Trump Is Too Stupid To Admit When He Makes a Mistake

Trump says he called Apple's CEO 'Tim Apple' to save time after reportedly telling donors he never said it

President Trump tweets that he quickly said "Tim Apple" at a White House event "to save time & words."

-The comment brought about a wave of jokes online, including from Tim Cook himself who changed his last name on Twitter to the Apple logo.

-Trump's tweet walks back comments he made to Republican donors on Friday, according to a report from Axios, where he said he'd actually called Cook "Tim Cook Apple."

(here's the video. listen for yourself. He claimed he said 'Tim Cook Apple's, and said the name 'Cook' really fast)

But after he claimed that he said 'Tim Cook Apple's, he tweeted that he intentionally called him 'Tim Apple's ''TO SAVE TIME !!! hahahaha!!! To 'save time'? If he wanted to save time, instead of saying 'thankyou', he could've said 'thank', or 'thyou'….

Trump is SO STUPID, that he can't even simply admit when he makes a mistake. This proves how he refuses to accept reality, and thinks if he insists the sky is polkadot green, then everyone will believe it.

He also recently called Marilyn Hewson, a Lockheed executive "Marilyn Lockheed".

He's a moron. He's literally THE most embarrassing idiot who's ever become president. He makes George W. Bush look smart, and that's impossible.

President Donald Trump was not amused with the jokes about his slip-up when he called Apple's CEO Tim Cook "Tim Apple."

"I quickly referred to Tim + Apple as Tim/Apple as an easy way to save time & words," Trump wrote in a tweet Monday defending the phrase. "The Fake News was disparagingly all over this, & it became yet another bad Trump story!"

original statement came at a White House meeting Wednesday of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, of which Cook is a member. Following Trump's remarks, people immediately joked about Cook's new name on Twitter. Cook himself got in on the joke, changing his last name on Twitter to an Apple logo emoji.

Trump's tweet about the "Tim Apple" incident walks back a statement he reportedly made to Republican donors on Friday. Axios reported that Trump claimed to have said "Tim Cook Apple" extra quickly, and that the "fake news" only reported that he said "Tim Apple."

"I just thought, why would you lie about that," one of the donors in attendance told Axios. "It doesn't even matter!"

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When Trump flubbed Celentino J. Martinez's initials, first saying "D.J.", he had the audacity to insist that Mr. Martinez had told him to 'call him either one, DJ or CJ'


a sign of stupidity and small-mindedness is an inability to 'own your mistakes'…

It speaks volumes….



If Trump was really interested in 'saving time', he could simply just shut the fuck up, and not say anything at all ever again as long as he lives… Imagine how much time he could save that way.

no we never empower you fucks
get bent


Here's the problem with guys like you:
By pretending that you didn't make a mistake, you DON'T fool anybody.

everybody still knows you made a mistake…..
everybody still knows you're stupid…….

but because you can't admit your stupid mistakes
now you look like a moron AND a coward

Do you want to know what's funny?
I have no clue what that stupid phrase
'two scoops' even means………………

it's SO stupid, that there is no obvious
correlation with anything, good or bad

If that was supposed to be 'a jab', you failed.

you might as well have said 'nostril platypus'
because it would have had the same impact

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I'm not joking….
I realize you think your clever, and you actually think you finally became 'part of something', and I'm sure that somewhere somehow, your idiotic 'two scoops' is supposed to mean something…

But you might as well have just said
"Taco Nippleshell"

Because it had no meaning….

'two scoops' had almost as much meaning as saying "Maraschino Airplane" or "Translucent Whisper" or "Inadvertent Hubcap"

It had absolutely no meaning to me whatsoever

Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh tell me more.

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'Two Scoops' was almost as as effective as if you had said 'Pyrophosphate Hangnails'…..


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If someone can never, ever admit fault you should consider it a huge red flag.

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I suppose he was just trying to save some time
when he typed NATIONAL EMERGY

He saves a lot of time !! I've seen him save time several times….

Spelling words correctly is a massive waste of time….

Ahhhhhhh, so now I see. ..

You just butt hurt did a black dude was hundreds of times more intelligent than you….

Got it…

(I was certainly not an Obama fan, not at all)
but he's probably one of the most intelligent presidents we have ever had… I'm not saying he was a good president, and I'm not saying he was an effective president… I'm simply saying that your IQ doesn't even equal Barack Obama's belly button lint…

And now I see the real problem…

Not only are you stupid, and too cowardly to admit when you have made a mistake, but you're also threatened by the fact that a black person could be so much more intelligent than you…

got it

If it's not Barack, then it's the Jews….

Your inferiority complex is showing…
It's not THEIR fault that they are more intelligent than you…

It's not THEIR fault that you haven't accomplished anything with your life…

I guess it's safe to assume that you also think Stormy Daniels is attractive ?

Sexually inexperienced men always focus on big breasts, because they're sexually inexperienced.

I'll have to give credit where credit is due…

And I'm going to have to agree with you….

Jews ARE much more successful and powerful than you or your father or your grandfather before him…

The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, (and I'm not talking about Tim Apple)

It's pretty safe to assume that your father never accomplished anything, either. Your type of failure always seems to run through families, being handed down like some kind of genetic flaw, as if cleft palate could be applied to life success.

This is the part where you become defensive, and start insisting that Stormy Daniels is a gorgeous alluring woman….

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President Donald Trump once said that he has "the best words."

As it turns out, many of those words are misspelled.

Since Trump won the presidency in November, he and his team have published a surprising number of official communications that contain typos, spelling errors, and word misusages.

Here are some of the most notable examples:

"The possibility of lasting peach"
White House Council
Tapp My Phones
No challenge is to great
"San Bernadino,"
"Teresa May"
"here by"
"Our Deepest Apologizes"
"Secretary of Educatuon"
'"Honered to serve"

Just look at all the time he saved with those words






R. Kelly can't read…. Just like Trump….

Neither of them can read…..

case closed

I heard that Trump asked Ken Documentary to make a biography of his life.

It seems like he would have been honered.

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No challenge is to great

(except for reading)

(and spelling)

(and people's names)

(and saving time)

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Trump told the donors that he actually said "Tim Cook Apple" really fast, and the "Cook" part of the sentence was soft. But all you heard from the "fake news," he said, was "Tim Apple."


It’s not really a big deal he could have just been like “my bad lol” or even never mentioned it again but no our president is an actual retard…

hes supposed to be, hes literally just here to entertain people while the real government does dirty research and experiments to enslave minds

exactly… everybody fucks up now and then…
granted, Trump makes more mistakes
than anybody I've ever seen, totally
preventable, idiotic, humiliating, primal
orangutan mistakes, but even he should
be capable of owning a mistake and
laughing it off………………………………

but not Mr. 'Tim Apple'…..


This just goes to show that "age equals wisdom/maturity" leaves alot to be desired.
For real though, the only reason he can get away with it is bc he's 72 years old. If he were 14 and did that he'd get his ass beat from wall-to-wall. But, unfortunately, it's not socially acceptable to discipline griwn men the way you would children. No wonder why the world is such a mess. Adults like Trump think that bc theyre of age and have a job that theyre gods. It's no wonder women say "men never grow up." Same shit with Zig Forums and 4chan. The /r9k and /doomer folks are 30-somethings who think they're smart and mature just bc of their age yet they get all homicidal over some "zoomer" meme or alternative opinion.

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what? they wouldnt allow voting if it represented a threat to them. they would have made it illegal. instead of doing that they just control whos allowed to be voted for.
why else would it have boiled down to 2 absolute lunatics if not for the sole purpose of keeping everyone busy with their antics?

I don't care about this, I care more about his shameless Israel First policies.

Jesus fuck can you be any more luminescent? if you are gonna shill here, at least have the courtesy to blend the fuck in.

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……………..blend in?…………………

I'd rather

I think you blend in seamlessly here. I can't tell the difference between you and the video game sissies.

We would all embrace you and accept you much more quickly if you would simply try to use more ellipses, and space your sentences in an unorthodox fashion.

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At least Trump was polite to Tim Apple, unlike the way he interacted with Jim Cnn…

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Two scoopd

Such Real Legits

Yeah, I'm gonna jump in here and say first: I salute your transparency and that you are WILLING to be here with others who will swim with you and others who would just eat you alive. That takes courage. (now I m gonna reel it off as it comes-get ready I never know whats going be said), yes you have had sleepless nights and exhausting days. You don't wanna wake up and you are so tired all you can about do at times is sleep but no respite. you are not really "rested". BUT that you have chosen to reach out you are already discovering part of the solution to your dilemma difficulty. FIRST AND FOREMOST: to not stew in your isolation. You KNOW that this is fatal-if not quick it is a slow death to perdition (which is the extinction of hope). You WILL weather the storm. You WILL come out of this, perhaps scarred and perhaps new wounds (which will heal) but it is gonna take a gargantuan leap a leap of faith and CONTINUIING in the fearlessness that you have already shown. Can you dare to be as vulnerable, to those around you? will you (even) take a risk to bring COMMUNITY to those in YOUR midst? I will say straight up I would be a "loner" here, but I have found community in each of the various people groups and activities right around me. it aint Q stuff, it is stuff that other have similar likes.Q people are hard to find, but that is alright. few are the disciples, many are those who are RIGHT NEXT TO YOU who are also quietly desperately lonely. Now I am not saying to pull in a bunch of wounded puppies. that is rescue but that is not YOUR solution. it can simply be like interests. Now, ya don't have to be who you are not. In spite of all of my eccentricity and probably at times perceived (zaniness-I don't wanna say craziness), I have found as I accept myself, AND OTHERS where they are at: even if they don't match MY picture of how it should be, just simply the acceptance and some similar ground forms the basis of friendship which develops into community. lets see how far I will share when I usually keep info close to my chest. I am with mushroom people, herb people, Frisbee throwing people, people of different race and culture, people I may not agree with, but share passion in various pursuits. As i am "alone" with no kin blood wise, i find kin in people around me. so all of a number of these groups i do consider fam. and they do likewise. even Q team is made up of people. When someone said here that it is US (we) to have hope in, that includes all of US anons/patriots/autists/those who love God and country. Did i fail to say that first and foremost my relationship with Christ Jesus has made this doable?? cuz then there is the supernatural helps that make this hard walk doable. Iwill not lean on that overmuch, but for all what ive been through He personally showed up and got me out of the bottomless ditch-then things REALLY changed. i see it everyday. why am i talking to you overlong?? i don't know, but i know when i was at the end of my rope He showed up, then as i reached out AROUND ME to those around me whole new healthy relationships formed. i have a big family now. this was before Q. now i have this fam, too. and even the other day when a fellow patriot pretty much said they need to move on as their life have ramped up much more so Q is not high on their scale, i was sad. Cuz they were "close" in the sense of this fam. But life did not start and will not end here. we cannot make Q our God nor our life line. we gotta develop the resilience WITHIN US to continue. So i for my part am investing a lot of time on this site and will do so, i will Q on, even to the end. But also i am taking care of myself and increasing fitness, mind and body strength, and increasing skills so as to be freaking dangerous to the opposition whether Q is here or not. I am speaking of hearts and minds. i would prefer this be a bloodless Second American Revolution. If you are this into Q, then i know that you are "into" the future of this Republic, under God. Don't focus on your woes, that is dangerous. Focus on OUR future. study, prepare, reach out. HAVE FUN-figure SOMETHING out. you are not a doofus, but quite intelligent i can tell. Use your mind in constructive ways, not self destructive ways. develop your muscles. you can do it. and you get to see the fruit of victory as moar stuff is habbening, so to speak. Keep calm, be kind to yourself, and Q on. (but also relax and reach out-they are out there). i do pray that things turn up for you materially, sounds like you are having a tough slog of it. you gotta validate yourself, dawg. you cannot rely on man or woman to be your validation. you cannot lean on their approval to exist. if you are out on the street, i cannot claim to understand, but i sincerely hope the better for you. i have never been there-very close to it, but at that time someone took me in and i had time to get back on my feet.

they are all stupid. they just act out a character on camera.

he is a time machine

Late show with stephen colbert? Wasnt he a fuckin weatherguy on john stewarts fake news show wtf happened

Bush was smart enough to act dumb to appeal to conservtards. Trump is genuinely retarded. People love genuininity

tim apple saved time. how?
trump's "apple" substitution is one more letter than cook.
It's also one extra syllable to pronounce.
what a shitface moron. he literally can't admit "i fucked up" and instead makes up an excuse that's even more retarded than the fuck up.

Tim Cook is a virtual nothing compared to his predecessor. President Trump may as well have called him Tim Candyass. It would have boosted his support even more.

Unfortunately I have the feeling he is working towards this "Great President" thing like he's the next Teddy Roosevelt…but he keeps forgetting that Ted had BALLS. Grow some nuts Trump!

What’s stupider is journalists and armchair 8ch pundits spending hours writing and talking about a common verbal slip.

Yes he’s a moron but anyone who spends a large portion of his time engaged in public speaking will occasionally jump words. That isn’t even among the top 20 stupid things Trump has said/done.

It's not dumb if you do this shit on purpose retard
Trump doesn't want to be President

Trump reminds me of the Rodney Dangerfield character in caddyshack, except the Dangerfield character had compassion

I read this,(sac) I must say….it's quite profound.

They need insightful word crafters like you on a presidential level

Send some of your stuff to the GOP and see what happens

2 scoops

Fat fuck Trump always asked for a 2nd scoop of ice cream

I got it right away,(sac)but then i'm a news junkie, not a conspiracy nut junky like /killcen/
Either yor trolling or yor not as smart as you think you are

the oranges. the oranges.

Leftist subhuman, narcissistic vermin should all go to hell. The less of them in this world, the better.

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Reminder that all leftist politics are just women waging war on their men by proxy. The economic aspect of leftism is wealth transfer from white men to brown people and women. Cultural Marxism and feminism are so insane and self-defeating that they will destroy all white culture and turn Europe and the US into the third world in a few generations. White women and their effeminate soyboy slaves are responsible for this tragedy.

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