Brit/pol/ #2321: Canzuk Gang Edition

Brexit News for Tuesday 8 May

Boris goes to war on 'crazy' No 10 Brexit trade plan

EU think No Deal could happen, status quo ‘transition period’ may be extended

Tax on pensioners proposed to heal inter-generational divide

Six reasons why millennials should be given £10,000 when they turn 25

US plans to withdraw from Iran nuke deal, reinstate sanctions

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First for even redditors getting sick of the Jews.

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I wonder if bookies will let you bet on them breaking up

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What the fuck happened to linkedin? haven't logged into that shit since I walked out of my job 3 years ago. It used to be an online cv, now cunts are beefing on it?

reminder that bibi literally sleeps in kushners bed

That's just plain wrong. I genuinely feel for the Frogs…

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What keeps me going is the thought that the spirit that made those structures isn't dead yet at least


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Stop lusting after pure anglo genes.


Not even if you paid me.

too tired tbh
is he geting btfo for being a turncoat faggot?

Especially in the final scenes smh

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Get ready for this one lads

and pt. 2

Lauren looks like a witch from the side tbh

You'll have to watch the stream to find out.


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Smh the soundtrack must have been the main thing that needed finishing between the work print and theatrical release

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lad this is worse than liveleak and whoreposting

Let it fuel the fire lad

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What type of nose is this?

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or just call it qt

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think you already know the answer to that one lad

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My nose looks like that

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Looks like it was broken

thats also a taig feature


You're saying your nose is qt?

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Just had an actually beneficial meditation session lads. Feel great now tbh.

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what's a taig



recommend going to bed without reading the thread

Night then.

I-I was j-just kidding guise

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I see canzuk gang thread, I post, what can I say nnnbud

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It's more how you entered the thread tbh

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Still whiter than you 56%er.

Their genes need new anglo stock ours don't need any spic.

nice dubs heartfordshire man
will you be my ai gf?


Alas I am promised to another

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I understand…

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Fuckin based

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are ex-communist degenerate.

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Aren't you like a chug? Isn't that some form of nig-nog autochthon? Sorry, not down on the 56%er speak.


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post your 23andme results lad

Never had it done.

alegs defending quaddafi

Not even angry at this kind of stuff. Placidly genocidal I think describes it best.

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Watching white libshit women being denied the oppressed status they so badly want is pretty funny, tbh.


being a shitskin at uni is the easiest form of existence second to maybe being a pet animal owned by pensioners

Hopefully some will wake up and realise wogs want them dead as much as they want us dead

lad women don't have to wake up, they just adapt a new form of victimhood around whatever situation currently exists. a woman could be shagging a squire in a tree while her blind husband cannot see but when the gods give the man back his eyes, the woman will yell at the man for daring to doubt her virtue. women never learn, because they don't have to learn. they can just go slut it up somewhere else

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spic thot on alegs jones tbh

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Yank raus!

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I would her tbh and then make her moral


A cute one. :3

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this spring weather is making me lonely, I miss cold grey winter tbh

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Keltic Nordid

We are having one of the hottest Aprils/Mays on record tbh, it's literal hell.

Depression always kicks off in the springtime for me. Really start to become aware of the passing of time and of missing out on lots of experiences i should've had by now. If I ever do kill myself, it'll be at this time of year.

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back to work wagecucks

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first comment on this vid topkek

Business Idea: Re-open the mines.

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So do you still wear women's clothes?

only your mums

There will always be money to be made in Australia by being antiwhite

You are a creepy one aren't you


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That's not true, sometimes an elderly person dies and their pet starves to death.

Wew, isn't that a bit problematic for such a woke black woman?

If mods could revoke my unjust ban from the 3rd of May so that I can shitpost from my work computer that would be great.
ok thank you

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I'm on the train to Cardiff and there is a fag that got on at Warminster with a pedo boy love ear ring. Fuck sake lads.

What is that symbol?

The triangle spiral.