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Watcha ya playing?
Watcha ya waiting for?

Post quintessential British video games.

Bannerlord never ever

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i bucked yer hohol ma


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This games pretty fun it's like a roguelike rpg thing

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It's pretty good tbh but I had to give up on it, too balls-grindingly furstrating

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lol P*ssy

Anyone heard of Post Scriptum? It's set during Market Garden with British Troops vs German SS, it's looking pretty interesting tbh, it's like a mix between Arma and Battlefield.

Couldn't be fuckt tbh


memmies aside, his character is one of the things I really did like about the game tbh. How he is obviously, unabashedly evil and you're absolutely there to redeem his misdeeds.

yeah he was great, find it really funny how much of a dick he is but you don't really feel any remorse in his voice at all besides one or two lines

*changes character design so none of my heroes are black*

Checkmate bigot

hes not black hes just a SWARTHY WORKMAN with a STURDY SHOVEL

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pretty hyped tbh lads

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aka "the other fighting game people remember after Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and Tekken, no not that one, the other one"

Yeah well I'm a massive hipster so deal with it.

Mountain Blade tbh lads

I didn't even notice Thrones of Britannia came out earlier smh

The funny thing about all this is when I google it is how well written and clever the plot is. Not, say, what a pathetic faggot cuck simulator it is.

Why did you play this?

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It's not like it had a warning label on it and I thought it was trying to be a parody.

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Well, the fact that the aliens are portrayed correctly as a bunch of murderous dipshits kind of pointed to that.

Transport Tycoon and X-COM general

reinstalled morrowind after watching memmie videos

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mfw you can't play as Kent in TWS:ToB

Good lad.

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The Morrowind community consistently brings out weird shit and it's great

Stop playing video games

Which M&B Mod is best lads; 1257AD, Viking Conquest or La Guerre de Cent Ans

Out of those three, 1257AD imo.
Brytenwalda is better than Viking Conquest.

Another year, another shit RPG cashing in on isometric cRPG nostalgia.

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Isometric cRPGs are shit though.

A pill not many people have taken smh

They try too hard to ape the games from the 90's and not actually trying to be their own thing also shitty overdone writing and the games being real time and not turned based

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Clearly need to read Zero to One

Summed up the biggest problem with the new torment game
They need to look at the new Divinity rpgs maybe not OS2 tbh

Red Alert 3 (2008)

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You younglads I swear