Graphic novelist ordered to pay $41.6 million to family of fiancee he murdered, scalped

"A graphic novelist who murdered his fiancee and mutilated her body has been ordered to pay $41.6 million to his victim's family as a result of a wrongful death lawsuit.

Blake Leibel is currently serving life in prison without the possibility of parole after being convicted of first-degree murder and aggravated mayhem and torture last year. He reportedly used the premise of his graphic novel, "Syndrome", as the blueprint for the murder of 30-year-old Iana Kasian in 2016, inspiring him to rip her scalp from her head and drain her blood. Kasian had just given birth to Leibel's child, a baby girl named Diana, weeks before her death."

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((( Blake Leibel))). Further proof kikes are subhuman savages.

Says the subhuman savage who wants to kill all jews

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lol @ kill all Jews. He can't even muster the strength to do 10 pushups.

bullshit. Just Another Stupid COMIC BOOK.
gay as shit

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I noticed how none of you mentioned that he's the first 'comic book adult' to ever get a girl

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it's funny how didn't realize that you get winded just jacking off to .jpegs of your uncle

Uh no. Not even. There were a lot more before this talentless nobody.

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Eat shit, normalfag schizo.

lol failureboy

(this is the part where you try to reassure yourself that it wasn't the women's decision that you would never get any pussy)

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……time to go read another one of your effeminate little comic books…….

Jean Henri Gaston Giraud was one of my favorite illustrators when I was a child…



Then my testicles descended and I started getting laid….

Grow up, douchebag


It's not the women's fault that you are unappealing

that's YOUR fault…….
They were never obligated to like you
They weren't obligated to find you interesting

That's fucking badass

Perhaps if you possessed the self-awareness required to see yourself through women's eyes, sitting on your ass playing video games, watching anime, relishing the latest graphic novel…..

You would understand why no woman will be seen standing next to you…

unlike you, they ARE self-aware….

And they realize if they were seen standing next to you, somebody might accidentally think that they were your girlfriend.

All these kikes here trying to memoryhole the blood sacrifices to their evil gods.

Personally, I found this to be questionable, because it's extremely rare that somebody could perform exsanguination simply by removing somebody's scalp….

Hundreds of thousands of people have their scalps removed, either in accidents or through attacks by other people, and barely any of them actually bleed out from it.

Why did you post government agents?

You would have to actually get some 'hole' before you were capable of having any memory of it.

Unfortunately for you, (comicbook homo) you'll never have any memoryholes, just imaginary holes

I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that you actually seem to believe in 'god', or 'gods'…

This would probably be a perfect time for you to go ahead and get any other failures out of the way, since you already seem to be on a roll….

I'm curious…..

Why don't you tell us some of the 'cool new comic books' that you call graphic novels, and purchased instead of practicing heterosexuality?

To prevent further ritual killings

There's a less than 0% chance that an adult male who reads comic books would limit his self-imposed sexual and social failures to comic books alone.

Any man who would 'sacrifice an interpersonal relationship with a female in order to collect comic books' would also have made dozens of other similar idiotic decisions with their life.

After all, if you're going to remain an effeminate little child, stunted and track inside the body of an adult male, why not go ahead and flush your entire existence down the drain with video games and anime and overeating and sedentary masturbation?

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The thing that cracks me up the most is when you guys claim that you have some kind of 'imageboard culture'.

Sexual failure is NOT a culture…..

you guys didn't invent fear of rejection


Your 'culture' revolves around self-imposed isolation, rooted in your fear of rejection by females….

You're so afraid of failing, that you won't even try

you Fail Due To You Fear Of Failure

Go read another sissy comic book

If (that's a big IF, and I wouldn't bet on it) you actually grow up for real, you'll realize this is just another medium. But first you'll have to stop comparing yourself to other people in order to try and justify your own self worth. Chances are you'll never reach that point though, given the way modern society has devolved and constantly encourages comparing yourself to others. That's what the whole social media crap is about, but really it actually starts in kindergarden. That's actually one of the main purposes of schooling: to endlessly compare yourself and seek the acceptance and validation of your peers, as well as your superiors (schoolteachers and other figures of authority).
Incidentally, I personally find it hillarious that so-called adults can watch jewllywood movies as an "acceptable" activity, but old comic books from many decades ago are not kosher (well no kidding, they don't promote "modern values").

…..Whatever you say, Bruce Wayne

…..whatever you say……

(clean up your bat cave, an empty your piss bottles while you're at it)

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Johnny, I have a question for you. If you really like getting some pussy & ass like you always say you love… why are you here posting every single day?

Lol @ misspelling 'Kindergarten'

hahahaha!! It's hard NOT to
Compare myself to failure

Because :

There's plenty of time in a day when you're not having sex

Kinder = German for child

Garten = German for garden

Bingo. He's a fraud.

Kindergarten = how it's spelled


Bingo last week, I was downtown and I walked past a skinny blond with really small tits and a nice ass. We both looked at each other with a strange sensation that somehow we knew each other.

She stopped and started talking to me, and although I had never met her before, we both commented on the fact that it seemed like we already knew each other somehow, like we had met before or something, even though we both quickly realized that we had in fact never met before.

Her name is Heather. She's really fucking hot. She wanted my phone number, and she hugged me and held me before we parted ways. (she even mentioned moving in together)

She started calling and texting that afternoon, and while I will freely admit that I briefly entertained the notion of taking her up on her offer, the fact of the matter is that I love my wife…

Wendy has been a very very good wife to me.
I can admit that I briefly thought about this Heather girl, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't instantly riddled with guilt for just thinking about it.

100% true: if I wanted to, I would be knee-deep inside of Heather right now…

But I am a loyal man.

I'm wondering if Heather would have stopped and talked with me if I was a comic book video game faggot…….

(I forgot to mention that Heather is 21 years younger than me)

Everytime I read a johnny post, it's like listening to someone that never actually graduated beyond the high school mentality. It's hard to believe someone 50-something or however old he is actually exists in this state, so the entire personality is probably just an elaborate troll to boost post counts and replies.


-they assume you would be having sex 24 hours a day

Apparently, 'never actually graduating beyond high school mentality' must be one of the things women are interested in…..

Because it sure as fuck seems to work for me

high school mentality = putting away the elementary school mentality comic books and video games, and moving on, getting pussy

Johnny, if you love ass and pussy so much, why do you keep on ranting about it 24/7 on here? Go get some.

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Also, please check out some NEW REAL NEWS, plenty of it posted this morning pal.

Trust Me…. I do

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It's not surprising that you would try to falsely reassure each other

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What do you think someone like George Carlin would say about politicians like Cortez and Trump today?

Personally I think he'd rip them BOTH new bleeding assholes to spew more their shit from!

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Carlin would have a field day


when murdering fiance, try NOT to create a comic book about it beforehand.

insider info :

On Saturday, Heather and I were texting, and I intentionally offended her by typing a few things that were absolutely guaranteed to make sure she won't text me back.

(because we are all completely aware of our actions, and aware when our decisions will act to attract chicks, or repel them)

So don't try telling me that you are unaware that video games and comic books turn women off…..

In fact, the quickest way I could have made her stop texting me would have been by telling her about 'the latest graphic novels I've been reading', or start telling her about the most recent video game I've been playing…

Or I could tell her about the coolest new anime, and tell her about the tentacles and the bullshit homo-influenced pseudosexual aspects….

No adult female would be interested in investing even a tiny fraction of her life into an adult male who hasn't graduated from the video game mentality.

Keep projecting you hooknosed vermin.

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Dem vegan gains, mane.


Not vegan 56% gains, but thanks.

Then what is wrong with munching on foreskins?

Animal meat and human baby dick meat I would consider to be in different catergories. Animals being natural, fair game. Baby dicks being a sick, jewish, pedophilic, blood libelous fascination.

Just say 'comic book nerd'

Nothing like some fresh REAL NEWS to start up the day!

time for real news

actual rational