Brit/pol/ #2307: 22st Will Never Die Edition

Brexit News for Tuesday 1 May

Sajid Javid to end hostile era for illegal immigrants

Lewisham Council candidate Karen Sunderland suspended for 'Islamophobic' tweets

Labour candidate banned and deleted for saying that no one cares about jews and pakis arguing about each other subverting the west

McDonald's workers go on strike today as workers call for a £10-an-hour living wage

Netanyahu is playing to Trump’s abject ignorance — and it might work

Dennis Rodman claims he's responsible for easing tension between Trump and Kim Jong-un and believes the North Korean leader has had 'a change of heart'

Jordan Peterson On Why Jews Are So Successful - Alex Jones Responds

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For him

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For him

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kek, did you make that?

fucking good ,lad

First for emergent Celto-Brythonic cyberentelechy

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Labour: Row over inclusion of trans women in all-women shortlists

RBS to shut 162 branches with loss of almost 800 jobs

Paris burns: Hundreds are arrested as anti-capitalist rioters attack buildings, torch vehicles and loot McDonald's in Paris

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U.S. Officials: Israeli F-15s Struck Syrian Base Storing Iranian Anti-aircraft Missiles

nicked it tbh

smh attacking embassies will provoke an immediate American response

Where did this memi about wews being a rent boy come from? Did he really sell his haggis hole?

The ARYAN genocide is taking too long. How can we speed things up?

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Oh shit is John Oliver Jewish?
He looks Jewish af in that pic

more like telegony am I right ;^)

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anyone else given it a try? I've had the fine ale it's quite nice tbh but not the best

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I> never knew it was a gay song. bugger me. lol

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That's a quintessentially ANGLO phenotype.

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I don't think my grandfather is a british citizen, he said he got a letter about becoming a british citizen and he threw it away lol

he looks jewie as fuck but he denies it

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Worst edition

22st is more than a mere man, he is an idea, and you can't ban an idea

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boo hoo

Told you lads earlier to keep the faith, we're at 5% already, the quoted poll had us at 3%.


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nuke the normalcattle reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

every second that there is no global thermonuclear war is a wasted second

I may have been wrong about Bolton, but I told you lads UKIP wasn't dead just yet. A sacrifice like Nutt's cannot have been in vain.

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which one are you?

which one are you?

based Posadism

we'll see

==Adnan Oktar and his 'kittens.' Global Ltd
Orgies, Blackmail and anti-Semitism: Inside the Islamic Cult Whose Leader Is Embraced by Israeli Figures==
He has a harem of scantily clad 'kittens,' claims the U.K. 'deep state' brought Hitler to power and is accused of sex slavery. What draws Israeli politicians and rabbis to Turkish cult leader Adnan Oktar?

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/ourlad/ will btfo the muslims tbh

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He's pretty good tbh, gives me hope
Not sure how he comes across to the idiot normie public though

We need to memi him more

He died for our sins

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His dye job makes me uneasy tbh, looks weird

I'm the good Herts that made loads of Mosley/Powell/Harris webms and OC

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esoteric moomin nationalism

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Look at the Russian military, they're almost all white, every face is a patriotic ordodogs memmiestian Slav ready to die for the motherland. Look at the US military, they're 56% buttfuckers that love Israel.

Blimpf is a cuck, take the Slavonic March pill

Next you'll be telling us SA is gay

*brings millions of central asians into moscow*
based saviour of the white race putin

You lads seen these Hues get BTFO'd?

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Also someone pls post the finished edition of the Saint Nuttall pic

Squirrelthe gay crossdressing self hating German who works for antifa and LARPs as a British nationalist
Too many furriners on this board tbh and too many from /newbrit/

I don't trust Putin or Dugin at all, but they're much better than the Feds and EU

I would go full Fifth Column and facilitate the russian invasion if it meant we got qts like this tbh


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how many different kind of "bols" are there now?

I'm as dafty as they get, but even I think everything that ends in "bol" is fucking stupid

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>and too many from /newbrit/
Ban one and everybody kvetches

i was having those feels big today, i hate the obese most of all tbh

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I'm one of the crypt-Slav lads, lad

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ur just taking it too seriously xdddd

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wew wasn't expecting that

How about Feudbol? Feudalist Bolshevism. memmies aside, I would unironically describe myself as an Aryan Jingoist Neofeudalist or National Feudalist.

it's so easy not to be fat how the fuck can they stand to look in the mirror ffs

Daily reminder:
It's a bastard when you do it by accident.
It's an even right evil cunt when someone does it to you on purpose.


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I can't tell if vegans are trying to go full 1984 or if they're just actually that stupid

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The deanos need to be gassed as well

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How does one stub someone else's toe

Good lad

I've been shilling him on facebook and got one video with 250k views and another with 150k. People love the bloke. Like I said I can see UKIP at about 8-10% this time next year.

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relevant Mosley tbh

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Is that westie?


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Little toe is the worst. Did it so hard on on a metal legged bed one day thought I was going to have to cut my leg off because of the pain

No I'm just a kind young man who works as a bartender and is struggling to make his place in the world.

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bet it doesnt have a complete amino acid profile so like all vegan shyte they cant survive on it without supplements


Can't remember ever banging my toe into anything. You lads must be clumsy mongs

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You kick them, but you have to be accurate.
Works better on mouthy deanos or pakis wearing flip flops tbh.

Always wear boots tbh


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I'm White Juche and Bogbol tbh

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Is 19 a man in our society? We don't really have any coming of age rituals.

tbh Westie has switched to using yorkshire I think

these things happen when you leave the house

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t. 3 year old

Most people wear shoes outside tbh

If only he'd join forces with AMW and reunite the dissident UK Right, forming the ultimate dafty/LOCAL alliance, then our victory would be asured

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shoes are footprisons tbh
this message brought to you by ANPRIM GANG

*blocks your path*

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Well lads looks like the nightshift's starting, I'll see you on the morrow

He looks a little bit low-energy and odd tbh but on the other hand he iis good at not being flustered

I've done that too.
It's a horrible delayed pain.

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Shoes aren't the enemy lad it's the jewish strings that strangle your feet. Take the bigboyshoepill

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night lad

Yeah, he doesn't have the passion or charisma needed to get normie's interest. He appeals to use because we all already agree, but is he going to be good at bringing over fence sitters?

good lad

Are you in year 7?

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Night night

I think that was the joke lad…