Brit/pol/ #2305: Gardening Edition

National Gardening Week

Brexit News for Monday 30 April
David Davis warns House of Lords its bid today to allow Parliament to control Brexit would spark a constitutional crisis

Theresa May suffers another key defeat after Lords votes to kill off any prospect of a 'no deal' Brexit

Don’t make the mistake of thinking incels are men’s rights activists – they are so much more dangerous

Vehicle ploughs into police officer outside Elysee Palace in Paris

Butcher told by police to take down saucy signs - even though no one complained

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first for oy vey

because he's a mental fucking kike.

in the UK 90K will get you a flat or terrace in a shitty northern town full of immigrants

I'd probably move to Steinkjer because that is where my job is now



Dr David Duke Speaks for Peace to 50000 Syrians


Not that impressive. It's not like they have homes to go to tbh

doesn't show the crowd either smh

peace isn't gonna involve artillery raining down on Tel Aviv and swarms of Persian and Arabs gang-raping jewish women

Honestly teared up. This is what the hwhiteman was destined for.


I'm useless until I have my coffee, lads

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caffeine is a sin tbh

I hate them so much.

Bibi BTFO big time

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Democrats on suicide watch

You really just hate that they control us

xdddd saaaame

Jews are hated on every level, lad.

Such antisemitism smh

Based president of the Jewish community of Oslo An the biggest anti-racism organisation in Norway that every single person is introduced to through school, and which flags we fly at public buildings and schools

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hate begats hate tbh, if they weren't so insolent towards us, as is shown in the Talmud, I really wouldn't care.

jfc why can't boomers just die already

Lovely daffodils

What are you going to do about it, lad?

Always nice to see them blooming in the wild in Spring.

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I want to ask him some questions if it turns out I'm infertile.



Get yourself a nice Norwegian Elk hound to bite him in the nuts if it turns out you are.
Then you'll have a friend for life

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dogs don't live that long, lad

So make sure they fuck alot so you have lots of pups

>work in a school

Good lad Nige shut down the gay racist asap

Jews btfo

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They employ people to empty coffee machines?

so baste

Let me guess, 90%+ female colleagues almost all of whom are helpless

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It never ends lads

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"Gud heevning an ting bredrins"

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Woah it's like looking in a mirror

Sainsbury's CEO

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jej lad

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Wa'gwarn me brudda mon

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>its a gippo contingent moved in the down the road and harrass you each time you walk down the road but if you retaliated youd be mugged at best and in hospital at worst but the state cant remove the subhuman scum with the utmost brutality because to do so would put them at risk of falling fowl of so called discrimination laws which are enacted to protect an alien population which ceaselessly harrasses and abuses the native population which for a myriad of (((reasons))) cant be discriminated against.



Time was you could get a good old-fashioned community mob down there to chuck stones and wave sticks until the pikeys got the message tbh

Doesnt sound lawful

Is this some 'in joke' with the tories or is there some subliminal, subconscious messaging with their body language?

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Tbh there are no pikeys there are just Irishmen abroad.

But the Alt-Right would defend their continued existence smh.

smdh lad

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they're forming an Illuminati/paedo triangle

The absolute fucking state of Theresa May. Women age like a bag of smashed bananas.


She was probably just forced to resign because Theresa May was jealous of the attention Kwazi was giving her.

Reminds me of a cartoon I used to watch.
One of these days, a tory is going to do a Power Xtreme pose and one of them will turn into a fighter jet.


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7995 hours till Brexit


ok lads this is the most ive ever found

one with 13 but she was a surrogate mother and didnt keep any

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Oh Great. That's just fantastic.
By then my free bus pass will come in a dark blue wallet with 'Made in France' stamped on the back.

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I alway thought that bomb picture was a shop

top kek

At least they're all the same colour this time.

Don't zoom in

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Probably a pikey as well

north east m8 we have mothers day cards with mam on it

I think the contact went to France but some printer fella I was chatting to in the pub last week told me they'll probably be printed in Holland as there's not many machines capable of the complex intaglio printing method used
The machines and companies operating them have also to be in possession of special security certificates issued by governments

My the fuck do I do this to myself?

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Lad she's from Yorkshire…

Don't use a pipe then you silly boy


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Same thing

mom tbh

scottish people say that too

I have to settle for a "mum" one every year and it always irritates me.

It is the first time its happened since 2013

He's outsourcing to PMC's.

take it back lad

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not much point paying attention to anything he says tbh

President Donald Trump should be awarded Nobel Peace Prize, South Korean leader says
this timeline

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What's the difference between a white northerner and a paki northerner?

Not much, they both vote labour, smell like shit and can't speak English

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They can't keep getting away with it tbh

He's also told Israel to stfu
Art of the Deal - Don't like it? Walk away quicktime and don't look back
Jews might try and JFK him

Who knows

ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i wont take that from a jumped up welshman ROOOOOOOOOOOOO

He's going to just contradict himself on twitter in about six hours

Time to get

I'd talk shit about the midlands but I don't know anything about you and nor does anybody else.

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i thought mercia was on the welsh marches your are just civilized taffs

Smh what was it lad?

Trump can go die

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You do looking foreign enough to be classed as welsh