Brit/pol/ #2313: For Him Edition

Brexit News for Friday 4 May
Britain 'will not be able to leave customs union until 2023', ministers told

‘No Customs Union exit until 2023’

Derby City Council leader Ranjit Banwait loses his seat to UKIP

EU ON BRINK: Italy’s rebels demand euro referendum - ‘we need PLAN B’

Sex addict transgender woman who revealed on This Morning she'd slept with 1,000 men suffers 'humiliating' abuse in B&Q

Germany’s anti-Christian hate crimes go underreported because migrants are involved

Trump is cutting off funding to the Islamist-linked White Helmets

Gaddafi's son Saif 'to run for Libyan president' in 2018 elections

Jeremy Corbyn blasted by own MPs as Labour bid to seize Tory crown jewels in 2018 local elections implodes

Tandridge local elections see Conservatives experience 'bloodbath' at the polls

'They threw everything they had and FAILED' Theresa May taunts Labour after election FLOP

Woman who went to India to treat her depression is drugged, raped and beheaded before her body is found hanged upside-down in a forest

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I never even heard of Gifted and Talented until I came to Zig Forums, and I'm pretty sure it was thing when I was at school



Good lad. Shame there is no thread video though.

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We only had Duke of Edinburgh Award tbh.

I might start playing the lottery.
I really would like my own personal Chinook tbh lads.

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I'm not sure if I'm even remembering accurately, but something about it really put me off.

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That aren't Rachel*

Yeah, that Rachel.

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there are so many jewesses that are better tbh

There is no such thing as a bad dog, there are only bad owners.

fuck off pitmummy


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Those babies deserved it.

Went to hungry jacks earlier. Overheard someone talking about UKIP being finished.


>one stopped speaking to me after a date (17 year old tomboy qt lass)
>one thought we didn't click (at least she was honest tbf, better than most lasses and she was 16 at that)

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Pls don't post that lad
My weekly nofap isn't due to end till tomorrow afternoon.

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Did you see that pitmummy who got mauled to death when her pit "randomly" "spazzed out"?

tbf one of the reasons they try to shut down anti-pitbull rhetoric is the same reason they shut down anti-grey rhetoric, the correlations.

They're at 5%-7% now iirc, they've gone up.

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well if you lads like jewfus then you should come watch the mummy with us

Big guys only

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Fuck off cunt

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Good lad


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Sound a bit gay tbh

Kek, really?


yeah about 90% of her social media was defending pitbulls and then there's her obituary.

Do they have science in China?

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its the /bane/ /just/ stream

oh right. I don't pay enough attention to other boards here tbh

prepubescent lad, no big boy virgin piss for the chinks, what do you think they are? Savage ant people?

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Lads how did Joe do in the local Council elections?

If I found out I could only have daughters, I'd go on an imperium impregnation rampage.

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He was voted as Prince of Wales and Lord of Ireland.

I do wonder how the coppers resist the urge to simply chuck them into the sea and file paperwork saying they escaped.


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She looks like an aged divorcee tavern harlot.

I'd still smash her tbh


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You'd smash anything though tbh. You're part of the problem


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Every time a thot, especially a jewess, is posted, you go into rabid nigger rape mode. Control yourself lad

good post

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Now Israel Goes Back to UN Plan to Deport Illegal Africans to White Countries
>the Africans have also refused to be deported back to any country ruled by their own racial group, but all have expressed a desire to live in white countries and will be perfectly happy to be deported to Europe or North America.

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Visited Liverpool. Covered in antifa stickers and posters with Marxs faces about May Day. It was pretty white but I went to the Slavery Museum for a laugh and there were a bunch of schools having a day trip there, some schools were almost entirely non-white with two or three lonely white kids. I dont think I saw a single group that wasnt majority non white.

Harrowing to see more a school with more kids in hijabs than with white skin.

RIP scousers.

First non-Rachel pic you've posted this thread lad.

can you imagine being a fucking abbo and that turns up on your shore

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kek. It's a good point, most people don't know how impressive warships were.

Gives a reason for rumination, innit?

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Are you going to share with us something or did you post that because you didn't actually have anything to post?

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just shitposting on twitter and getting higher ups from for britain replying to me lel

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Share please, I have nothing to do.

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vidya on White Helmets funding

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What the fuck

tbf it includes retweets but yeah, wtf indeed.


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Probably why it was so easy to go around subjugating random tribes tbh, I would surrender straight away if I had no idea what gunpowder was and saw 5-6 ships all firing at each other a few miles off the coast.

the magic nigger windmill punch, moderately effective on senior citizens

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This circumcision thing doesn't seem so bad now.

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based nigger

still shame what happened to that lass

on english neck
a hiberian yoke


the magic senior citizen opinion that race isn't important. Severely ineffective on senior citizens

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the gay community making a shitty post. moderately effective on non gay community effortposting gods


L.A. Antifa Group Hangs Trump in Effigy, Calls for 'Revolutionary Violence' Against 'the Capitalist State'

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How will we ever recover.

*oils up*

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incels BTFO