Rural Sheriff Issues Dire Warning To Americans: LOCK YOUR DOORS AND LOAD YOUR GUNS!

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Is this a sign of what is coming for the rest of the nation? In Martin County, Kentucky times are very tough right now. Thanks to severe budget cutbacks, there are only two paid law enforcement officers covering a deeply impoverished 231-square-mile area that sits right in the heart of America’s raging opioid crisis. Needless to say, Martin County Sheriff John Kirk feels greatly outnumbered by the thieves, sexual predators and drug dealers that he has to contend with on a daily basis, and he recently issued a very ominous warning to the citizens of his county…

“Law enforcement as we have known for the last four years will not exist,” he posted on Facebook last month. “WE ARE BROKE… LOCK YOUR DOORS, LOAD YOUR GUNS AND GET YOU A BARKING, BITING DOG. If the Sheriff’s office can’t protect you, WHO WILL?”

So why can’t Martin County afford more law enforcement officers?

Well, like so many other local communities all across America right now, they are deep in debt and flat broke…

The county has accumulated $1.4 million in debt — a surprise to many of its new officials.

“I don’t sleep well,” said Susan Hale, the county’s new treasurer, who is sifting through the bills left by the previous administration: $230,000 to a regional jail that houses its inmates, $140,000 to a state association that provides liability insurance, plus dribs and drabs for mundane items such as office supplies and toilet paper.

As economic conditions continue to deteriorate, we are going to hear a lot more stories like this all over the country:

And the truth is that things will ultimately be far worse in our major cities than in our rural areas.

Just take a look at Chicago. Today it is a war zone, and the growing poverty in the city has fueled the rapid growth of criminal gangs.

According to a study conducted at the University of Illinois at Chicago, approximately half of the city was considered to be “middle income” in 1970, but now that number has dropped to just 16 percent…

Those numbers are absolutely staggering.

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So the leftist policy is to bankrupt the nation, flood it with third world scum and when crime increases… try to force gun confiscation. Too bad they didn't do the math. Bankrupting the nation = bankrupting the police departments = no forced gun confiscation agenda will really work.

OK…. but I am glad I'm prepped. No can kick in my doors. I literally batter ram proofed them. Check the /prepare/ link to see how I did it. Someday I'll show you guys a picture… you'll say "wow, killcen has some pretty heavy duty door fortification!" Ask me and I provide tips, I can make those things hard as fuck to bust open, its all about re-enforcing the door jamb properly along with the deadbolts. The Katy bar is just a cherry on top, really.

Why do they not hurdle together, deputize the able bodied citizens and do a clean sweep of the county. And with that I mean executing every fucking criminal they find, especially every jew still hiding there? Where is the fucking resistance? I get that the inner city freaks are docile and frightened as fuck, but rural folks? Grow some balls you fucking cunts.

Bingo. This is exactly what would happen if indeed things were so dire. And maybe they are, and it will. But on its face, this looks like fear instillation for a budgetary increase.

1st pic

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love it

They're broke because they stole everyone's money. There is nothing left for them to steal and now everyone they stole from must resort to stealing. Too much rent-seeking and faulty services they're taking money not creating it.

Sounds like a win-win to me….

Cops suck, and heroin rocks

We could use less police and a lot more heroin, and then everyone would be happier

Due to the American Nationwide policy of only hiring people with low IQs as law enforcement officers, it's a really good thing that there are no policemen out there, wasting taxpayer money

That's money that could be much better used to buy heroin with

Too bad. If those idiot policeman had high IQs, maybe they'd be able to get a REAL JOB

The ONLY good thing about there being less police is that gun confiscation won't work very well if enforced locally. That, and of-course less speeding tickets. The problem is crime will rise and people are going to have to defend themselves (which honesty I'm fine with that, I wouldn't rely on police anyway, I'd deal with those criminals if they disturb me or my property and thats the way it really should be for the most part). Cops do help with keeping out riff raff though. There was some trouble in my town for a while, youngsters got rowdy and damaged public property but the cops did a good job keeping those young hooligans in line, straightening them out. Cops are good for that.

Cant fucking wait. Im breaking into the pharmacy the first night. Im going to beat jamal there…shit i might even wait for him.

nope… nobody's gonna be 'confiscating anybody's guns'… That's just a bunch of paranoid bullshit that people like you keep talkin about, even though there's no reason to even waste your time thinking about it…

No sir…..

Police are stupid, because they can't get hired if they have a high IQ

So there's no reason to pay them any money, and they all deserve to get a job cleaning people's toilets

Two people kicking at the same time will open that right up.

Thats not true, my uncle was a cop back in the 60s and a damn good one too. Smart guy and he was always against the commies trying to gun grab.

Martin County, Ky:

Population only 11,430

Average Yearly Income: $20,030

Only 7 % of them went to college


C O R R E C T I O N :
his IQ was less than 100

Otherwise he would have never been hired as a law enforcement officer


Robert Jordan, a 49-year-old college graduate, scored a 33 on an intelligence test he took as part of the application process to become a police officer in the town of New London, Connecticut. The score meant Jordan had an IQ of 125.

The average score for police officers was a 21-22, or an IQ of 104. New London would only interview candidates who scored between 20 and 27.

Jordan sued the city alleging discrimination, but the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York upheld that it wasn’t discrimination. “Why?” you might ask. Because New London Police Department applied the same standard to everyone who applied to be a cop there.

And the theory behind it?

“Those who scored too high could get bored with police work and leave soon after undergoing costly training,” ABC News reported back then.

He might have 'seemed smart' to YOU

but trust me… he wasnt

Nope, the strike plates help re-enforce the locks, those strike plates are screwed into the 4x4 behind the 1" pine. That whole 4x4 is re-enforced with steel, it would need to be completely busted.

Try kicking a 4x4 repeatedly and tell me you can bust it in half. Your kidding yourself.

FACTOID: I'd kick your fucking door off it's frame, and personally gangrape your toasters all by myself

Testing has been done for re-enforced jambs before. You can watch some on youtube. There are many ways to batter ram proof doors and they even do the testing on videos. I've seen enough of them to know how it works, re-built part of the jamb myself and replaced the 2x4 with a 4x4 to make it even toucher! Standard = 2x4 behind the pine. I beefed it up even better.

Go ahead any try. Go to any local hardware store, buy a 4x4 and then prop it against something, then kick it till it busts. Post footage of that, please. I'd laugh seeing you brake your ankle.

(which is exactly why they have two slots on top)

Dude, I wouldn't be using my ankle

I'd be driving a Jeep directly through the front of your house, might not even go for the door

So paranoid hypomania runs in your family?

Its not paranoia when its an OPEN agenda.

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Is that paranoia? When they ADMIT they want guns banned? When they say yes, they want to take our guns away…. how is dissenting against that paranoia?

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As long as they don't band Jeeps, there's nothing you can do to stop me from driving directly through the front of your house.

Oh, thats good! That's good! I have something new to work on now! You know those concrete domes they have sticking out of the ground at most chain stores? Bingo! I'm going to lay some of those right around my home….. or maybe I can dig trenches and lay some razor wire with nails and sharp objects laying in them to not only pop the front tires but also get stuck in the ditch!

THANK YOU user!!!! GREAT IDEA!!!!!

That I don't think I could stop. The other idea with the car, yes I could…. and I will get on that this weekend!

It's like this all over North America now.



And that's all I can think about right now

I'm probably going to paint something really special for her, and since she's one of the most beautiful women in the history of planet Earth, I'm afraid I can no longer pay any attention to this thread….

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Fuck America

America is a piece of shit

★ № 1 you know I don't respond to 'user' ★

★ № 2 can't do this thread anymore ★

★ № 3 christiana rugolski is chatting with me ★

oh my god

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Don't know who that is.

And the weirdest part? I'm out in public right now

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She's begun corresponding with me

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she is so fucking hot, it's just silly

Here she is

She's like a little yellow jacket that attacks things

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Leaving this one more time

Addicted to this song

this is a really good performance

That’s great… tell me,
what’s stops someone from using the window???

Tree stumps don't have Windows


that would definitely be tough

tough to reach the cervix

Learn to code

I can try.

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I am.
Sorta dicking off a bit too..


That's been the plan all along. It's what they've been using niggers for since the 60s/70s, but nobody cares because niggers killing niggers is just niggers being niggers. But they go and turn a few small or medium sized cities into moslem strongholds, start turning the government against us - as we're now seeing the beginning stages of what has already come to pass in UK, FR, DE, etc. Just wait til they turn the muzzies loose. How do you think America is going to react against waves of suicide bombers? A favorite moslem tactic. Keep in mind that it's illegal for the police to racially profile.

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Shit, user. I mean, good job and all, but you think they're going to try and kick it in a few times and then just shrug and walk away?
They'll drive a tank through it if they think that's what it takes. They'll use a saw to cut the door right out of the wall. Shit, they'll cut a whole wall off the side of your house or cut a hole in the roof to drop in that way. Worse comes to worse, they'll just use explosives. You knew they could do that, too, right?
If the cops want into your house, they're getting in. You will not stop them. The best you can do is delay their entry, and then funnel them through choke points and kill zones.

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The fortification is for keeping thieves out. As for a SWAT, it would slow them down and give me enough time to take action. They'd need a truck (like that one in your pic) or explosives to get in when it's katy bar'd.

By the way, I showed you guys my back door, not the front. The back door is KIDS STUFF compared to the front. And I won't be showing the front. That one will be there for a surprise.

Windows are all barred up, mounted from the inside.

Thanks for telling everyone. also barking biting dogs, lol good luck with that. One bullet an bad doggy shuts up.

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I guarantee /killcen/ has bars on his windows, or bulletproof shutters

You only need this stuff if you live in Oakland or S Africa(or like /killcen/, you don't trust banks, and you have your joo gold under yor mattress)

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Out in a rural area?

cut phone and electricity

jam phone signals

1A can of gas on the outside.

Wait for /killcen/ to run out


Go in and get melted joo gold

No neighbors to notice flames

2 neighbors around?

Hook up car exhaust to house intake

Carbon monoxide kills or drives /killcen/ out


collect joo gold

Well I believe eventually Shit will HTF due to an economic crisis or false flag EMP attack (so they can have an excuse to start over with a total cashless social credit score system and obsolete everything we take for granted today). Neither one is out of the realm of possibility. In fact, they openly talk about adopting China's system, and they'll need a major crisis to justify that. Watch.

Thats already been well thought out before.

6.5/10 fuck off virgin

He's really gone full retard. I thought my friend was joking.

Shits been about hit the fan for ten years. Im not wasting any more fucking time on it. I wasted years of my life collecting supplies, learning to make fire, purify water etc and I couldve learned a real skill. If you want to live like its the last day on earth, by all means, go ahead


watch this video on physical pentestsers and their strategies for opening doors. Even that reinforced steel door is USELESS if it has exposed hinges as ALL standard doors do. A *SINGLE* mistake or oversight can make an unbreakable barrier easy to simply jump over

Ill kick your door so fucking hard it will be sitting in your livingroom

Anons, the first part of security is to KNOW that something is coming, this leads to the second part which is to NOT BE THERE.
You can't get fucko'd if fucko isn't home.

Wow dude you are discussing things that's so fucking badass your universe is fucking cool dude celebrities holy fuck Jared Kushner and his pedo cult wow so bazed

Looks like we got a counter strike player here.

I'm already inside Killcen's house. He left the back door open that leads to his outhouse. I'm watching him sleep as I type this. He's a lot older than I thought.

This place has a funky smell, like stale perspiration and urine. There are cardboard boxes everywhere, stacked so high that I can barely squeeze my way through the place.

Poor guy. He's sleeping so soundly. Oh well.

*places a pillow over Killcen's face*

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It's never going to happen. Martin county is part of the appalachia government handout belt. Those people don't and never will work because they don't have to. Ashland is a little further north and is more "civilized" in terms of industry, but even there you'd be hard pressed to find more than a few people that actually work.

SSDI is the only job they're interested in, because where else are you going to get 900 a month plus food stamps, rent subsidies, utility subsidies, a free phone, and free healthcare for working zero hours a week? Head down to your medicaid doctor and get a free script for 60 oxys you can flip for 1800 a month and you're set.


All this talk about reenforced doors, but nobody thinks about blasting out the windows? Chances are they're not as sturdy, especially since there's so many to deal with with.

Except that people actually pay other people to do exactly this. Why do you do that, anons? If you don't like the way cops treat people then stop paying taxes and supporting them. And to all those who would say..
It's that fucking simple.

I don't even know who you're talking to. I've never paid taxes one time in my life.

And I didn't post that video because I'm indignant over it… I couldn't care less… The reason I posted that video is because it has nothing to do with this thread whatsoever.

Lock your doors and lock your windows. It's happening. It's finally happening.

Rape day for real! They're coming. Terror gangs are stalking the streets, and any door that can be opened is opened, and the girls inside will be raped! It's NIGHTMARE TOWN. Everyone is getting raped each night, as the terror rape gangs prowl the streets. The police don't bother to stop them. In fact, there's a chance that officers actually JOIN the gangs and help the rapings.

You can't stop it. Just darken your lights, lock your windows, bar the doors, keep your spoons sharpened, and beware.

Our American Kingdom is no longer safe. The royal family have lost their divine right to rule, and now it is a dark age. The gods have left us. There is no legitimate authority. Everyone is a liar; everyone is a suspect. No one can be trusted. Not your friends, not your family, not your neighbors. Everyone is a rapist and they can't stop masturbating to raping all the girls in the city. And now they're making it real. They're raping all the girls, and it can't be stopped. The government has no power. The people are weak. The girls are sweet and vulnerable. And no one can stop it.



All is lost.




And I didn't choose to express my indignance at you, at the video, at your post or anyone else's, the thread, or even this shithole of a site.
No, I was just expressing indignance because I can, for no real reason – certainly not because it will change anything! I just want to join the crowd and be pissed off like everyone else. I was feeling a bit left out.

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This post is proof that the 8ch/n/ Brit could use a break from Killcen and his way of thinking, at least for a day! Get outside and do something! I know you don't have any sunshine there, but fresh air is still beneficial. Of course, you sound like you live in the city, so your attitude is almost understandable; however, killing yourself is always an option. You don't have to stay and get raped.
Those who choose to be governed deserve to be governed.
And if you think you are not choosing governance by 'others', that it is somehow being forced on you, then you don't know who the government is! Protip: It Isn't (((Them))). Do you pay taxes? Then STFU!
Who? Everybody? Fuck you! I haven't paid taxes in almost exactly 20 years and no government agency has even asked me to. They don't waste their time trying to get people to play the game who have already expressed no interest in playing it. Far easier to turn the screws on all those still addicted to the game. So, hate the game all you want, but it is the fact that people like you still choose to play the game that it even exists at all. It's not (((their))) fault – out 'there', (((them))) –

No, the 'Problem' is (You).

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Oh wait! That, , actually was Killcen! He's gone fully 'round the bend!
Whew Lad! Take your meds!

I legitimately want to vote Yang because I want UBI and I know it will trash the country. Rome is burning. Loot the treasury and fucking get out.

Do you have no income? I'm sitting here looking at my W2 and wondering what the fuck I even do.

There's no reason not to be at least a little prepared. I'm not a prepper but I'll be God damned before you try to take my pistol from my nightstand.

When my seven yr old daughter grabbed mine and pointed it at her 9 yr old sister during a heated argument a number of years ago I began to re-think that
still keep a loaded gun hidden handily nearby. Still re-thinking that.

Well if you have kids all your guns should be locked up, except for one that only you and your wife know about. Get one of those beds that allows you to hide your shotgun in it and drop it at a moment's notice.


Well, I guess she could just ask one of the kids anyway!

Good morning. REAL NEWS is back on the table! Dig in!

With the skyrocketing crime rates, political division and rampant corruption there is no reason not to be prepared.