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Bank Holiday 28°C heatwave will make Britain as hot as Barbados

It's hotter than Ibiza as Ireland finally gets a weather break

Pollution cloud to engulf Britain in Bank Holiday scorcher

Recent extremes not unusual, but climate change makes them seem so

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Waste not, want not.

The Royal Navy gets its first unmanned minesweeping system

Kuwaiti warship sinks in the Persian Gulf

Iran nuclear deal: Boris Johnson visits US for talks

Good lad.

British weather seems much more erratic than when I lived there. It's as if defined seasons are coming back as opposed to constant 14 degrees with drizzle and fog year round.

Iran’s FM says Qatar 'brought Saudi Arabia to its knees'

Wait until they reboot it and pull a Wonder Women by casting a girl that looks like a 12 year old boy as her.

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Reposting here because im a fag tbh

Yes my son

I fucking loved Spartacus but it was too gay and historically cringe worthy, Spartacus band of slaves raped and pillaged the entire time and Spartacus himself is said to have been especially brutal.

Rome is objectively better in every aspect except from the women, people like to bring up the Jewish story arc as if it's some kosher thing but not talking about jews in the context of the Roman Republic/Empire is like talking about cheese and not mentioning milk.

The man who lost his faith in his quest to find a new life and provide for his family being confronted with his religion and his new conflict with his wife and children and his brother, he firsts plans to help his brother kill harrod, but realises that it's just more blood, but in order to stop the shedding of yet more blood, he is forced to kill his own brother, continuing the futile cycle of religion, family and conflict.

It was kino tbh and i don't care if it's about kikes, they existed at the time and it wasn't "praise the jews", they were regular characters with just as many flaws as anyone else, if not more.

Shame the set burned down tbh i would have liked to see if HBO and the BBC are redpilled on Nero and the Jews.

Would rather original Wonder Woman tbh

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no shit lad she's married to the kike who owns Bethesda Games lmao

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She's from New Zealand tbf

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Spartacus was such a good show. Only show I binge watched over 24 hours.

What's the fucking difference? Even their flags are lazy reskins.

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What's the difference? are new Zealanders more inbred or something?

Calm down son it wasn't that good, it was Eastenders in Rome at best.

Zig Forums counts that as 100% pure white tbh lad

It was very degenerate, that's for sure.

I don't even consider you white tbh.

holy shit btfo

100% pure bred hybrid (tm)

whiter than you Mohammed

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I kid you're like a pet dog to me.

Are you guys a bunch of lightweights or what?

I work for a living.

I'm on beer 7. Need to catch up with the proper drinkers tbh. Check out this old mene.

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It's called looking after a sleeping pattern.


Some of us have church in the morning lad.

Finland Yes
Sex with 10yo not rape, Finnish court rules in migrant’s case

Disgusting tbh.

The youth of today are weak and indolent, they spend their money of frivolities.



I feel like Schizo is among us

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Are the seppo hordes not going to grace us with their presence tonight?

like it when they do tbh

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steiner got banned for posting lion king reaction images


He got banned for posting inflation porn lad

This. 22st got banned for similar spastic behaviour

I have no idea what that means please speak the queens or go back to London or whatever urban shithole you come from

22st also was banned for posting a reaction image
go back and look

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For how long? Any mods still up?

Why isn't he banned?
There's about 2 people who tolerate him everybody is just constantly waiting and begging for him to be banned

22st is a drawfag and should therefore be immune from bans. Every board needs one. Likewise, Steiner is a learned scholar of chauvinism, and his posts resonate with me.

Fuck the mods, they should be unbanned. At the very least they should be unbanned between 1am and 10am GMT.

smh lads he was a good boy just look at this post

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I reported him lad, I know what he was banned for. His autistic newbrit behaviour, the inflation porn was the final straw

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Fuck off some of us still remember when he nearly killed Zig Forums after the 2015 GE with his shitposting, he would hit like 150 posts a thread talking about inane shit like sweets and how mother didn't love him.

Fuck off bins

The guy is mentally unhinged, i bet he spends alot of time on /tv/ too.

topkek, those were dark days for all of us and you know it.

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What Did He Mean By This, smh lad

Lets be honest, the reason for every ban ever on Zig Forums was a bad mummy 25 years ago.

I'm constantly horny. How do I stop this?

I fucking left during it, as did most people. There's actually fucks who joined during that time that think the shitposting was regular "board culture".

why did he attach the message to these posts then?
seems like he just can't stand his authourity being mocked

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find a woman, impregnate her, get betrayed by her, watch her take your kids and your money.
That'll kill your boner forever

Not sure I want that.

well then just wank every few hours or something

Dont want that either

wish i could kill my libido without lopping anything off tbh

They've been warned a million times, they know what they are doing. Anyone who defends 22st and Steiner posting inflation porn needs to fuck off with them

I left too, remember being drunk at 6 in the morning watching endless footage of smug Cameron preparing to enter number 10. Fuck it was horrible.

Kindly fuck off.

Start HRT lad

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What if Steiner and 22st are the same person?

Take 22st's broken dick out of your mouths lads

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ok thank you goodnight

take mercias bony wrist out of your arsehole

some sleep will do you good lad

gona have a BIG Boy sleep tbh

often wondered if a fascist government could implement the uberman sleep schedule tbh

Cancel the bans, you've made your point. We need a graveyard shift.

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Lmao, I've been banned by Mercia before and thought he was a cunt but I waited it out and learnt from it, 22st and Steiner carry on repeatedly and sometimes ban evade

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someone s gonna die here

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You know when I was a mod I sometimes caught Steiner switching ID's and talking to himself at like 3am.


some yank paid for this ad lmao

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I saw about that, SA posted it here a couple times. Pitbulls are the niggers of the dog world tbh

There was also some people who would put on other peoples flags and pretend to be them, shit was weird yo.

poor steiner
he's like will smith in I am legend

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Steiner seems to be more learned than a 27 year old from the midwest should be. I've often wondered whether he really exists and whether he and 22st are the same fag.

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tbh I subscribe to the theory that they are all persona's created by some Skype group or something.

Maybe we're rats in their cage.

They sorta came in weird waves tbh

22st - Pembs - Steiner - Dorset - Hertz

I guess Bins as well but he was just an NA autist that started acting up when we made fun of his honeypot.

For what purpose though?

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I'm fairly certain 22st was cfposter

They're probably laughing at us all on /newbrit/. Somebody should check in over there.

Legit can't remember who cfposter is/was, might've been when I left tbh 22st was however, Ginnieposter

I can't be bothered tbh, they are like 100th on the board list.

cfposter posted paintings and drawings of ginnie

Well there ya go tbh.

Alright, I'll have a look. I don't even know how to change boards on 8ch, kek.

friendly reminder that mercia is an incel terrorist GCHQ

22st is also clearly ginnie spammer but who was the original BIG DOGS poster?