Brit/pol/ #2312: LOCAL Politics Edition

Derby City Council leader Ranjit Banwait loses his seat to UKIP

Brexit News for Friday 4 May
Britain 'will not be able to leave customs union until 2023', ministers told

Jeremy Corbyn blasted by own MPs as Labour bid to seize Tory crown jewels in 2018 local elections implodes

Tandridge local elections see Conservatives experience 'bloodbath' at the polls

'They threw everything they had and FAILED' Theresa May taunts Labour after election FLOP

ITV This Morning invited Hither Green resident Iain Gordon - who has previously been filmed tearing down floral tributes to dead burglar Henry Vincent - said Richard Osborn-Brooks, 78, had ‘done some good’

Multicultural Wales Gets First Female Genital Mutilation Clinic

Woman who went to India to treat her depression is drugged, raped and beheaded before her body is found hanged upside-down in a forest

Mount Kilauea: Hawaii emergency declared over volcano eruption

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That's fair, however when you are denying reality like that it discredits the person.

Good lad. Shame there is no thread video though.

Yeah, I do also concede that he has changed his mind a few times (not really a bad thing but he lies about changing his mind I think tbh), he seemed really into the Sandy Hook is fake thing now he says it's not.

Is Joe Owens A Spy?

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Wait, did Joe even stand in this election?

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This is the future.

u wot?

It just makes him seem less genuine, I can understand receiving more information and changing your opinion based on that, but when there's counter-evidence to his stance and he stands by it still then he just appears fake.

>literally who blog
Yeah let's post squawkbox as well.

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Gaddafi's son Saif 'to run for Libyan president' in 2018 elections

Can he win?

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u lazy

It's in his best interests not to if he wants to continue living.

Lad I don't know what video I should've put there tbqh wot r u on

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I'm almost certain they're misquoting him here. Earlier on the radio what I heard was more along the lines of how the black death wiped out thousands but Britain carried on and got better afterwards.

That definitely seems to be the case, why on earth would anyone liken their party to the fucking plague.

floopity whibblescromps


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Letting Brexit decide which party you vote for in local elections is ridiculous.



BLACK People Will Prevail in the World

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It's funny because they actually believe it.

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>tfw watching Cranford again

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planted some chilies and garlic in my windowsill

the chad elephant the virgin rohingya

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Best thing about Rohingya is how the Bengal government don't give a single shit about them lmao

Should we embrace the Scofield Bible? By placating the Jew and its superiority complex we deny it entry to Heaven.

they're just muslim pikeys
when even the bengalis don't want you, you're probably worse than abbos

Rohingya are Bengalis though.

Sex addict transgender woman who revealed on This Morning she'd slept with 1,000 men suffers 'humiliating' abuse in B&Q
>Crystal Warren, who admitted 'a lot' of the men she had slept with did not know she used to be a man, says she has been left "completely insulted" by the incident in the Brighton branch of the DIY chain.

>Crystal from North Laine said: "I went to B&Q because I was doing a bit of DIY and since I don't have a man around I have to do what I can on my own.

Who needs a man around the house when you are one.

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no i like the english bible its cool

Oh so he's a serial rapist then

Also what's with trannies choosing always stripper/hooker names? Crystal isn't a fucking normal name.

Which one though? ESV is garbage.

trannies are a caricature of women because they have no idea how to actually be women

Too late"Black Death"&src=tren

God I hate normies.

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4 dimensional cricket tbh

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It's just going to be the same left-wing bubbles banging on about it and chuckling.

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Didn't see that coming.

u wot
>implying I'm not everyone every "personality" on here is just a GCHQ algorithm lmao

Using an image from the anime that guy spammed

Oh the kardashian girl? I didn't know what it was from.

I'm not SA tbh at least I think I'm not

Well you are both mutts so I'm not too sure. Your backstory is too similar.

I'm not SA, since I don't crave for cock.

I'm not SA because I love thots

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I'm not SA because I'm don't have a problem with alcohol.

Good lad.

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equality for thee, but not for me

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Yet somehow all-sex schools are misogynistic and "muh social interactions"

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did you catch Justine Greening saying that in the cities they say they are a liberal conservative party to get votes

Justine Greening is everything that is wrong with the Conservative Party. We need a revival of the centre parties so that parasites such as her have somewhere to leech support from.

is Zig Forums the intellectual elite of british nationalism?


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bah gawd she must be broken in haff


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In other news the sky is blue.

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joe should go full bonnie prince charlie tbh

You keep saying it, it doesn't make her attractive

mick foley is a good lad

*gets ordered to charge challenger I's while wielding only a wheelie bin*

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He's a huge cuck IRL and is also pretty creepy around women tbh

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I think the mummy memi is a psyop to get incels to settle with single MILFs and kill two birds with one stone

you don't fucking say

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yeah tbh, steven austin and scott steiner and hulk hogan are based though

This is the exact moment at which Western civilisation peaked and began to recede

wouldn't mind tbh most older women are not nasty psycho alcoholics



Pick one lad.

can't believe that he is still wrestling he is almost as old as my father

We're all sinners, lad.

I think turnout made these results tbh. Labour voters are lazy and won't turn out whereas tory voters will turn out

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It's even more impressive when you consider that even in the late 90's, his back was completely fucked

Zephaniah ran a crime gang which he he wrote about in his autobiography

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7000 Joe Owens voters didn't turn out tbh

read this as "7000 joe owens didnt turn out" and imagined a load of joes living in kensington

Zephaniah also used to beat his biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatch

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Imagine this but with people just walking around saying hullo yes

why is his face like that

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God help us.

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"This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief." (1 Timothy 1:15)
Being the chief of sinners doesn't mean we should continue to do what we know is a transgression against God though lad.

There is still hope that this can be corrected then.
You wouldn't feel safe at a hotel if you stayed in your room for longer than you paid for.

I know that lad but I type like I talk tbh and tbh I've cut down an awful lot tbh

top kek look at the comments ben is getting btfo, this article is so awful its impossible to read without hating ben shapiro
w e w

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Wew, at least it will be back to a pleasant 18°C soon enough though.

You should be glad that it is only sanctification that is piecemeal and that salvation is immediate.

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