Brit/pol/ #2322: Unelectable Politics Edition

Brexit News for Tuesday 8 May

Boris goes to war on 'crazy' No 10 Brexit trade plan

EU think No Deal could happen, status quo ‘transition period’ may be extended

Tax on pensioners proposed to heal inter-generational divide

Six reasons why millennials should be given £10,000 when they turn 25

US plans to withdraw from Iran nuke deal, reinstate sanctions

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does it have freakish feet though?

harry sucks those bunions every night crying inside about all the hot blondes he used to shag but is now trapped in a symbolic marriage defiling the royal family


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for her

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this is your HoL on non-hereditary peers

what the fuck

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'Cockwomble' and 'Jizztrumpet' seem to be the soy-approved insults

You disgusting fat fuck lose some weight.


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Lad did you not see the poofs the other day?

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when did you last wash lad? be honest now

It almost looks like communist Russia.


22st have you lost ANY weight at all since you came here??

day before yesterday smh. It's my own fault, yeah. I never learn

yeah I go up and down

:D yay more houses = more immigrants
:) :)

what the FUCK lad
why arent you washing everyday you stinky fat piece of shit


It's another post from this cunting gay MEP

Sort it out lad, no one wants to smell your hotpot

I also yoyo lad. Me, you and Vanessa Feltz.

Laziness and showering takes time, and my free time is already short smh

Imagine if the entire British countryside looked like that, stuffed full of the third world, breeding relentlessly forever

That's the future they want

you dont have 15 mins in the morning?
whatever.. glad theres an entire sea between me and the stench of you

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I try not to pay attention to your posts when you aren't responding to people tbqh with you. It's a quality of life thing.

Lad it takes ten minutes to shower, you should do it every day you leave the house at least.

we need to accelerate the collapse

how lad?

I'll post it when I get home, basically they censor themselves so much that they are left without words to use, so their insults end up being "go stick your dick in a grapefruit filled with razorblades" and the like.

I had a shower now smh. Just a little over 2 hours until bed time smh

wow rood

figure out the sort of things which would cause a socioeconomic collapse in this country, then exacerbate them

Fucking hell it's like they want the character to be completely unbearable

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Shower when you get up, you sweat at night.

I meant that in the sense of, you know, you liking to post rage inducing shit.

I think you may have given me someone else's (You)

ahh right kek fair point

1337 XD

How? That's like saying a car is self-made

smh my bad lad

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Yeah I do. Strange thing happened last week. Two nights in a row, it was cold outside and I had the window open, but I woke up with the bed drenched in sweat. Any idea why I'd sweat when it was cold? smh

Ironic, because this is a term used to negatively describe the gays that cruise for dick on Wimbledon common

It's because you've started working. The NEET juices are being expelled from your body, like a poison as you begin to get healthy

No idea, I know some people sweat more than others. And I sweat at night even in the winter too.

you probably have type 2 diabetes


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Well I suspect it is because I was stressed about work, but I'm not sure.

yeah I sweat a lot, but it was extreme those two nights. My pillow and duvet was soaked.

I hope not

Crab soup
Crab cakes
Crab claws
Crab lags
Fried crab
Crab on toasted bread
Crab ramen
Crab and chips

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Are these fucking retards blind? Is the only requirement for being right-wing "not liking them moslems all that much" these days?
They had a fucking mentaller at that stupid rally.

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You might have fought off a virus during the night, your body raised its temperature to kill it off

What's stressing you at work? Adopts pensive but caring pose.


Finally we're the based centrists


I guess all the time I spend working stresses me since I get time for nothing else, and then I also get stressed about meeting the people at the warehouse and the places I deliver wares to, and how many wares there are.

Sounds like beetus tbh. Are you thirsty all the time?

what reason is there for scrapping the iran deal other than wanting war with iran? asking for a friend

not really

kek but we're not, according to them we are so far right that if two of us were to be within 30ft of each other hitlerdemon would be summoned.

You know I don't think they are far wrong tbh.

We're between muh freedom and Islam tbh.

If you have holidays then you should use them, even if it's only for a long weekend. If you're just in work after a long period of being a NEET then that'll have a toll on you.

Ever summon a Hitlerdemon in the bathroom at that pub you work at, lad?

chopping vegetables is theraputic

Don't you just love the media?

I wonder how bad it was back during the weimar republic. I bet it was tame compared to today tbh

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Unless they are onions in which case they stink the place out or cause your eyes to sting.

The impact was probably worse in the Weimar, we've been prepping the metaphorical bull for some time now.

No matter how bad things get for us, we will never be this desperate to run damage control.

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I hope Sweden kills you when they find out you are an Incel

Ah here it is, the post-shower fart, here to make the shower nothing but a waste of water.



What do you mean impact and prepping the metaphorical bull?

that American Tail story is some Jewish escape from anti Semitic European country metaphor. You are right to be suspicious.

Arent you Swedish?

Ah here it is, the post-effort ban, here to make the effortposting nothing but a waste of time.

I mean that the sudden shift in the Weimar probably freaked people out more, in the sense that it disturbed the culture. With respect to prepping the bull, we've been pushing degeneracy for some time now and it has been more of a creeping thing.

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At least give him a warning first

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Ah right, I see what you mean.


l-lad pls no

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Where's that?

Weimar didn't have alternate outlets like we have today.
We may be suffering some seriously abhorrent shite, but the counter to it runs strong.

Okay seems like I am not banned yet. Praise SA the merciful

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That was your warning you fat cunt smh you've been able to get away with bloody murder round here

Mercia has been lax recently tbh

On the subject of weather, I'm looking forward to the thunderstorms at this time of year. It's the only thing decent about summer.

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I don't know what 'skeeted' is

I'll give you a clue, its your favourite mouthwash.

keek disgusting, lad. smh

bazinga why would they choose that as a word

I think it is a yank thing?


How far has yankish devolved that they think that's a word.
I thought it was supposed to be "shitted" at first

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Any of you lads done this?

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You going to transition, lad?

Sounds pretty low T to me

You got me you fat cunt

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