Brit/pol/ #2304: Night Shift Edition

Ukip leader slams post-Brexit preferential immigration system for EU migrants as 'racist'

The racists won. So are they happy now?

Alfie Evans' father spent last 10 minutes of his son's life trying to revive him with mouth-to-mouth, family reveals, as supporters claim they have seen tragic boy's face in a cloud

PM infuriates Brexiteers by watering down pledge to regain control of Britain's borders with a plan to give EU nationals a deal 'very similar' to free movement

Native Irish red squirrel returns to Kilkenny city thanks to pine marten

Amber Rudd QUITS as Home Secretary to take 'responsibility' for misleading MPs over targets for kicking out illegal immigrants - as critics say she is 'carrying the can' for Theresa May on Windrush

UK could legalise cannabis in next five years say Jewish tycoons hoping to make a fortune out of a booming British pot industry

The Alt Right and the Jews

Meet the 11 young people thrown together for a new reality TV show who are casting a new light on the gender debate in Britain

Three women who flaunt themselves online to attract rich men reveal what it's REALLY like to be a 'sugar baby' - after Tory minister's aide was accused of 'selling sex' on one such site sparking MI5 investigations

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What lad? The site's fucked, I need to bump it from the mod catalog.

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Are they running out of victimhood stories.

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For him

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Anyone seen this movie and know wtf is going on in this scene?

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this is simply not true

girls rooms are always fucking messy also

Do you buy into the idea that Aldous Huxley was connected, and Brave New World was more a manifesto than a warning?

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… people fetishize black women?

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And what did Steiner mean by 'ochre dais'?

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I think I have seen that film, actually. They're all dead and in hell or something.

girls are massive hypocrites though,


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rust colored pedestal

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Good lad

I'm not normally about the mummies, but this one is a 10

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fugggg I found a lot more pics of her but I still can't find her name, it's driving me crazy, she's amazing… I think she's Russian

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Are ham radios a memi lads? I've got some canadian trying to convince me to buy one and I know literally nothing on the subject


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yeah why do you want one? its just a bunch of boomers talking to each other about catching non-boomers who didn't pay the license fee. maybe in the memi happening it would be useful idk. maybe get some nice 4 way radios instead?


I don't really want one tbh, we just stumbled on to the subject. 4 Ways might be worth considering though.

yeah I was considering getting a memifeng but I already have enough gear queer shit to spend time getting good at. besides you get all that stuff and some oldfag will just steal it from you because of muh authority during a disaster. expect the young men to get even worse treatment during the happening

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I had the same thing tbh. But I just fantasised about getting interviewed by Ross Kemp


wakey wakey wagecucks… someone's got to pay for all this

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wagecucks can also look forward to a more enriched retirement than past generations

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you sound like a spic

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she's fucking buttaz though mate

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How can one be both ostracised and fetishised?

Wtf is Stuart Lee banging on about and how many times did he say racist?

Amber Rudd is gone yay!

Feeling good today tbh lads. I think no matter how bad things get, we're going to be okay in the end.

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Even the study they're referring to (which MigrationWatch showed understated the costs anyway) only said that EU-migrants were net contributors. It said that non-EU immigrants had been a huge burden, and 'non-EU' immigrants doesn't even distinguish between other Anglo immigrants like South Africans and Australians, who are by far the most highly employed, and blacks like the 'Windrush generation'.

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anyone else think mister metokur is getting a bit too arrogant

smh you just gave me ptsd from every Wigilia I've ever had

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My foreign Welsh gf used to do this as well smh

filtered for eceleb

filtered you too

its funny how you lads signal your aloof superiority with regards to e-celeb nonsense when most of you do literally nothing to further the interests of british nationalism and lead lives completely antithetical to the teachings of are joe tbqh

who /feels adrift/ here?

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*claims to care about britain*

*spends entire day posting on imageboard*

*claims to care about Britain*

*makes youtube videos*

take the neet pill lad

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we have no alternative right now. to oppose the system in any other way is tantamount to suicide.

lad, raise your game tbh
it's easier to destroy than to create

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you're NEET because you're lazy ambitionless spergs tbh. the great men who are idolized on here would be ashamed if they could see you

will literally be just as shit as rudd


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I actually do have a job
I think the best strategy is to be employed but earn just enough so you've got some walking around money but not enough that you're paying tax. so you get the social befits of having a job but you're not actively paying into the system. then by all your food in the from of VAT free baby food and all your clothes and shoes from charity shops or get second hand from relatives, further reducing your tax food print. then by spicy things from the dank net with memi cyrpto currency.
my end game is to build a hovel somewhere in the woods and live like a hermit

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and more beneficial in the long run
all the great men are long dead and so is the nation that gave birth to them

Cabinet ministers aren't really that influential
the westminster system is called "dictatorship by proxy" as all policy eminates from No. 10.
Which makes sense as you can't have cabinet ministers pulling in different directions with policy.
It's not a very desirable job as if you do anything well the PM gets the credit, and if something does bad you get the blame (which is what happened to Rudd).

and so are you
I wish it was

Good news
Bad News episode
Oh wow
This is how far May will go to say sorry?

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* evicts you and demolishes your hovel *

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he looks like a malteaser

Preparing him to be the next prime minister.

*channel gets taken down*

they will never get to call us racist again

no step on snek

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The Home Secretary is responsible for the internal affairs of England and Wales, and for immigration and citizenship for the United Kingdom. The remit of the Home Office also includes policing in England and Wales and matters of national security, as the Security Service (MI5) is directly accountable to the Home Secretary.

We tried diplomacy. They didnt listen.

Sajid Javid is married to race traitor Laura Claire Javid who ran a Freehold management company with his 6 million relatives

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Last nail in the coffin for Jeremy Corbyn and Labour at the next election tbh. They'll have to replace Jeremy with an ex ISIS LGBTQWXXXSTV, to stand a chance after that.

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They're all filthy race mixing cunts.

the home office is where you're sent to have your career cut short
May is the only Home Secretary to have made it out alive since Callaghan

I genuinely don't think that anyone actually cares

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is that even a thing?

Saudi Arabia

you need to study some history my friend

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tbqh "muslims hate da jews" is a really bad memi
It's purely because of muh palestine

They opened the gates to the Arabs when they invaded Spain and the Middle East, lad, and they supported the Ottoman Empire for a long time as well.

It is a shit posting
Can't remember if this was the documentary I saw on it that talks about it


tbqh the cockerell ones are alright as long as you don't think about ideology
the mechanics of state are interesting, even if the offices are used for evil.