Brit/pol/ #2323: Based Akala Edition

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total nigger death tbh lads

le smart diluted wog episode

'I'm going to change your nappy now, is that okay?' ABC regular makes bizarre claim that babies need to give CONSENT before you change them - and says they can let you know by body language and eye contact

why do the keep applauding this dumb wog lads?
am I doing it right?

Fuck sake you messed up the fucking numbers lad I can't belive this

I'm out lads.

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malteaser man

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is this guy Italian?

give me a film to watch lads


Question time is kino

Esther McVey will never talk dirty to you in her scouse accent

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I'd like to eat dessert out of her bra.

Here we go, getting woke.

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Ignorant uppity wog


*must clap the black man. must clap the black man. must clap the black man. must clap the black man*

even spear chuka looked bored with him

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as if they aren't fucking related

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Behead the heathen tbh

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were is this episode? they don't exactly sound norf

God, I'd love to see a right wing version of Question Time, where the roles are reversed

I want the Left to suffer the way I suffer watchign this shit


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"Just get the best deal".

im upset but im not quite sure what should be done


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Kettering lad
The last Liverpool episode had barely any scouse accents so location doesn't seem to matter any more


Think even the normies are getting bored with that stick.

north east ones are all full of based coal miners

How much do you reckon Spear Chukka's watch cost?

i don't know i was looking for my brainlets and couldn't find them so i defaulted to norf posting

The empire has been dead longer than most have been alive, no one cares anymore, it's not relatable anymore.

that's what the daily shoah is when a left winger mistakenly agrees to go on

£ Chukus Umoney

Because about 95% of the audience is seeded with rootless-cosmo shills from London.

none of these people are fucking normal,they all talk and ask questions in the same media trained polly speak that the panel do

why am i watching this?


just watch your fucking step kiddah

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Akala looks so out of place in that panel

racist bigot smh

Plus everyone's been exposed/imposed on with this guilt trip and been forced to applaud and go along with it for so long that it's become trite when some darky starts spitting truth to power blud.

I don't know. I don't know.

S-sorry lad

=="i don 'av a particular stron veiw on it 2 tell de truff, but what i do no, is that why is it that dis country, wiv it's legercy of colonialism and slavery , so boverred about imigrants an' all that right?"

*thunderous applause*

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Why did the media talk up Jacob Rees Mogg until he became a household name after Brexit? He seems to appear all the time, and now a good section of the public seem to recognise him as a voice on Brexit and potential leader to replace May, when only a year ago I think most people knew him as the guy with the plummy voice who was interviewed by Ali G.

One hashtag trended and there was a big news cycle promoting him as leader. Very odd tbh.

100% BAKED

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Sounds a lot like Batsu tbh

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Hearing him speak on this panel he's so clearly out of place as he only exists to comment on one subject and even that he does poorly. i was expecting him to be more intelligent and articulate(i know,i know) because he's held up as this woke intellectual.

*woops in american*

It's a curse.

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Oh shit, a Trump question with Akala on the panel

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Esther Mcvey's bony old hands

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Good idea

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Controlled opposition?

They were a race of wogs who literally genocided other, native, races of wogs in areas like South Africa. The Zulu were a Bantu offshoot, they are not native to SA

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If it's not bashing whitey for being evil whilst sucking at the teat of our society he's out of his league, it's showing tonight.





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If Obama can get a peace prize for doing sweet fuck all then i don't see why blimpf can't get one for what he's done with best Korea. It's completely meaningless anyway


america is de bigges thret to worl' peece innit, there wuz a poll on it, and fink how much wors it is now with Trump, and that means we is bad too, rite!


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fascism and hitler

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panel btfo and it's beautiful

Lmao, they're literally the two niggers that did it

Westie spotted

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why do you do it to yourselves

Or to weaken the UKIP vote by promoting Conservative hard liners, to vilify Catholics, to replace the vacuum left by Farage, etc.

I really have no idea but it is a coincidence.


what do you mean by working class please ok thankyou

You might be right.

labour did gr8 in de last election coz they didn lose de nigga vote innit, wat u trying to say m8, is u raycis or summit?

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I love based wogs speaking about our nation. What the fuck was akala's point about working class communities there? I wasn't paying attention.

Would be good to have a genuine reason to run them over.

How you been doin lad?

fuggggggg fuck off gchq

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Akala is proper fucking retarded, cunt needs to shut up. Speaking over all of the lasses, misogynist tbh

Uppity. Wog.


pale, male and stale.

t. Pedro the fucking spic

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I bet he's like Uncle Benny Zeph and takes to beating his thots tbh

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