UK teenager stabbed in 'far-Right terror attack'
Detectives are investigating an alleged far-Right terror attack in Surrey after a teenager was stabbed amid a spate of racist incidents across Britain which came in the wake of the New Zealand massacre.

Politicians and police have condemned the attacks and said extremism has no place in British society.

The 19-year-old victim was said to have been attacked by a man armed with a knife and a baseball bat who it is claimed was heard shouting racist comments.

The incident took place in Stanwell at around 10.30pm on Saturday and the victim was rushed to hospital with what police said were non-life threatening injuries.

A 50-year-old local man was arrested a short time later on suspicion of attempted…

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The fire rises.

; )

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There's always more of us laying low waiting to pounce

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Looks like a false flag but the comments on this website make it seem real

so, maybe there is a onsite team and maybe there is also a media team?

It's on everyone's mind.
The inevitable conclusion.
The sign of the times.
The true meaning of the end times.

Everyone was in it together.
We all had the same thought.
Every calculation, every rationale,
Every single datapoint lead to the same thought.

We all sang with a smile, as we loaded our guns.
We took the shovels off the handles and replaced them with knives.
We took our belts off and tied on little razors,
We replaced our sanity with murder, and finally the killing had begun.

And we all went on together for the conclusion of humanity.
The governments all lied, and the religions did too.
The society was a lie, and at this point, everyone knew.
So the one conclusion we were drawn to began to sap our sanity.

It was finally time.

Finally time. Finally time!

Finally time to just start killing everyone! EVERYONE!
I won't be the first. And it won't even be you. There's no one to blame.
We'll see it start to escalate, slowly at first, the military does this as their job, you know, so it's not like it's out of place.
And then more and more and more will come, everyone's in it together now, and we're all going insane!

A concerned mother will look at all the bodies, and go to the police,
She'll ask meekly, "Sir, what will you do with these?"
And the policeman will smile nicely, pulling out his gun,
But his laughter did not stop, as he shot her again and again, simply for fun.

The prime minister of our land, and even the queen as well,
Asked simply for order, for us all to line up nicely.
But the face she had on was amusing, as her eyebrows went too high,
Her smile was pulled tight as she started to massacre the people, hundreds at a time.

But she wasn't alone, no one was, because everyone was dying.
And better yet: Everyone was killing, and it was the truest joy.
Nobody was spared the lust, not men, not women, not children,
The little children would pick up the tiniest knives, and stab stab stab!

The most simple conclusion, the one thing we all had to do.
All at the same time in unison, we knew the day had arrived.
Yes, it all happened in just a single day, that wonderful conclusion,
Perhaps a year or three from now, no one truly knows the date,
However when it happens, we know it would never again abate.

But it all happened at once. Everyone looked around and decided:
The day is finally here. Killing day has finally dawned.
The smile was on everyone's face as they were coming home from work.
They thought simply: "I think I'm done working now, as there's nothing left to do."
"We've poisoned the land, the air, the water, the trees, and there is no future. It's time to simply end this, before we suffer more."

They looked around, and realized everyone was thinking the same thing.
Everyone had a special sparkle in their eyes, a smile on their face.
Everyone saw each other and began to rush home with delight.
They had to prepare their weapons, for the coming of the night.

The greatest minds of the century pondered what to do.
These wise scientists suddenly knew what to do.
They built a machine, a killing machine,
A robot that has a gun. The robot began to move, and then went door to door, bringing everyone a weapon. A special weapon for each person, delightfully unique, each person was armed now, and filled with deranged glee.

People looked around, and all they saw were enemies.
The inevitable conclusion of the 21st century had finally been reached.
Not Mars, not Venus, certainly not happiness,
The one single conclusion was simple: Everyone is an enemy, and they all have to die.

Yes, everyone is an enemy, and everyone has to die.

Holy shit, between the Netherlands and this, was Brenton Tarrant right about kicking things off?

hopefully Zig Forums gets shut down

answer to meme:
Dylan Roof. Wasn't hard to figure out.

I almost hope there would be one big fire, instead of this slowly burning 'totally not a war' situation we're in

Then your going to have to stop relying on the masses or others to do your devil's work because 99% of the public will not risk jail time or death so they can further destabilize society.

If you REALLY WANT to do maximum damage to those who ruined your life, then go after the real enemies: the crooked politicians and/or their corporate/bankster (((cronies))).

Peckn away peckerwoods

Uh, the politicians are the cronies, bud, not the bankers.

But Paki rape gangs do.
Bravo, police.

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If they had banned all knives, then (((THAT))) teen would still be alive.

true news

Knives are banned and heavily regulated user.

What are you guys going to "pounce" one at a time? Somehow I don't think that is a very good strategy.

How? I thought they banned knives.

part and parcel of living in a big multicultural city like London.

OI, bin that knife.

Rape gangs are an even bigger problem in India.

and nothing of value was lost

the results of "diversity" for all to see……..







Dylan Roof is a hero, he was only drining the swamp!! 👌🏻✅ Free Dylan Roof!!!

Hows the real news going? Going good? Good.