What is Zig Forums? The site used by NZ terrorist to spread hate

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Shortly before the mass shootings at two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch, the gunman posted a link on Zig Forums to the Facebook page where he would live-stream his attack.

A man aged in his 20s has been charged with murder following the shootings at the al Noor mosque in central Christchurch and then the nearby Linwood mosque.
Posting to Zig Forums, he wrote: "The Facebook link is below, by the time you read this I should be going live."

He encouraged users to spread his message.

Within minutes users were applauding the gunman and sharing the link, while others said that sharing the information could land Zig Forums in trouble.

It is an imageboard, a type of internet forum in which people primarily discuss topics using images attached to each of their posts rather than just text, which contains explicit and offensive material.
It is unaffiliated with the infamous imageboard 4chan although it shares the same culture of anonymity and format of image posting.

In practice, its different boards focus on different topics, including video games and Japanese animation, anime.

They each feature a wide range of anonymous contributions and discussions, but those on its 'politically incorrect' board prominently include hate speech and antisemitic conspiracy theories, as well as an abundance of slurs towards minority ethnic and sexual groups.

Zig Forums features discussions of alleged "Muslims [sic] Reactions" inciting racial hatred, with unsourced images purporting to show a Muslim social media account reacting to the shooting by declaring war.

Another thread alleges that the shooting was conducted as part of a Jewish conspiracy, and others referencing a far-right party being elected in a local election in Spain.

It has been the subject of numerous scandals, including hosting child abuse material, involvement in the harassment of female games developers during Gamergate, and for its involvement in so-called swatting attacks - where people make false reports to police in order for them to be targeted by SWAT teams.

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I am visiting site after reading the news article.

This Watkins owner, is he a white nationalist?

If not, then why does he allow terrorists to post on his site?

Where does Watkins hide the child pornography thatt I read was rampant on this site?

Jim is a mainstream American conservative that lives in the Philippines
Jim allows all content that is legal under US law, so it does not matter who the person is
See 8ch.net/faq.html#are-there-any-global-rules-regarding-content
Zig Forums removes all child porn and reports users that post it to the US authrities also see 8ch.net/obscenity.html

Tell your readers this, NYT journalist.
I am a long time user.

He has a private board, paying members only.

Actually the person responsible for allowing child pornography to run rampant on this site and allowing terrorists to post is a person called Mark who runs a board called /v/

Yes look up Mark on /v/

He was responsible for publicity stunts on Zig Forums like the recent outrage over the THQ Nordic AMA. He most likely would have had a hand in handling the publicity over the shooting.

Ignore the troll, Ms /Mr/Ze journalist.

This is typical 8ch 'shit' posting behaviour and the reason why most of us non-haters use 8ch.

Right wing White nationalists are usually in >>>Zig Forums and >>/tv/ and Zig Forums(firearms)

Left wing extremists >>>Zig Forums

Low self esteem bullies >>>/cow/

Perverts >>>/zoo/

Van killers aka incels >>>/r9k/.

right wing evangelicals >>>Zig Forums

Incel white nationalist nerds >>>Zig Forums

all of theabove >>>/b/

Johnny Neptune, /killcen/, effeminate Zig Forums modand me(sac) >>>Zig Forums

And various other boards

Oh. I forgot >>>/v/ aka /gamergate/ hahahaha…hoo

8ch, home of edgy teens, crackpots, nazis, gays, pervs, autism, and college students neglecting their studies

user, never put the obvious self insert at the end. People could notice.

Zig Forums is FREEDOM!!!

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You forgot >>>Zig Forums for british white nationalists

Are you talking about the REAL Mark Wiering?

8ch is a racist white supremacist website which denies free speech to innocent peace loving moderate muslims

Baked Alaska seems to be the one most impacted by these events. I’ve seen a hundred or more of these false flags. Why can’t they even come close to one-upping tge cartels? Borin’.

Jim has a diaper fetish. The white nationalists on Zig Forums have photos of him sitting in a crib with a diaper and a rattle. He tolerates the white nationalists on this site because he doesn't want the truth coming out.

I'm prepared to sell you copies of the photos but only if you make it worth my while.

This is a Website of Peace. Stop listening to the lies told by the (((MSM)))! They hate you and want you to die a slow and painful death.

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So if I announced an attack on a loud speaker are you going to ban loud speakers?


Actually what happens is that the media calls you racist and then everyone repeats it until it's true.

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This has got to be one of the most retarded threads I have seen in some time.

just nuke Zig Forums

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yes, only retaRDS post in it

beware of whitoid?