Brit/pol/ #2319: Everyone's Fault But Mine Edition

Brexit News for Monday 7 May
May accused of 'declaring war' on her MPs amid anger at 'Project Fear 2.0'

'You've failed' Furious Sadiq Khan accuses May of making London unsafe

EU membership for UK ‘would soar to more than £22 BILLION if Brexit was cancelled’

Prince Charles praises 'courageous' and 'remarkable' Nice terror hero who chased attacker

Oxford shooting – police in shootout with armed man in Paradise Square home as one person injured

Street sealed off in Clayton after man shot

'He doesn't believe the things he says!' SNP MP claims Corbyn SUPPORTS independence

Curry row Santander bank threatened to close mum’s account after she jokingly called Bradford ‘curryland’ to call centre worker as they chatted about restaurants

Thousands take to streets of Glasgow for Scottish independence march


Deadly 'armyworm' could march on Britain after devastating African crops, warn experts

Italy faces fresh elections as coalition talks fail

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I like the no step on snek flag tbh lads

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but it was a the american rebel flag it makes no snese tbh

It is unironically aesthetic tbh

I heard that when they filmed it they got actual punks for some scenes, and they adopted the look


Is anyone actually concerned by the situation in London? It just seems like the natural result of a 35% White British shithole

Ironically they got bob geldoff to be the leader.

I have this on DVD somewhere.

nope, let it burn.

they probably think it's just a libertarian thing

that show is shite tbh

The worry I have about it is it encouraging more city dwellers to leave their urban shithole and ruining more places.

Rebels were still Anglos tbh.

I agree, not sure why there was a bunch of snek flags around but apparently there was.

Haven't talked to anyone about it apart from you guys and my mum tbh, she just says it's because of all the niggers and paki's lmao.

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H&M launched a new 'modest' clothing line

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sneks are aesthetic animals tbh

getting us ready for islam maybe?

If you step on a snake it bites you and depending on the snake, kills you. Almost stepped on an adder whilst running the other day, it coiled up before I noticed it

All I've heard is "it's a complete mystery why this is happening".

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Bingo, although the mozzies will complain about too much ankle and forearm.
It's easy to make modest clothing without it looking islamic, yet they've chosen to make it foreign.

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Never seen a wild one before tbh. Luckily they're not agressive.

yeah I guess

Doggo's killed a snake last year and ran around with it in his mouth like a toy.

Marketing ploy.

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Yes, but then they couldn't sell to pakis as easily.

I feel sorry for the working class whites left behind that didn't make it to essex or wherever, or the too-local-for-their-own-good geriatrics that refuse to leave for their own good. that said, how many of the cockneys who moved are going to bring their shit politics and cosmopolitan wankery to whiter places?
the reason the media is crying about it so much is that their crime-ridden shithole will serve as an example of diversity's consequences.

Pakis won't buy anything other than their desert robes anyway.

I have something special for cucks and niggers like that.

Clamp these cunts in my CNC machine and watch it carve away at their skulls for a good hour or so.

lmao those bedtime pajamas they trot around in, the state

There's only so far you can run.

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my mum actually voted labour in the locals
called her out and she said she didn't want the tories to win
The labour man got something like 5 thousands votes, and the next one along, the tory got 5 odd hundred.

They'll all be white flighting to the home counties and commuting in though won't they?
The Southeast will be the 51st state in terms of how people live within it soon.


Is that still on or is it an old one?

Wonder what they did with these lads in the past, bet they became famed warriors.

I don't feel anything for these wank tissue tier humans. They made their bed and they can lie in it.
They have had plenty of time to understand that their beliefs are self destructive and thus need to reap what they so.

I agree with this
I can't imagine what it would be like to be the only white person on the street.
Silly user!
If we open youth clubs and cut dem fooken tory cuts to police, crime will go down!

They've even got a currygirl model, it's pretty obvious what the thrust the clothing line is. I'm sure this is part of the anti-integration plan, to encourage distinct dress patterns amongst the more westernised muslim population.
Had no idea H&M was Swedish tbh

The sight of them always fills me half with disgust and half with mirth.

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New ones are out with Clarkson as the host tbh.

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holy shit

The contestant is a female ex copper as well

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Wow he's really poorly animated


Ironically I would smash her to pieces on a lead round her neck so bad she would turn into a dyke.
Probably give her a bite or two for the memories.

Only thing dry is her used up cunt lmao

tbh the average was a lot lower back then.

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He should hop on some gear and become a living Greek statue.

i know right? magine rich piana training him

he looks like something made in garrys mod

His lanky ladder bones wouldn't support the muscle mass. Guy will probably die a painful death before he's 50 tbh

Needs to be around 250 pounds/19st to be a normal weight for someone his size tbh, getting any decent muscle mass would be impossible.

holy fug


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yeah the poor lad will have all kinds of joint problems by the time he's 30 smh

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They are usually the first to catch the bus home on The Chase

guess it makes sense but didn't know they just dumped you unrecemoniously into the sea tbh

is the new one with clarkson any good?

There hasn't been a wog on this series yet lad

Fug, I realise what you mean, the decider question

Shit was fucking rough tbh, apparently the anti-aircraft gunners could see the japs faces moments before they killed themselves.

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lads, NA was a famous wrestler before he became a gay community spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

i hate the gym now, I only work out late a night when these types of vermin are not there

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I felt very self-indulgent editing this tbh

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why aren't doctors based like this anymore smh

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top jej lad

We doing this now?

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Good job lad.

Why haven't you become a monk yet?

have a (you) for not putting a screamer at the end


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get ptsd from the only fools and horses theme now


I felt the urge tbh

Evening Standard comment: Bins not Brexit should decide London’s vote

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because idk


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Pretty good, he loves taking the piss.

its just her little costume so she can get attention from the gym bro "alpha" orbiters who make every gym experience into a showcase of who is the most insecure person in the room

I know for a fact that she isn't a comedian, this is her dad pulling strings

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100% social engineering. Comedy is just a vehicle, not that it would be funny anyway.

I thought that was Steve from Corrie hammering his feet for a second

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This is a Steve thread now

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Steve always seemed pretty chad to me tbh.

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Haven't watched it in over a decade tbh.

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