Brit/pol/ #2318: Go Outside Edition

Brexit News for Monday 7 May
May accused of 'declaring war' on her MPs amid anger at 'Project Fear 2.0'


Hawaii volcano shows 'no sign of slowing down,' destroys dozens of homes

Israel will 'eliminate' Assad if he continues to let Iran operate from Syria, minister warns

Putin sworn in for another six years in office

Paris Mayor Backs Communist Party Plan to Turn Public Park - The Former Hunting Grounds Of French Kings - into Migrant Camp

East London hit by ACID ATTACK spree: Three rushed to hospital in morning horror

Boys aged 12 and 15 shot in north-west London

Man becomes FOURTH person shot in London in just two days after schoolboys, 12 and 15, and teen killed in drive-by

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Jews are an abomination

I resent you all for not making a thread tbh

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What does Khazar milk taste like?

Well you should have made a thread I guess then

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would genuinely like to find out

it'll have to do

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So have they caught him?


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three of them, and no



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Mine's still stuck in the sys, so added links to this one.

OP updated

I mean at least they don't abort but fucking hell

Based police covering for criminals

What did you expect lad

make it end

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Lad what have you got against the fat silky tits of Ben Shapiro's sister?

normies told me this is how you meet people aaaaah i cant meet people at work aaaah

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ben shapiro is a kook

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Shoah group urges German police to find fugitive neo-Nazi
>BERLIN – A Holocaust survivors' group is urging German authorities to intensify their search for a notorious neo-Nazi who didn't show up for her prison sentence.

Based holohoax granny is on the run lads

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What a time we live in.
anyone seeing this article will just see the kikes as mental



Why would she flee if she was innocent? Checkmate

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Ask your mum if she has any friends with daughters
Seriously, this works

lad I just really like tits

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shes dead

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I wish Elliot was here.

Looks like you're gling to have to go out into meatspace

Why do British women have giant foreheads?

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its a scandie trait just look at 22st
i live in the north-east so its probably residual from that

My forehead isn't big it's just right

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it's sloped like a based neanderthal

the real braniacs how do you think they earned those beautician qualifications?

its a non-asian nordic thing lad

oh look
thot, thot and microchimerism

oh it's Monday I didn't notice

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good lad

It's bank holiday you nonny


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haha only neets know this feel

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starting to think that the French and Germans are just a slave race created to work for their ruling masters tbh

keek *punches you*

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wait. Brits have the day off? I worked for 10 hours

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what is this

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might ask barber for this

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bet his stache and bears doesn't connect smh

*stops bullies fighting*

aw. BIG BIRD knows best
thots BTFO

might ask barber for this

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He really is a girl

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Isn't he just a boy pretending?

just like your dad

Why isnt westie perma-banned

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might ask the barber for this

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Might ask the barber for that

I think it's the anime character he dresses as

Mercia and SA want to raid his boipucci


might ask the barber for this

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might ask the barber for this

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wait, I changed my mind

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Wow it's almost like the CoE is run by people who don't take christinianity that seriously

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Human milk is lighter and sweeter than cow's milk. Kind of reminds me of coconut milk.



>tfw no jewess wife to find out from

I'd let her try goymilk ;^)

This calls for an airstrike

How does he keep getting away with it?

By being a centrist above it all most of the time

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When has the left given a shit about intention or context?

he seems to be flying under the radar

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from such phenomena as from a “sickness of the people,” with a sense of their own health. These poor
people naturally do not have any sense of how deathly and ghost-like this very “health” of theirs
sounds, when the glowing life of the Dionysian throng roars past them.

once more, but also nature itself, no matter how alienated, hostile, or subjugated, rejoices again in her
festival of reconciliation with her prodigal son, man. The earth freely offers up her gifts, and the beasts
of prey from the rocks and the desert approach in peace. The wagon of Dionysus is covered with flowers
and wreaths; under his yolk stride panthers and tigers.

What did he mean by this?

They're right you don't need to go to school to learn how to rape and carjack.

for fucksake

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hate going outside tbh everyone is either burning themselves or knobheads driving fast cars trying to make as much noise as possible

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No idea

everytime it gets warm the normies act all frisky and put on a show for each other tbh

legit animals