Trump Supporters Live In An Ignorant Bubble Of Fear

An insignificant minority seldom or never meet people from another race, and they prize sameness, not difference.

Most Americans do not live in a totalizing bubble. They regularly encounter people of different races, ideologies, and religions. For the most part, they view these interactions as positive, or at least neutral.

Yet according to a new study by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) and The Atlantic, a significant minority of Americans do not live this way. They seldom or never meet people of another race. They dislike interacting with people who don’t share their political beliefs. And when they imagine the life they want for their children, they prize sameness, not difference. Education and geography seemed to make a big difference in how people think about these issues, and in some cases, so did age.

One of the many questions the Trump era has raised is whether Americans actually want a pluralistic society, where people are free to be themselves and still live side by side with others who aren’t like them. U.S. political discourse is filled with nasty rhetoric that rejects the value of diversity outright. Yet, theoretically, pluralism is good for democracy: In a political era when the vast majority of Americans believe the country is divided over issues of race, politics, and religion, relationships across lines of difference could foster empathy and civility. These survey results suggest that Americans are deeply ambivalent about the role of diversity in their families, friendships, and civic communities. Some people, it seems, prefer to stay in their bubble.

Read: It was cultural anxiety that drove white, working-class voters to Trump

In terms of both geography and culture, America is largely sorted by political identity. In a representative, random survey of slightly more than 1,000 people taken in December, PRRI and The Atlantic found that just under a quarter of Americans say they seldom or never interact with people who don’t share their partisan affiliation. Black and Hispanic people were more likely than whites to describe their lives this way, although education made a big difference among whites: 27 percent of non-college-educated whites said they seldom or never encounter people from a different political party, compared with just 6 percent of college-educated whites.

Even those Americans who regularly encounter political diversity don’t necessarily choose it, however. Democrats, independents, and Republicans seem to mingle most in spaces where people don’t have much of an option about being there. According to the survey, roughly three-quarters of Americans’ interactions with people from another political party happen at work. Other spheres of life are significantly more politically divided: Less than half of respondents said they encounter political differences among their friends. Only 39 percent said they see political diversity within their families, and vanishingly few people said they encounter ideological diversity at religious services or community meetings. Traditionally, researchers have seen these spaces as places where people can build strong relationships and practice the habits of democracy. The PRRI/Atlantic findings add to growing evidence that these institutions are becoming weaker—or, at the very least, more segregated by identity. “If you’re thinking from a participatory democracy model, you would hope to see these numbers much higher,” said Robert P. Jones, the CEO of PRRI.

Even Americans who are exposed to people from a different political party might not want to get too close. Almost one in five of the survey respondents said their interactions with people of a different political party are negative. This may be a reflection of deepening partisanship in America: Party affiliation influences not just how people vote, but cultural decisions such as what to buy or watch on television, said Lilliana Mason, an assistant professor at the University of Maryland. “As these other social identities have moved into alignment with partisanship, we’re seeing more animosity across partisan lines—not necessarily because we’re disagreeing about things, but because we believe the [person from the] other party is an outsider, socially and culturally, from us,” she said. “It also becomes really easy to dehumanize people who we don’t have identities in common with.” In recent decades, social scientists have seen increased use of the language of dehumanization, Mason said: people calling their political opponents monsters, animals, or demons, for example.

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yep chans are full of em, terrified of everything different and proud of it, proud of being small dicked virgins that women glare at on the street and children cry at the sight of
there is a lot of worthless detritus in america eager to point fingers at others for their lifestyles, while the irony is if they were all rounded up and gassed overnight, nothing of value would be lost

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get the fuck outta here shlomo, everyone with a fucking brain knows that the only ones that still support Dup are unironic israeli/burgerkike jews.

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says the marshmallow boy in the bubble

Bumping REAL News !!!


you complain about 'mexicans'………
but you've NEVER had any interaction with them,
good bad or otherwise. Your life has never been
negatively effected by a Mexican, legal or illegal.

You gripe about Jews……..
You have NEVER interacted with Jews at all.
You wouldn't know a Jew if you met one.
All of your bullshit complaints are simply parroted
nonsense that you read somewhere, and repeat like a trend-following lemming.

You 'hate' blacks……..
But you NEVER actually deal with them
because 'you sit isolated in your room

You're sedentary, inexperienced, isolated losers

Your computers DO NOT equate to experience

you are toddlers, trapped in computer chairs

fuck you



I always see imageboard losers claiming that IMAGEBOARD CULTURE is what got Trump elected

Hahahahahaha hahaha!!!!!!!

The survey is equating not living with many different people with hating different people.

Black and Hispanic people were more likely than whites to describe their lives this way
This article is a fraud.

lol hahaha sure

I interact with all 3 regularly. Of the 3 groups, the blacks tend to act the most like decent human beings

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that makes you the exception to the rule in 'imageboard culture's

and it REALLY separates you from the average Trump supporter

I do applaud the kike beasts for weaponizing the the word bubble against us. After decades of calling them out for it, they just deflect the shit out of it.

These words are the official slogans of the Party, and are inscribed in massive letters on the white pyramid of the Ministry of Truth, as Winston observes in Book One, Chapter I. Because it is introduced so early in the novel, this creed serves as the reader’s first introduction to the idea of doublethink. By weakening the independence and strength of individuals’ minds and forcing them to live in a constant state of propaganda-induced fear, the Party is able to force its subjects to accept anything it decrees, even if it is entirely illogical…

1984 describes the Democratic party EXACTLY

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I copied that straight from the article. The conclusions reach beyond the data or pose it in one way. I could just as easily write "black and Hispanic Americans do not like other races therefore they are racist" or even "majority of Americans are integrated." The findings are being used to point a specific view, a sign of bias

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I never even got to include Gays, Females, Muslims, etc etc etc

Oddly enough, I get along with just about EVERYBODY, and anyone who can't is denying the fact that the real problem is THEM, not the 'other people'….

um yea your Liberal friends are like 100x more likely to remove trump supporter on social media then vice versa.

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That's how it always's why i hide being libertarian, because even that's bad to them

I can see your argument and yeah this bloated corpse of a shit society would be better without us, but here is the thing we're better without this shit society

A G A I N : mushrooms who sit on their ass
isolated in a cocoon, playing their
videogames, watching anime, and
posting in imageboards, thinking
that they are experiencing life, all
the while angry and resentful that
society acts & looks nothing like them



fuck the article


the fact that with each passing day, the world outside of your cocoon resembles you less and less

it's not the world's fault that you don't fit in


lol obviously, this is the only place where you'll find similarly failed adult makes.

leave Zig Forums, and suddenly you're the butt of the joke again

Imageboard birds of a feather

of course you find reassurance in here
no matter how false it may be

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I get along just fine with blacks. Not ALL of them, of course, but for the most part I can shoot the shit with them and laugh and get along just fine.

Same with Latinos

Same with Arabs, or Asians or Gays or ANYBODY


Being ignorant is one thing, but you’ve got to be some kind of retard if you’re not a little fearful, the way things are going.

It's a big, crazy, diverse world

and just like germs, if you live your life sheltered and protected from the pathogens, you are extremely vulnerable to them….

The world DOES NOT resemble you, and the more isolated you become, the less 'life' you live


I've never seen FEAR be an effective tool

there's a huge difference between REALISTIC CAUTION BASED ON REAL-LIFE EXPERIENCE and blind fear….

and you'll never attain the real life experience in a safety zone bubble

I never said 'diversity is our strength', or any other trendy catchphrase.


is measured by our ability to interact with unfamiliar elements, and learn from it

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Where did I say we should use fear as a tool?
Where did I say blind fear?
Where did I suggest that we should hide in a safe space?
Fear is a natural response to danger, and it helps spur people into action.
By the way, you type like a boomer and your reddit spacing gives you away even more.

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When you look at the founding of the country and you don't see you or any of your shitskin selves setting up the pillars of the country so in your desperate attempt to change it you mock those who did with illegal claims that you are the creators of those who created the freedoms you have but scream when you see that you are a false prophet shrieking in the night. Silence yourself you twisted naive.

Take your meds, liberal scum

How does it feel to know you'll still never be white, Moshe?

honestly ?…………


what 'majority of voters'?……..

Trump lost the popular vote
time to go play another videogame

The chief editor of the Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg, chose to leave the United States to serve in the Israel Defense Force as a prison camp guard of Palestinians, to be among people who only share his ideology (and mostly his race) rather than serve in the US military among a diversity of people.

Anything on this topic approved by his desk has no moral credibility. As usual, the hypocrisy of the Jew is his primary prosecutor and invalidation.

It is documented that diversity exposure leads to insularity (and community erosion) and not a broadening of social acceptance and perspectives.

considering the fact that white(trash)s have penises that are almost as small as Asians, that women aren't interested in them, and whites don't control a good damn thing…..

yeah…. far, FAR superior in every way

and thanks for asking

why does the liberal breitbart and daily mail hate america?

A: America fucking SUCKS

Those lucky fucking mother fuckers.
Where are these racially and culturally harmonious places? I want to move there.

I would love to live in a country that wasnt divided in to different races working against each other.

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I have a lot of experience with niggers and Jews: both Orthodox and Reform.

Niggers can be clocked by simple observation of statistics: national and local crime stats; STD stats: poverty stats; single parent stats, etc. If you are forced to interact with them, that will also Red Pill most Whites who get close. The negros who are not monkey level retarded will generally be sexually stimulated by violence to a degree, which even if they control it can be observed with how they spend their free time in their daily lives. They will not be repulsed by things that the vast majority of sane White people are repulsed by. They are highly social as a group, to a sociopathic degree, and can and do easily fool Whites who have little experience with them. In the same vein, they are great at duping naive Whites into being victims of their schemes once they feel like they have earned your trust. The homosexual and bisexual rate is also extremely high, probably as a result of over-amped testosterone production that cannot find enough relief with women only .

Most Jews are easy to get along with in daily life, however neurosis runs high and they tend to have difficulty controlling their anger and other emotions. This leads to a high occurrence of nasty individuals among the ones that are truly good people (also a high rate of occurrence). Notions of Jewish racial supremacy run high, along with a strong impulse to hide it, which leads to a lot of disingenuous fronting combined with an impulse to exploit non-Jews if the opportunity arises. If the gentile catches onto the exploitation, which the Jew feels entitled to as a Jew due to his scripture, or bucks against it then that famous Jewish anger control issue and the resultant resentment starts setting in. Jews will keep a grudge, for something that you long ago forgot about, longer than you can breath.They will also keep track of any generosity they have lent you, even when it is casual culture for gentiles (a casual meal, etc). In all, I tend to like Jews as individuals. It merely pays to be wary of anything that can cause them to be resentful or jealous (they tend to be at once supremacists and they nurse feelings of cultural exclusion), and their threshold will often be lower than you are used to. This does not apply to all of them, and does apply to some White people as well, but it does tend to especially apply to them in my observation. Its likely the result of neurosis + scripture.

All that being said, the Jewish scripture is truly anti-gentile and nasty to the point of calls for mass gentile genocide. No one needs to know Jews to know enough to be disgusted by their belief system, contrary to what this faggot who I am responding to claims about the value of knowing them.

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SUPERIOR……. in every way


which is exactly why NO MOTHER ever tells her daughter to 'find a nice white guy and settle down'

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Except that the vote was never made for non-Whites, and is only facilitated by Whites. You can't rule in a system that you can not successfully replicate or control without support. This system can and will be ended at any time after Whites start losing elections with no hope of again winning them. This can occur simply by their absence from the system by choice or genocide.

lol @ Trump losing the popular vote

the ONLY reason he got elected:
Jews control the Electoral College

Its not hard to be superior to highly violent sociopaths with sexual control problems. In fact, the absence of those traits is the mark of being legitimately human.

As far as Jews go, they are the ones with a genocidal supremacist ideology. Calling someone who notices "superior obviously" as some sort of attempted argument makes you a chimp. If they would drop the genocidal supremacy, then they would have many less issues to include people like me noticing them.

well then america is failed and you shouldn't be complaining about jews when you're all subhuman chimps

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q: what's the weather like down there?

in my shadow

God DAMMIT I hate fat bitches

everywhere I look…. FAT BITCHES

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Racial division psyop for race war.


if only you had the external perspective required to see how predictable all of your 'psyop' type catchphrases are

I'm sure you're the type of trend-following douchebag that thinks everything is a false flag psyop conspiracy

that must be a lot easier for you to pallette than simply accepting the role YOU played in your own laughable failures in life

you've become quite skilled at blaming external forces, but you've got zero experience with accountability

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My close cousin, and his fathers side of the family, are all Mexicans. I also grew up in a California slum, complete with Mexicans (and not much else, honestly.) Funny enough, my complaints are the same as theirs when it comes to the worst of their kin. Illegal entry, alcoholism, whore-mongering and a general "you owe US, this is OUR land" mentality.

Every year I go and do some volunteer kitchen work with a family from Israel. They're anti-Zionist, which is why they fled their home country for the US. So again, they and I share our views on the worst of their kin.

My cousin Alex is a half black kid, and I love him very much. Same goes for Fernando (a half Mexican, half white) Durand, and Micheal (his full black brothers). Then there's a guy who goes my the name "Spinach", a big old black dude who reads more books in a month than most the people on this site have read in their life. Those 4 are close friends, whom I speak with weekly at least. They also know that their own kind can be prone to manipulation and chimping out as a part of that manipulation.

Says someone who spends far too much time telling others what he thinks of them, while on the internet. Every. Single. News article. Get a fucking life, you loser.

*Fernando (a half Mexican, half black) is what I meant to say. Sage for the double post.


Honey please you are killing me

Hillary's doesn't

My point is that your opinions are shit, but nice goalpost moving. Additionally, to address your now-moved goalpost, the things you claim as racist are the things that people of these various races agree with me on. Are they racist as well? Feel free to address your initial point about us all being shut-ins btw. I know you lost the point to a direct counter, but try harder.


Study says you're predictably triggered and pushing division politics.


But you just attempted to push division politics. Do you self-reflect at all? Or does the NEET life not allow for that kind of time?

Hey don't blame your post on me. Getting desperate are you.

Most people like to feel as if they are important, even in some small way – like their actions really do matter. Protip: They aren't, and they don't. Still, people like to feel that way. It strokes their ego – and Ego likes to be stroked. Even people as harmless and innocuous as Killcen fall for the utter bullshit that Ego lays on us all.

>Oddly enough, I get along with just about EVERYBODY, and anyone who can't is denying the fact that the real problem is THEM, not the 'other people'….
While the latter part of this statement is both self-evident and obviously TRUE, I cannot resist expressing some doubt as to the veracity of the first part of this statement, having seen you in action around here for awhile! Lel!

I know them feels! Of course, having never tried to "fit in" anywhere myself, my levels of apathy on this matter are quite high. Nonetheless, I do find it fascinating that those who label themselves as "Libertarians" find me far too much af an anarchist to ever be able to "fit in" with their crowd; while those who label themselves as "Anarchists" find me far too much of a Libertarian to ever "fit in" with their crowd! Lucky I never wanted to be able to "fit in" anywhere, eh? Giving a shit what other people think must be tiring! Glad I don't! Wish I didn't care so much! But Ego tricks me there too! Turns out that both giving a shit and not giving a shit are merely devices by Ego to convince you that you are somehow important in your relationships with 'other' entities – yes, I said "entities", because Ego likes to convince you that you are an "entity", that you have "agency", and that "other" 'agencies' or 'entities' are either at odds with your 'entity', or have similar ideals and aims – but Ego is always about separation – the 'other' is different, alien, not to be fully trusted, can't see things as clearly as "I" do, etc., etc.
OK, I was going down through and commenting on posts ITT, then the rest of the thread pretty much devolved, and can actually summed up in this:
tl;dr You're all a bunch of fat sedentary bitches who couldn't get laid to save your souls. You've had little contact with other humans, certainly none different than yourselves, and you have no clue about anything important in life because you do not see things the way I do.
Did I about sum that up right?
Or does Ego have something else to say?

While I was writing this lengthy tome the thread got anchored! Lucky I didn't have anything important to say, eh? Now if only I can find an IP that hasn't been already "JN" banned! Trying again for a fifth time, because I obviously still think I have something important to say in a dying thread – a dying world..

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dak dak dak dak dak dak dak

sounds exactly like white people, tbqh

The rest of your post proves my point perfectly

being a shitty, worthless, bottom-of-the-barrel human has nothing to do with color or life circumstances



I'm amazed it lasted as long as it did before getting anchored… I certainly didn't create any threads today 'to last'

I wish I lived in a bubble. It's pretty tiring seeing all these jewish tricks, especially since they ramped it up in the last few years

I'm surprised he only anchored this thread and the super bowl vs Jesus happiness thread, but didn't touch the Church Kicks Off Sesquicentennial Celebration thread, or the Couple's Renew Wedding Vows At The Opera thread, or the Lego Arm thread….

I'm bored as FUCK


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I'm always amazed at how attached we humans get to the erroneous idea that there is any sort of permanence to anything in life! I'm surprised that people like Killcen are so attached to things like "sliden threads", or some other such nonsense, over which he has little control and even less actual effect on human thought or behavior – but I am even more surprised that people like me, who supposedly revel in the impermanence of everything, are also affected when I feel like the world doesn't want to listen to what I have to say! It doesn't stop me from saying it and convincing myself that I don't give a shit, but I still hold it against "them" that "they" don't!

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He just hates you.
His laziness knows no bounds.
Every ban I get is just labelled "JN".
Everybody I don't like is JN.


You're gonna give Killcen a fucking stroke today, Johnny!
Also, anchoring this thread will not keep me from filling their servers with whatever the hell I like! This is now a high-resolution wallpaper thread! Or a post-whatever-you-want thread!
They all are.

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Posts a phone wallpaper.
Faggot confirmed.

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