Brit/pol/ #2314: It's Hot Outside Edition

Bank Holiday 28°C heatwave will make Britain as hot as Barbados

It's hotter than Ibiza as Ireland finally gets a weather break

Pollution cloud to engulf Britain in Bank Holiday scorcher

Recent extremes not unusual, but climate change makes them seem so

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Good lad.

Brexit News for Saturday 5 May
PM urged to make clean break after Leave voters back Tories

Former head of MI6: EU space programme isn’t viable without Britain

Shocking moment some paki filth is sent flying through the air after being mowed down during a hit-and-run in broad daylight

Romanian family of 17 who 'lied' to get a house live in a three-bedroom London semi… and take home '£55,000 a year in benefits'

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Got up at 4am and went for a run at 4:30am.
It's is sunrise and already getting warm. So peacful with no wogs about at that time.


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why are you being a cunt lad?

He's a la creatura Jew

I know the CoE is filled with issues but at least there's not been a nonce packing fudge on the altar.

Normalfags are shit tbh lads

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no, thank goodness it only encourages sexuality in children tbh

In Holland

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probably has but its hard to do anything about it when the nonce in question is the Archbishop of Canterbury

denison pattern congo jackets are on ebay for like 10 bucks rn lads

With the way things are going in the Anglican Communion and GAFCON, Lambeth 2020 will be entertaining.

sounds sort of ridiculous
i thought the government wanted birth rates to go up and financially incentivized it?

normies at work keep asking me questions about why im not a normie

people were shorter back then lad because most of them were malnutritioned from birth to death

How do they ask that, lad?

Ramadam has started early

most people need to die tbh


Here's a real British one

Pretty sure they were talking about this

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Operating in the summer time looks fun

you should only leave the house to go to school, work, the gym, stores, the range, or to get pussy.. embrace the isolation

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Solid post

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friends only distract from one's magnum opus tbh

I went out in the sun with lots of people in a tshirt instead of longsleeves and it was wonderful :)

That a lass at the end?

european special police look so much more badass than amerishart special police tbh

lmao get a load of this dirtcuck

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are you okay?

It's a big holiday in Holland today I think. A mate went last week on holiday and mentioned something about it

Looks like one. Runs like a grill

They're all speshul lad. Trust me

shitskins smh



just not had a proper sleep in 4 days and i have 7hr shift soon
just sat in bed trying to sleep but nose is so blocked its impossible

Poor westie smh, it's a shame the maid outfit doesn't give him anime powers

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oy vey

I like how they didn't shoot 900000 rounds into him while screaming STOP RESISTING at his corpse

I hope dorset is there

Have you tried butterbur? I think that helped with my allergy symptoms which I think are caused by my cat's dandruff.

khazar milker overdose

wew those jewesses look shite

Why did they shoot him?

that's rough lad no sleep is the worst

ffs are they blanks or something?
Just get up close and let one off in his earhole.

vitamin D sunshine rays are a blackpill antidote tbh

Picture looks like india in 1950.
A few paki servants and the rest are families of the British Raj.

Jewperium posters need to take a long hard look at themselves

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warning shots afterwards, they didn't aim at him.

Going out to town to see a free concert in a few minutes, mostly just want to enjoy the sunshine.
Have a nice afternoon lads, go out for half an hour at least, you'll feel better with some sunshine and a fresh perspective.

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Fuck this ale was fucking minging.

Tasted like bile.


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serves you right tbh

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South Portsmouth has really gone to the dogs.

6/7 people shot with handguns survive and most of those that die bleed to death


Look for a salt/sea water nasal spray.
They're often a little dear, but they work.
You can also buy a reusable one, and sachets to go with it, or use your own salt water solution.
Make sure you sterilise the water completely before use. A guy in Florida a few years ago used bad tap water when doing it and died of a brain infection.
Boil the kettle, then pour it in a bowl and leave it to cool until it is bath-warm, about 40'C.
Mix half a teaspoon of salt per mug of water.
Tilt your head to the side, pour it in, hold the position for 30 seconds, then do the same for the other nostril/side.
After that, blow your nose - but not too hard.
Repeat that 3 times a day, keep your nose moist with salt water spray between times.
Sleep with a high or double pillow so your sinuses drain.
After a few days it should be fully clear.
Helps with hay fever too, especially the moistening and gentle blowing.

Breathing steam 10 minutes a day under a tea towel helps too, opens the passages and removes/cleans the dust/bacteria.

I hate Southsea with a passion, its like an English Portland.

The "artisan coffee" shops are horrible dives. At least students will be contained to the area around PMS with all the halls being built.

I like how most of them look like some video game OC due to them still wearing their off duty clothes.


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stay indoors if ur an incel to avoid being reminded of what ur missing out on

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i have work

just as well




What I learned from Kensington & Fairfield Council Election


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i need that shit

Based Zig Forums hivemind

Too bad Joe disables comments on his vids tbh

drove int he roundabout around the russ and honked. They loved it tbh. All lasses of just legal age

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this tbh

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He drive in the roundabout around the russ and honked lad

women are not that bad


Having difficulty not killing myself tbh lads.

There's no justice in this world, I feel like Im the only sane person left, everybody is insane and everything I care about is going to be destroyed. I cant even imagine the horrors in the future based on whats already happened in this decade.

Give me the run down

What don't you get, lad? Pic related, russ

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Rob banks and kill politicians lad. Suicide is for faggots

it's going to watch you having a wank

bait it with some some food and when it lands on it eat it

saw lots of young lasses with nice feet today

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