 'racist'

The racists won. So are they happy now?

Alfie Evans' father spent last 10 minutes of his son's life trying to revive him with mouth-to-mouth, family reveals, as supporters claim they have seen tragic boy's face in a cloud

Someone told this woman Sharia law should be banned. She shut them down in the most epic way

Mayor of French ‘Jihadi capital’ calls on the state to stop Islamism from flourishing in his town

Sadiq Khan has led fresh calls for Amber Rudd to resign, as the Home Secretary prepares to fight for her political life over the Windrush scandal

Highest ever number of people in Bradford registered to vote

Trump renews criticism of new US London embassy, calling area 'horrible… lousy'

Facebook working on sleeve device to deliver messages through skin vibrations

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Lad this isn't /b/

Millions of trees at risk in secretive Network Rail felling programme
Smh this is transparent destruction of nature

Might be homo slang, lad

careful lad

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friendly reminder that we create our own reality, "we" being the metaphysical super soul and that is why the jews force racial mixing to destroy our collective existential environment and its emanation from the logos

*starts war with catholic empire and gets thousands of young men killed just so that silesia can be ruled by protestant germans instead of catholic germans*
*begs muslims to attack europe to help him in the 7 years war*
*build shitty bureaucratic state that gets conquered by napoleon in literally a week*


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true tbh


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nth for Zig Forums art like this

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So a paki made up a story about Georgia May Foote because she wouldn't let him rape her


Yuo guise redy 4 maximom LARP

Remainers are the real racists!

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Der Große.

daily reminder your only two options are UKIP or a spoiled ballot. Everything else is democratic submission.

Not sure if this is Steiner or Schizo pretending to be Steiner smh

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the gross

postal voting fraud at unprecedented levels then

why are the Tories so fucking stupid and haven't done anything about this yet?

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good lad, glad someone else recognises he was a memi. you didn't even mention that he was a homo

>starts war with catholic empire and gets thousands of young men killed just so that silesia can be ruled by protestant germans instead of catholic germans

I agree tbh but he wasn't religiously motivated

It was an efficient state though tbh lad

bucky tbh

It was explained in the last thread
They get block votes. If not in Bradford, somewhere else. It's a trade off and they don't want to rile up the muslims. It's a policy of appeasement and we know where that ends

why the fuck do the Tories want to rig the system against themselves?

The real story is that ITV wanted a storyline where she fucked a muslim and converted

I went to watch Avengers: Infinity wars with my brother, lad, no worries. Enjoyed it just for Thanos tbh, it was his film. Great character.

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MI5 not Islamic Sekrit Intelligence Service m9

my mistake, it's the big boys all the same though tbh.

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I enjoyed it too lad

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Expected tbh

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shut it

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That's nice, lad.

Yeah it had no right to be this good keek. It had some of the really shit stuff from the super hero films, but then some really good stuff. I guess we are just starved of decent characters these days so anything we get is a breath of fresh air.

tbh i find myself identifying with the villains far more in these hollyjew movies

The point is that postal votes are an ideal vector for the security services to exploit democratic votes, and the high-level Establishment figures know this, so won't pursue reform.

Didn't you notice it was only UKIP, coincidentally the ones being outdone by postal votes, who were angling for change?

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Is this the last TV drama without any token JCBs? More importantly, is it worth watching? I never bothered when it was on.

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True. MI6 do the destabilisation of foreign governments invent the White Helmets etc and then arrange British citizenship for them when it all goes tits up

tbf from what i've read he tried to micromanage almost every aspect of the state himself and spent a huge amount of time everyday sorting out problems personally which is an impossible task in a country of millions, a feudal relic not fit for a modern nation, he also tried to do some weird state interventions in the economy like make coffee a monopoly and hire spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) to stop people roasting coffee themselves like wtf

Ah cool

I don't go the cinema anymore, I don't want to feed the ziomatrix

I'll torrent it in a few months whenit comes out on DVD

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Pretty sure every kid who liked the Empire more than the Rebels ended up here.

Yeah it was

So you think we have postal votes so that spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) can rig the system?

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tbf i don't know if there's actual proof he was a homo and he had a very messed up childhood which is an indicating factor for homosexuality, i don't think you can blame him if he was since he was psychologically abused repeatedly and his family life was completely unhealthy, pisses me off how much of a cunt he was to his wife though, who was actually a really nice lass

whenever i see him used in nationalist imagery i cringe because he was just a gay liberal at the end of the day

Yeah what a strange choice for the villains in this film and the negro film(from what I have heard). I suppose Thanos has the same goal in the comics and that's why? I don't know

Yeah I just get too easily pulled along by my brothers

Ban please.

This board is free speech


*Unless you post a photo of Mercia

what would you do when the spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) come to get you?

of course lad. Have you not noticed that every time one of /ourguys/ has come close to winning, some postal votes manage to swing it the other way?

Remember Austria a few years back?


Yes he did some odd minor stuff but the fact he was able to field such large armies and raise so much money compared to the size of his population proves its efficiency overall

From reading about his life, what other people (including his friends like Voltaire) thought at the time, and parts of his letters it's about as clare as with any historical figure tbh.

guess you're a pleb then lad tbh

Wrong sweetie.
been reporting most of you lads to HnH for about 8 months tbh

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A-adam is that you?

Are you back?

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is pic 1 actually illegal?

*walks towards you*

Same here lass


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just try and catch me tbh


it's not lad, it was a philo-semetic gesture from May so as to "officially" define "anti-semitism", but it has no basis in law.

It IS you!!

*throws salted peanuts at you*

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every new plotline of the current 22st series is lazy tbh


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Have you not kept up with the gun toting Nordic badass plot twist?

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dismember his arms and legs after anesthetizing him with ether
then ensure he wakes up spinning in the washing machine getting washed to death tbh

Death to Kosher Nationalists

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This tbh. No more bullying or Zig Forums headquarters gets it

I must have missed this


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Where do I apply to write the scripts for 22st

keek lad

0022, licensed to kill

He has a gun and he cleans it


and then eat after deep frying in lard

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milkies, shaken not stirred


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stop being mean to 22st!!!

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Is that Westie with 22st?

straight from mummies teats

they are the uneducated masses and jews/aryans trying to blend in


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Next arc is going to end with some dead Zig Forums characters….

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You don't want to lose your favourite namefag or flagfag do you?

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fucking hell this organisation

That's some mighty shitflinging you're doing there lad
Are you sure you're man enouss?

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Zig Forumsain doesnt suffer tyrants tbh