Average tax refund down 17 percent, IRS reports


"The average tax refund issued so far this year is down by 17 percent, the IRS said, a steep decline that promises more headaches for Republican lawmakers.

The agency released data late Friday showing refunds are down for the third consecutive week, with the typical payment made through Feb. 15 totaling $2,703, compared to $3,256 during the same period last year.

Unveiling new withholding tables last year, to account for the new law, Mnuchin called accusations by Democrats that the administration would drive down refunds “ridiculous.”"

right into the pockets of Trump's buddies…fools

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The rich deserve it. They deserve my wife too.

t. capitalist.

You should have withholdings set to give you close to zero return. Waste of dubs.

Stupid fucking people. IF you get money back that is just money you gave Uncle Nigger Loving Jew. THAT's your money you stupid fucks. They modified the withholding table you nigger tier stupid faggots. The less they withhold the less they give back the more money you have weekly to spend. The tax plan gives you more money if you have children and a larger standard deduction. Fucking idiots.

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Wait doesn't that mean that people had to pay less taxes?
t. NEET so I wouldn't know lol

So you're parents pay it?

Most of it. I pay back with cooking and cleaning in the house, so it's all good hombre.

*By most I mean all of it pretty much. Sometimes money trickles in through me because stocks .

I prefer to have less money taken out of my wages all year. Much better than the gov "giving" me a "refund". If you liked paying more out of each paycheck, maybe you have a saving problem not a tax problem.

reminder that about 85% of the tax cut money went to the rich. The 99% of people who aren't rich got to split the remaining 15% of the tax cut between themselves. Remember when trump said you should believe him when he said the new tax bill would not be good for rich people like him? But then aside from giving most of the cuts to the rich, he also significantly reduced the inheritance tax for rich people too, so they could save millions more per individual rich person? Yeah, I remember.

I had to pay taxes on my SSI payments. I can’t even live on them.

STUPID LIBERALS learn how taxes work

they took out less taxes EVERY WEEK
and many got raises due to the tax cuts

I got a larger tax refund $300 more then last year while making almost the same but more from self employment and subject to self employment taxes so my refund would of been closer to $100 more. Wife made more more per hour because to a raise due to the the tax cuts…

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closer to $1000 more

Trump haters think its better to give the government a interest free year long loan and get a larger refund
then have less withheld and they have the nerve to call us stupid, lol

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The fact that people expect to get refunds at all from taxes is carny as fuck and should tell you all about how the system is broken. Should have a set percentage deducted from each paycheck, non-negotiable or refundable, and if you're self-employed you're on your own.

Self-employed here (and I mean ACTUALLY, not just unemployed) and the tax scam that the redumblicans rolled out is a joke. Most of the cuts are for businesses (i.e. rich fucks) and if you itemize (like I did) you get fucked by the standard deduction. They got rid of the exemption (was like $4150 per person last year) so it's all lies that only someone who actually knows the taxcode will know about.

No shit Sherlock

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so thanks to trump giving huge tax cuts to the wealthy, peanuts to the middle class, the deficit is YUUUGE! Tremendous! The highest it's ever been. That can't last. Taxes will have to go up. Guess who will be paying more taxes in a few years? (hint: not the rich)

don't need to post it again, just see OP image.

The middle class got an average of $3,000 more per year, not like you would know, because your mothers chicken tendies are tax-free.

I question just how many shills in this thread are even posting from the United States. I propose that Zig Forums should implement involuntary flags on each post. You can go ahead and tag mine with the TorFriend flag.

God the Left is retarded. You pay way less throughout the year.

It's hard to believe but some people consider tax returns a great way to save money. A retarded savings account with no interest, lost value to inflation, can't withdraw when needed to avoid borrowing with interest, can't invest the money to make more money, etc. I guess the hope is that these same retards will believe they lost money.

go away trumptard.

870 dollars if you're making between 50-75k. that's peanuts. Notice how it says the rich get 3.3 percent, while the middle class get 1.6. Why? Why did trump make it so that richer people get a higher percentage back? if the rich also got 1.6% back, they'd still be getting more back than the middle class, just because they're working with larger pay base, so why wasn't that enough? Why did trump have to give rich people even more back? And now the deficit is the biggest ever. Like I said, guess who's going to be paying it back? You and your kids, and their kids, unless you're rich. The middle class always gets screwed on taxes both ways, they get the measliest when there are cuts and pay the largest share when they go up.

god the right is retarded. they're praising trump's tax scam that was set up to benefit mostly himself and his family and elite circle, after he said it was going to be all about the middle class and that rich folks like him would hate it.
He also said he was going to drain the swamp, but this is just another example of how trump has turned shitdrains on full blast as he fills it up to TREMENDOUS levels.