9 kids,3 women and village's lone doctor,killed in American airstrike in Afghanistan

At least 13 civilians, including several children, were killed in American airstrikes in eastern Afghanistan that were carried out in support of an Afghan-led operation against the Taliban, local officials and tribal elders said on Sunday.

Members of a C.I.A.-sponsored Afghan strike force called in air support after coming under fire on Saturday as they mounted an assault on Taliban fighters in the district of Hesarak in Nangarhar Province, the officials said.

The airstrikes hit two houses in the village of Naser Khil, said a tribal elder, Ruzi Khan Maruf. In one house, the village’s lone doctor, his wife and their five teenage daughters were killed, Mr. Maruf said by telephone. In the other, the doctor’s brother, his wife and their four children — three teenage girls and a boy — reportedly died. The brother was an Afghan soldier, Mr. Maruf said.


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Americans dismiss these thousands of deaths as necessary casualties of war. Like, imagine how they would react if a foreign power killed 40,000 Americans in 3 years? That's over a dozen 9/11s.

And the worst thing is that these deaths are preventable. America's military often uses methods which don't put American soldiers in harms way, but end up with high rates of civilian casualties, like drones and air strikes. Basically trading the lives of innocent civilians for those of American soldiers, which is honestly one of the most cowardly things you can do.

sort of like the New Zealand shooter

American citizens have no power over these causalities. Are you trying to tell me protests have ever succeeded?

the war in afghanistan…
soldiers who don't earn 50K in a year are shooting 50K missiles on sandniggers who don't earn 50K USD their entire life
how the fuck is hamburgerland supposed to win there without going broke? this game has been going on for 20 years already

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13? Those are rookie numbers, we need to get those up.

Afghan kids don't have life insurance. They also don't have expensive training that would be wasted when they die.

Americans never really protested anything. It was the CIA that staged the Vietnam War or Occupy Wall Street movements. The only "Americans" that know how to protest are unironically the blacks. A white chimp-out is what this world needs. If half a million armed Americans go haywire against the government, the media, communism, israel, or whatever…whites around the globe will join in the matter of hours.

So what you are saying is we are too civilized and this prevents barbaric survival instincts?

Diferrence between this cunt and yesterdays cunt?

At least yesterdays cunt says out loud he hates Muslims as opposed these Americunts who are simply hypocrites, feeling sorry to a camera whilst bombing the shit out of innocents behind the scenes. And people wonder why these Muslims attack back. Stupidity all over the goddamn place.

What use are precision weapons when you can't properly call your targets.

Invest in military intelligence instead of wasting your ammo on collateral damage!

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More like shitty cannon fodder and corporate slaves that follow the master no matter what and justify every evil they make. But we spoke against it! Wow so much you did there.


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The CIA has to rile up muslims now that their owners back in tel aviv are losing control of the situation, you stupid NPCs.

It was a suicide bomber.

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Kent state
Abbie Hoffman and Huey P. Newton

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Whites haven't suffered enough to learn how

if talibananas only would have miliray bases without civilians, and make direct military attacks instead of hiding behind people this would not happen..

Im really happy to read about us getting involved with drones and air strikes.
As long as we are blowing them up from the air and not risking any of our boys Im 100% behind this.


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What on earth makes you think the CIA listens to any sitting president?