Brit/pol/ #2317: Summer of Part+Parcel Edition

Brexit News for Sunday 6 May
Cabinet Brexiteers warn of open revolt if Theresa May tries to force through customs partnership

East London hit by ACID ATTACK spree: Three rushed to hospital in morning horror

Boys aged 12 and 15 shot in north-west London

Man becomes FOURTH person shot in London in just two days after schoolboys, 12 and 15, and teen killed in drive-by

Ex-Scotland Yard bosses to roll out Britain’s first ‘private police force’ nationally at a cost of £200-a-month after 400 prosecutions

'BBC’s Andrew Marr has kidney cancer and tells viewers he will be away for a couple of weeks for a ‘small hospital operation’

Sajid Javid's family in UK visa scandal: Uncles of Home Secretary ran firm in Pakistan fixing entry papers

Israel has to use a fucking jet to take down a paper kite

Academic Establishment Suppresses Italian Anthropologist’s Proof That Race IQ Differences Are Genetic

Protests as China's Karl Marx statue unveiled in German city of Trier

Sex with 10yo not rape, Finnish court rules in migrant’s case

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First for radical reforestation.

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*counters your trees*

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They wouldn't survive the impact tbh.

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Would be interesting to test tbh, they wouldn't have to be dropped from miles.

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Lad you know full well that those things should be fired from static artillery pieces

*hurting aretrees deserves a ban tbh**

What is indigence? Should I ask google?

If wogs can populate southern Canada with no problems, then do you really think you can just carpet bomb a snow biome that will stop them without having to become Inuit?

I think we're gonna see a serious happening this Ramavan, in part and parcel land.


I prefer the old fashioned method of bulldozing wog towns into top soil and get the local kids from school to plant seedlings as a biology project.

Let's call it Moor Forest

Lad I've no idea what you're trying to say.

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Would be far more comfy tbf, however it'd need to be done rapidly in order to make up for lost time.

This music just makes me think of a nursing home full of depressed old people waiting to die

Doesn't matter how many trees you plant if you don't reintroduce the lynx.

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do you listen to post-jazz brazillian pop neuro-trap funk music you fucking faggot nigger?

pls no bully I'm trying
If you dropped enough of these trees they would become a greenhouse gas store, so the earth would cool and winterchan would pay a visit. But I don't think winterchan is that effective, because Canada has wogs. You'd need to make it like /fringe/ Canada and so cold that it's only you and the inuit left

We have the gear for it.
The government unfortunately doesn't have the bollocks.
They need to go first.


When was the lynx last in Britain?

I miss schizo

Lad I listen to music so cool it doesn't even have a name yet

Smh lad it's from fallout: New kino

Some say it never went extinct, but it's thought it dies out during roman times. There was a famous author who claimed to have seen a cat with tufted ears sleeping in a tree hollow somewhere in England in the 1800s. Can't remember who it was.



ahh right lad that makes sense, you seemed to skip a lot with your first post.
I see where you're coming from, however there are easier ways to drive wogs out.

One day I'll be in the old folks home
and I'll be made to listen to this
but if I put on "If I were a Nigger for a Day" instead I'd be arrested and given 2 years, dementia having mitigated the 10 years down significantly
also the TV will only show repeats of Jeremy Kyle and I'll be restrained in front of it by "helper bot" with a smiley face and a californian accent

lad they won't have homes when we are old, unless something happens we will be put into cattle cars in our mid 40s-50s and butchered with pangas/machetes by the nigger-spic hybird goyim

Smh lad there are a few in the UK

It's been a while

you mean this one?

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only upper class cunts will live on in gated communities, slowly racially degenerating into north indian tier brahmins

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Obvious he was involved in gangs

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He gives money to entitled whores so they can call him pathetic and send him feet pics?

Sitting in the garden stargazing and saw a satellite whizz past the plough constellation.

Fantastic stuff.

Lad he was an aspiring rapper and architect you can't just smear him like that

So glad we ended Apartheid lads.

Nah that's from DC Noir: mccarthy boogaloo 2

wew lad why do you know what a pay pig even is? are you a gay community?

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The BBC article completely misses out his stay in Jamaica

Circle of pig

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Fuck him.

A good nigger is a dead nigger.

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Lad, paypig has been a well known memi for a while
Inflation porn isn't a well known memi though

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probably designing buildings to help poor people

Another anecdote
I like "Experimental Rock"
Monplaisir is an example:

This guy and the creator of MULE are/were mentally handicapped transexuals. The way I see it it's impressive that they made anything at all given their condition.

You learned it from a civic today, trannies can redeem themselves :^]

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Hey cool it with the racist remarks

It's as though they read every "dindu nuffin" story from the States and copypasted it in.

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I keep tabs on what normies do so I know where we are at in terms of decay and impending collapse. Pay pigs are mostly straight men who give to women. Women are skipping sex now, never mind marriage.

future based negro Tory probably too


I think at this point "aspiring rapper" is a dog-whistle to us rather an attempt to convince normies that the expired Nigger's life had value

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Every time

It's so hot why did I make tea?

Why are her lips purple??

You know what? I'll check if it's true for you. Hold on while I listen to some "grime"rap.

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Wtf lads.
Need to get a telescope now

ball lightning is still more impressive than the hand of man in space

Saw that coming a mile off, cheeky nigger
Looked fake tbh though

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Ignorance is bliss tbh lads

what ever that is it's shit

fuck I can't even spell his name

What is the temperature? It is fairly mild up here in North Britain.

It cools your core down lad
Via causing you to sweat more

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They'll even steal the sugar out your tea.

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let it cool and put some ice in it tbh, ice tea is GOAT

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plebeian tbh


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I gave up sugar in my tea last year.
Have a teaspoon of honey instead. Tastes gorgeous but I get funny looks when I tell Normie's.

really wish I hadn't jewgled that reporter

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Have some 12th century gregorian
the beginning of harmonised polyphonics

I can't find the guy because both his real name and his rap name are too generic
Suffice to say the guy spent too much time around gang members

Spooky tbh


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This is one of the reasons why I don't have a twatter account

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Tories refuse to boot out councillor who shared a racist joke which compared Asians to dogs

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name this sitcom lads

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he took the bowden pill

2 and a half men

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I pee sitting down

"Living with a nonce."

I don't get why it's so difficult to leave the electorate to decide whether they're a nasty racist or not