Brit/pol/ #2316: Day of Civic Spies Edition

Brexit News for Sunday 6 May
Cabinet Brexiteers warn of open revolt if Theresa May tries to force through customs partnership

Sandwell councillor sanctioned over conduct breach

Sajid Javid's family in UK visa scandal: Uncles of Home Secretary ran firm in Pakistan fixing entry papers

East London hit by ACID ATTACK spree: Three rushed to hospital in morning horror

Does Brexit vindicate Enoch Powell’s view of conservatism?

Swiss Guards: World’s oldest standing army gets new headgear

Protests as China's Karl Marx statue unveiled in German city of Trier

Sex with 10yo not rape, Finnish court rules in migrant’s case

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Second stream.

second for using yoga to lock the essence gate



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You listening out for where your mod powers went?

the fuck is that

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He ded or somin?

Is that a tranny on the stage? What the Hell is going on?

performing live

It's a nice day, he might be out

this forced memi sucks pretty bad

couldn't care less actually

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The goats must go on!!!

LOL how big is the crowd for this and is there duct tape

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Is this a fucking joke, Christ these people are ridiculous.

No one cares about your mangina show!


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Got it working tbh lads


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>"how can we damage our brand in five seconds?"

I am catholic its just tbt your memi is shit

It censors sensitive content now and the algorithm is broken, so it'll censor tame crap.

The Bishop of Rome is a communist faggot and Catholicism has departed from the teachings of the ancient church of Jesus Christ.

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It's just even more evidence tbat it is controlled opposition.
The only positions available are to be pro-LGBT censorship to defend feelings or pro-LGBT freedoms to defend degeneracy



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Who is the commentator?


This sounds like an indefensible take by larping orthodox tbh

Lady Rahmemi Bossom

Fuck this gayness

I stopped watchin an hour ago and started watching a movie

It's a gay ghetto exercise

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Better for your blood pressure tbh

if you adopt the principles of your enemies, you win

Western culture is hedonistic liberalism, so trad :)))))

Lad you don't get it, they see LGBT degeneracy as our culture.

The Pope is a man and as such is fallible. Bergoglio is causing serious damage to the church lad.
I'm Anglo-Catholic lad.

This is fucking embarrassing

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The chat is where it's at, got the stream muted tbh

Payment for AMW being on

*trannies singing in the background*

Sorry, but how can an Anglican accuse the catholic church from departing from Christ when there was no theological basis for the CoE's formation? it was a purely political act

Everything hijacked by teh gayz


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ontop of that, Anglican church literally goes against the teachings of christ in recent years

How rational

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If they don't force themselves in early on, then the group will grow to realise that the poofs are a problem and a threat as well.
It's why that shit's not tolerated here for example.

It's called the Thirty-Nine Articles lad. Henry VIII's church was Catholicism without the Pope, Elizabeth's was Reformed Catholicism, via media.

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It just gets worse.

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looks like a potato there


I stopped going to Anglican church when I heard Welby say that it is none of the Churches business if a 6 year old child wants to be transgender, and that it is a decision for the child.
Just monstrous the.

This is part if the long march through the institutions of course. Gays and Marxists now control Anglican schools.

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Agreed. Donate to my patreon

*bamboozles regressive erudite displays of philosophical knowledge*


The 39 articles is how henry defined the church, but there was no theological reason for the split.
At least Lutherans tried to have silly theological differences

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These people aren't our people

Wew, they weren't finalised until 1571.

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Any streams?

Why did Henry establish the Anglican church?

These people are really quick to hijack the movement and become its voice, even though the people following it dislike it.

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OP and first post.

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how come you picked the lutheran church lad?

Maybe he meant decent ones?

Wasn't it BIG PILL I WAS THE SECOND MAN ON THE BALCONY CAMPION saying it was cool "for men to swing off each others dicks"?

the theological reason was silly
the church was corrupt as fuck though
but that's not theology that's political

what is that where did it come from

He didn't, he established the Church of England.

Count Wankula's on


No one cares.

This level of pedantry can only mean damage control lad

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So this is a free speech rally where they agree that nazi talking points shouldn't be legal? keek
I guess they've got to justify the foreign aid they receive

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Read a book lad, you thought the Thirty-Nine Articles were Henrican :'-)

Because sola fide really resonates with me

It makes perfect sense to me tbh

Imagine going to a free speech rally, travelling down to London, only to be greeted with trannie after trannie

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figures :^)

Fine, why did Henry establish the Church of England ?

Oh right, they got on because Sargon fucked them

to go against the teachings of christ?

wewwity wew

You need all five solas lad, one isn't enough.

jej, tbf faith leads to works.