Brit/pol/ #2308: Death to Lords Freedom for Britain Edition

Nigel Farage calls for a referendum 'on the abolition of the House of Lords' over Brexit defeats

Brexit News for Wednesday 2 May
Brexiteers warn May not to back customs partnership

Labour outraged as Ukip accuses party of ignoring child sex abuse across the country

Labour: Row over inclusion of trans women in all-women shortlists

Crowd pickets Brent Council against 'forced relocation' of residents with housing needs

RBS to shut 162 branches with loss of almost 800 jobs

One man killed and another injured in latest London shootings

London's Boris bikes cycle scheme investigation: Public subsidy works out at £17,000 per bike, or £3 ride

'''Man in court for having potato peeler in public place'''

Death of beautician, 19, who took Ecstasy, cocaine and hippy crack and downed vodka on weekend away was 'every parent's worst nightmare'

Paris burns: Hundreds are arrested as anti-capitalist rioters attack buildings, torch vehicles and loot McDonald's in Paris

U.S. Officials: Israeli F-15s Struck Syrian Base Storing Iranian Anti-aircraft Missiles

The idea that all humans evolved from a small population in East Africa turns out to be wrong. Our beginnings were far stranger

CEO of biomedical company who staged live demonstration of a purported gene-therapy treatment for HIV where the 'Biohacker' injected himself with a DIY herpes treatment found dead in a flotation tank

K-pop standing down: South Korea to remove speakers that blasted North Korea for decades

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>"extreme brexiteer bullies :(((((((("

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Reminder SA is a faggot

Good lad.

But you are the disc0rd owner, lad, so how come the disc0rd is raiding then?

>"you own it"

You created the Bongo Bongo Land lad
What are you on about?


You've your own one now.


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Thready reminder that opsec matters
Thready reminder Dickcord will rape the shit out of your user date and is one of the dumbest places to talk online, especially if you're into spicy things like we are
Thready reminder that Dogs >> Cats

okay, thank you.

What are you on about?
I'm part of the teamspeak you faggot

Netanyahu reminds me of a bad nineteen seventies used car salesman. It is really cringy. I'm really surprised Cuomo on CNN brought up the fact that Israel will not disclose whether it has nukes.

SA's about to drunk mass ban people again


Haven't the Scouts included girls for years now?

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But he's from Dublin, not London



Do the girl scouts include boys now?

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yeah but now its topical so they'll milk it for free poz publicity.

Eww.. no! that would be unfair to girls. Girls need their own space!

hah that music

afaik no, the girl guides are still their own thing.

We need a new group for the youth tbh, combination of Baden-Powell's original ideas with muscular christianity tbqh
The new form of it is so fucking pozzed.




Rainy day. Got soaked, then dried off, then soaked again, all for £8 an hour. Bit shit tbh.

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daily reminder that bongo bongo cabalists are gay homos


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Honey I'm home

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No shit you can't see brain damage.


what do you do lad?

Give em forced military service for 2 years and before that have them in Cadets every Saturday morning.

I sat in Beefeater and had a £5 Burger and chips tbh, got it double stacked for free because I know one of the chefs.

Only Bongo Bongo Land lot are /newbrit/ and some of the left overs from the sekrit Bongo Bongo Land tbh

been there lad, cut my eye open and got my finger nails ripped off my last two fingers of my right hand for 10 an hour with my "white privilege"

Lad Scouts start at 12 iirc

Is cadets pozzed yet?

the sekrit bongo bongo was in the halcyon days of Zig Forums before the fall of monarch in the north and the rise of mercia. but even this was but a passing dream since the days when old statham poster walked the valleys

as pozzed as the actual military

Hi GCHQ! I drive a forklift as all my other qualifications are pretty much useless.

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Well that depends then lad, the officers are pozzed but the lads aren't.

*dominates you*

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I miss ginnie

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what a bully

The secret Bongo Bongo Land orchestrated all that tbh, I miss it, Rainbow Six Siege nights were great.

apart from Statham poster, what was his problem?

Cadets from 12, and then into actual military service after they finish school



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oh shit

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tbqh for years, Kanye has railed against wogs being caricatures of what the jews portray them to be


the nigger rises against his true master finally

tbf it'd be quite easy to get the wogs to switch their hate from wypipo to the kikes tbh

that is the most trailer trash name for a doggo tbh

looking forward to that day tbh


Looks like a good dogg tbh. Shame they lop their ears and tails off.

yeah I hate how they make them look all "tough"

I know that feeling. Spent years as an unqualified tree surgeon working for the most dodgy business going for less money than I'm on now. I'm still surprised I came out of that job with nothing but a few scars. This white privilege thing has been working wonders.

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Half the time you see the "fkn wypipo smh" stuff it's usually a kike that they're going after.

I am glad I never had to work in the textile mills, just the flywheels on hay barn elevators and autobailers can catch your shirt and rip your guts from your skeleton or deflesh your whole arm.


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and the leftovers were all /newbrit/ too

jeremy corbyn is like the pied piper of wogs & trannies

should I start drinking lads?

As in drinking for today, or drinking in general.

burgerland scouts has taken longer to poz tbh

perhaps he's leading them off a cliff?

How on earth did that happen? Usually they are the breeding ground for poz.

Why ask the clarification when you will answer yes regardless?

drinking today, it's nearly tea time anyway


scouts never used to be that lad, they just retained the original ideals longer than here

I hope so.

Not necessarily, I wouldn't promote it if he's only starting and it becomes a vice.

I meant the states being a breeding ground lad.

Yeah why not lad I started at lunch tbh

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ah I c

Two teenage girls knifed after ‘restaurant row spiralled out of control’ in west London


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the state of london tbh, it's like glasgow used to be

fair enough lad, will probably take some bevs out fishing

at least you're trying

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This is the exact same shit that I mentioned they tried to pull with Ludwig, these disgusting fucks only see relations between people as sexual.

I highly doubt Baden-Powell intended for his movement to become so weedy lad.

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iktf tbh

Lad they always try to portray every man in history as a homo, or a repressed homo if they don't have enough on him.

I'm sure it went better than you think, lad. What happened?

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I'd practised all the answers so I could say them without pausing too much, but I said them in too much of an autistic monotone smh

I was at the pub for NYE some years ago, nice quiet little place to chat, and was playing peekaboo and hide+seek with the little'uns the table across, and they loved it. Parents were absolutely fine with it thankfully also you get the other thots looking at you with hungry eyes if you're good with children

How bad lad.

It's fucking infuriating, I sit to watch a documentary about a historical character and they ALWAYS pull this shit, drives me up the wall.
Just want to learn the history of a person and "lolno btw he gay :)))))"


At least you said them, lad. I am sure it was fine.

Are they actually a gay couple? The thought crossed my mind, but I just thought "maybe they're just friends". It was actually a fairly decent stream.

Have no idea tbh. Alt Hype definitely wants that Sean dick though tbh. Smh he should just find a lass and stop being gay like he hinted at smh