Brit/pol/ #2306: Baste Tories Edition

Brexit News for Tuesday 1 May
Lords defeat Government over leaving with no deal

Sajid Javid to end hostile era for illegal immigrants

Lewisham Council candidate Karen Sunderland suspended for 'Islamophobic' tweets

Labour candidate banned and deleted for saying that no one cares about jews and pakis arguing about each other subverting the west

McDonald's workers go on strike today as workers call for a £10-an-hour living wage

Netanyahu is playing to Trump’s abject ignorance — and it might work

Dennis Rodman claims he's responsible for easing tension between Trump and Kim Jong-un and believes the North Korean leader has had 'a change of heart'

Jordan Peterson On Why Jews Are So Successful - Alex Jones Responds

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Lad I have relatives in South Wales who own stables and they're definitely not posh.


what a time to be alive

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You have to leave the beasts hungry or they just fuck off when sated

had a horse riding, waitrose shopping upper middle class gf in the first year of uni
it was just ok tbqh

More people support than oppose Trump visit to UK

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Masterbrew playing with the one person likely to actually take him to court for slander on Twitter.

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Return of the Migrant Crisis: Greece ‘Overwhelmed’ as Illegals Surge Across Turkish Land Border

I hope they all lose their jobs.

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When did Linustechtips start working at McD's?

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do you post memmies like this to women on facebook?

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I'm in the don't care camp tbh

Whatever you say, you French homo

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I highly doubt that McD's bosses earn £11million a year.

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Fuck off Mark

Who is this Trump they speak of?

Hang on lads

No shit it's paid for by their unions

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That explains a lot tbh

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he's a tory shill so it makes sense

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I don't
Savage Javid was earning £3 million a year for about 5 years at Deutsch Bank b4 entering politics lad
These fuckers earn fortunes. Who else buys the yachts and planes?

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wtf is their problem

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Free votes yo

ukip surge next election tbh

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bit rude that sketch

The most ambitious crossover event in history.

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The only thing I'm hoping the based tories will actually deliver on is voter ID. That and some change to the postal vote system. Make it happen mummy May.

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Just wait for the Far-right and Communists take on the Jews season finale crossover.


never ever tbh

The only solution is to hang ALL the politicians for treason, corruption and vote rigging
It will come to pass

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UKIP surge underway 1 point

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iirc there was some blokes in NZ that got married so they could get government tax cuts.

this country is doomed
none of those parties would ever do the necessary thing and end the fiat GBP & our financial slavery

Rather pay the tax or register to pay tax in another place than the big alimony at the end. Fucking mugs.
Why are men so gullible?

Perfect example of why all this gender stuff is bullshit and will be exploited.

There's also this.

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as in got married to each other

He's saying blokes would marry their mate for a tax break you gimp

holy shit land of bright ideas down there

At least half of the world's population needs to burn.

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It's just jealous wog thots tbh

Shape Shifting caught on tape 2-28-2014


3/4% is huge for a dead party. Just yesterday a Tory councillor defected to UKIP as well. Best we have by a country mile, at this rate I think they'll be at 8-10% this time next year, they're literally the only alternative to the tories and the whole "we need to keep out labour" argument is wearing thin since the Tories offer basically the same platform.

keep the faith tbh

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Any of you lads have this thing?


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actually it's a bloke who started it.

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that's right

I really wish it wasn't purple and gold, it really removes the punch to any message.

Take your meds lad.

Rather offended he's wearing western clothes and a western styled baseball cap tbh, as well as using western technology to take a picture of himself, smh #mycultureisnotanaccessory

lol, imagine actually giving a shit what xenos think or actually thinking it's necessary to respond to their whining with rational argumetn

smh lads I hope none of you ever use a postal ZIP code, that's appropriating Ukrainian culture


I hope you don't eat bread. That's hohols appropriating human culture

>Using my language

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smh stop appropriating Roman culture

should be white and red like based english democrats


lmao at all the wh*Toid subhumans ITT

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Kek. Who are you, lad?

Is this pro-EU art? If so they've made themselves look like the bad guys.

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Very nice tbh

baist french puppet dynasty

lawful rightful kings > whig (amsterdam jewry) puppet dynasty

Don't get how wearing a dress is cultural appropriation, if she ate his dog then murdered half his family with industrial smog then maybe I'd understand but apart from that…

Tbh lads I wholeheartedly believe 1st of may was chosen as 'workers day' as it undermines and overshadows traditional may day celebrations which are very indo european. I didn't even know it was workers day until a few years back, I grew up so sheltered smh. Knew about maypoles though
Triggering to know they stole a bit of my and our history and heritage for literal fucking marxism

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this is a semen retention board

The cunt is trying to justify it as though it has cultural significance like a kilt would.
It's not a cultural item at all.

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except for posh girls

only missionary with the purpose of procreation

I hope my penis works

kill me tbh

If only it were possible to poison every person who ever sat in the QT audience.

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this is literally what Dutch Billy III and the whigs did lad

centrist man to the rescue

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Anyone with an alexa should be shot

even the Son of God was killed by the masses for speaking the truth

He was invited by the Parliament representing England
Who /PostCollapseWarlord/ here

They have a monopoly on traffic when it comes to stupid anti-white tweets.

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Come on, do it. DO IT.


This is just about silly enough to have actually come from the EU side tbh

bit racist, lad. Let him challenge us with something the nigs have a chance of surviving